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Blog Consultation

Are you struggling to grow your blog despite following all the blogging tips that are available online? Do you want to monetise your blog and earn at least a couple of bucks per month on the side? Then look no further and book a blog consultation with me!

I’ve been blogging for 6 years and blogging consistently for over 3 years now. I have gained so much knowledge over the past few years on ways to grow your blog traffic, methods to gain followers and monetise your blog.

I’ve been sharing blogging tips for over three years now in hopes to help others bloggers grow their traffic and gain more followers, and potentially achieve their goals & dreams through their blogs!


I know how hard it can be when you have no idea on where to start or don’t even know how to implement blogging strategies that’s why I’ve got you covered! This consultation is perfect for you if you can check the following:

✘ Can’t grow your traffic despite trying all the blogging tips available online

✘ Can’t gain any new followers on your blog

✘ Feeling overwhelmed with all the blogging tips & advice

✘ Don’t see a difference despite working hard on your blog regularly

✘ Can’t earn or receive sponsored posts

✘ Don’t know how to implement blogging strategies and need help


My main goal is to help you implement strategies to grow your platform and not to pinpoint the negative aspects of your blog. There’s a place for improvement for each and every blog including mine!

Each blog is so different from one another that’s one of the reasons why it can be a bit hard to grow your blog when all the tips and tricks are generalised for all the blogs and not specifically for yours, that’s why a blog consultation will help you realise what you didn’t already know and achieve your blogging goals!

Think of me as your blogging friend and let’s start your blogging journey!



Are you ready for a blog consultation? Then let’s go!

Each blog consultation is based depending on each blogger’s needs. I’ll ask you some questions in order to review your blog and to see ways to potentially turn your blog into a business.

One blog consultation will only include 4 email exchanges and you’ll be able to ask up to 4 questions in terms of your needs, goals, blog and social media platforms.

What you’ll get:

  • A detailed review of your blog
  • Potential strategies to grow your blog traffic & followers
  • Help monetising your blog

Note: after you have paid the blog consultation, please make sure to send your blog URL and your questions to my email address:

Blog Consultation

a detailed review of your blog, potential strategies to grow your blog traffic & followers + help monetising your blog.




Dee from Good Vibes Spreader

Asking New Lune for a review of my blog and her guidance was the best thing I’ve done in months around the development of my blog. Her review was incredibly detailed, touched on everything from the design, the font, to all social media links. She gave me lots of pointers of how to improve the various aspects of the blog without being negative – all her comments were of constructive nature. She patiently answered my further questions which clarified what I could do next with the blog further. This is officially best spent £8 ever! Can’t recommend enough that you contact New Lune for her review of your blog.


Sissy from Exciting & Inspiring

New Lune was a godsend. She gave me very detailed pointers on ways to improve my blog. Very helpful at a very reasonable price. Best money I’ve spent on my blog yet.