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Orthodontic Treatments with Glow Dental Battersea

An orthodontist is a dental surgeon that has undertaken extra clinical training to specialise in the treatment of malocclusions, which is the technical term for having crooked and misaligned or an improper bite that can cause jaw issues, pain and make people feel self-conscious about their smile.

While there are many hereditary, environmental or accidental reasons for people developing crooked teeth, a crowded jaw or gappy teeth where the space between teeth is too large, having corrective orthodontic treatment can be a fantastic solution.



Glow Dental Battersea offers a wide range of treatment option that can actively straighten and correct your teeth alignment over a period of time. The exact time it will take for any treatment to prove effective will depend on the severity of your dental issues.

Traditional metal braces have been used for many decades and use strong metal wires that enclose the teeth and apply pressure to slowly move teeth into their desired position. These days there are many different brace options and can be attached to the tongue side and cheek side of the teeth, depending on what your orthodontist prescribes for your treatment.

Modern braces have the option of being made from ceramic or clear plastic material to be more aesthetically pleasing or can be made from lots of fun colours which are particularly appealing to children and teenagers.



Caring for your braces is much easier these days. Your Glow Dental orthodontist and dental hygienist will help you to look after your braces with the right care and attention. They will explain how to clean your braces and recommend a toothbrush that you can use to help keep plaque build-up to a minimum.

Regular brushing is essential and you should angle your toothbrush at the gum line to help prevent plaque build-up that can lead to gingivitis. It is important to gently brush around the brackets of your braces to remove any trapped food debris and plaque.



If the thought of wearing a permanent brace for the duration of your treatment doesn’t appeal to you. Then an effective new treatment would be to choose Invisalign, a system that uses removable clear aligners that are worn to gently move teeth to their correct alignment.

A positive benefit of using the Invisalign system is that you can remove the aligners to thoroughly brush and floss your teeth. This can be a better solution for your oral health.



Inman Aligners are an innovative orthodontic treatment to help correct adult relapse and misaligned teeth. An advantage of this treatment is that it is removable so you can comfortably clean your teeth without any brace wires getting in the way.

Inman aligners are also hardly visible, so you can smile with confidence while wearing them as most people will not notice. You can even remove the device when you need to for any important occasions.

This is an ideal treatment solution to help straighten crowded, overlapping and rotated teeth. Wearers find them very comfortable during treatment and easier to look after.

The main difference between Inman aligners and Invisalign is that Inman aligners are used to straighten front teeth only, but Invisalign can treat all of your teeth.


Do not hesitate to contact us at Glow Dental Battersea to discuss your treatment options to help straighten your teeth.



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