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Amtico Is Always Within Range.

Opting for Amtico as your flooring material brings enhanced domestic handling and luxury wood effect vinyl flooring which is replicated from authentic materials.

Vinyl flooring stockists promote Amtico as the leading brand, and they’re not just saying it. This miraculous brand has the capability to showcase luxury designs and make each rooms purpose limitless. Not to mention partnering perfect with any features and furniture you may already have in your room.

If you’re looking for a new flooring this Christmas, stop the search, Amtico is here, Amtico Spacia, Form and the Signature collections are a force to be reckoned with.



Amtico Spacia is easily the top selling range within the Amtico brand because it flawlessly replicates wood, stone and abstract styles of authentic materials, using print technology.

Finding a flooring which achieves domestic sophistication and contains durable qualities which are unnatural to authentic flooring materials means you should look to Amtico Spacia will meet those needs. Spacia finds its way into the bathrooms and kitchens of many UK households for its simple and effective moisture resistance and anti slip qualities which give homeowners sincere piece of mind.



If you have the tendency to opt for an eclectic range of fabrics and textures in your home, you will be captivated by the wood and stone designs on offer in the Amtico Form collection. Delivering consistently beautiful replicas is Amticos speciality, alongside the durable wear layer which provides the most secure, alluring and longer lasting options available.

Some things you may not have thought your flooring would ever possess features such as unbeatable underfoot comfort, cleaning time in minutes rather than hours and high-quality water resistance technology. Form overtakes its competitors by giving 30-year warranty on tiles and planks. This is only a quality which truly trustworthy and established brands can offer successfully.



Called so for a reason, Amtico Signature is the piest de resistance.

Amongst the numerous authentic and creative ranges, Amtico Signature only manufactures its products using the highest quality of design to deliver magnificent authentic wood, stone and abstract flooring styles which can be placed in patterns or block layouts.

Whether you’re renovating a domestic or commercial property, you will find that Amtico Signature can immediately upgrade any property type with efficiency and class. From oaks to

Linseed, you invest in stunning design and first-time domestic capability ease and reassurance.

Amtico has fulfilled the homes and lives of UK citizens for many decades and will undoubtedly continue to provide peace of mind and a design you love.

Thank you so much for reading! – xo N

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