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Beauty Salons & Self-Care.

The beauty industry is a global business; the UK is full of hairdressers, nail salons and beauty shops. Both men and women alike frequent these places for services. You can get just about anything done to make yourself look better. Looking better is closely linked to feeling better. Beautifying oneself boosts self-esteem and helps you to be your most vibrant self.

Let’s dive into the relationship between beauty salons and self-care.



Most people will have heard the phrase ‘having a bad hair day’; it is often said in a jokey manner. However, having a perceived slight in your appearance can really make you feel uncomfortable and not yourself. Honestly, it can throw your whole day off. The way you look can have a significant impact on how you feel.

Not taking care of yourself is often related to a low self-esteem or low self-confidence. Some people abandon their looks because they feel like they don’t deserve to take care of themselves. This mindset is common with those who are suffering from their mental health. It can be a hard thought to shift, but it is incredibly important to try.



Sometimes making an effort to practice self-care at home can feel like an uphill battle. Going to a beauty salon takes this out of your hands. For a couple of hours, you are in the hands of a professional whose sole job for that time is to take care of you. Some insecurities are hard to get over, which is why cosmetic treatments are increasingly popular.

Choosing the right beauty salon is vital. You need to feel safe and comfortable with your beautician and trust that they can help you to achieve the look that you want. You deserve to be pampered, and you need to find a place that makes you feel that way. For example, Therapy Skincare – a beauty salon in Halifax – lists their customer reviews on their website. Two words that come up, again and again, are ‘comfortable’ and ‘relaxing’, which is how everyone should feel at the beauty salon.



As the quote goes: comparison is the thief of joy. While self-care practices and beauty treatments form the building blocks of a healthy self-esteem on occasion, they can be negative. Consuming content in today’s society means that a lot of people are bombarded by a specific beauty standard, and if you don’t fit this, it can be extremely detrimental to your mental health. So, you need to make sure that you are getting these treatments for yourself and not to try and fit a frankly unattainable idea of beauty perpetuated by the media. Looking good on the outside is meant to make you feel good on the inside. Remember to check in with yourself emotionally. Are these practices making you happy?



There are a lot of different factors at play when it comes to taking care of yourself. These practices are all about taking some time for yourself and showing yourself as well as other people that you deserve to be looked after too. If you don’t make yourself, a priority no one else will. So whether it is getting your hair done, your nails painted, a wax or a cheeky bit of lip filler, if it makes you look and feel good, then more power to you.

Thank you so much for reading! – xo N

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