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How To Nail The Casual Chic Fashion Vibe.

Fashion and style are things that don’t always come naturally to us all. Even if you have good intentions and are trying to look trendy and stylish, it doesn’t mean you manage to pull it off. For those who like the idea of a casual-chic vibe, which is a low-maintenance sophisticated look, but aren’t quite sure how to pull it off, these tips will be useful. The good news is that with a little practice, the casual-chic vibe will start to come naturally to you, and you’ll be looking and feeling fabulous.



A good place to start is with the structure of clothing pieces. Casual chic is supposed to look relaxed, effortless, and comfortable. Anything with a lot of structure in it won’t fit this vibe. Take a blazer as an example. If you’ve got a fitted blazer with shoulder pads and defined seams, this won’t feel casual. Instead, refresh your look with a looser blazer in a casual lightweight material like linen or cotton. You can then roll up the sleeves for the ultimate carefree look.



If you wear a watch daily, there’s no reason to give it up just to fit in with the casual-chic vibe; instead, it’s about giving it an infusion of style. Check out the extra long watch straps available that will allow the watch to sit a little looser on your wrist and give off more of a casual vibe if you’re conscious of it feeling too tight on your wrist. By selecting a few different watch straps, you can easily change it up to match your chosen style on that day.



Choosing pieces that move with you is also another must-have when putting together a casual chic wardrobe. This means skirts and dresses that have some bulk and flow to them, allowing for that organic movement to happen. Much of the movement will be dependent on the fabric, so again, choosing natural and lightweight fabrics can help.



As for the colour palette in a casual chic wardrobe, neutral tones will be the best bet. What’s great is that you can layer tone on tone in this category to achieve interest and make the outfit look more high-end.

Some of the best colours to wear include:

  • Soft grey
  • White
  • Beige
  • Cream
  • Taupe
  • Brown
  • Camel
  • Soft blue
  • Light green
  • Pale yellow


You get the idea; everything is very soft and natural-looking in terms of colours. Try to picture colours that you would find in nature. If you want additional interest, you can do so with patterns, textures and prints.

There is just something so elegant about the casual-chic vibe. The idea is to look put together effortlessly and give the illusion that you’re up on all the latest trends and styles. And what’s even better about this look is that it’s something that never goes out of fashion.

Thank you so much for reading! – xo N

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  1. Great post, N! I love the fact that you’ve included both cool and warm colors, as a lot of people talking about casual chic just add neutrals and cool tones, which can dull down your look. Your tip on watches is so innovative and something that wouldn’t have even crossed my mind!
    I just wanted to add a few tips for anyone reading the comments.
    For women who find that the loose on loose silhouette drowns out their figure and looks more baggy than relaxed, a wrap dress in a soft fabric and pastel/neutral tone is a great option to add a little structure that still fits the casual chic aesthetic.
    If your outfit looks a little TOO casual and not really chic, a pair of tights under a skirt instantly elevates the look. Cardigans are also a great way to add layers and dimension, while still looking casual.
    Anyway, hope I helped!

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