Hello! Welcome to my blog ❤

I’m glad to see you on my blog! New Lune is a beauty & lifestyle blog written in English and French based in London. Although New Lune has originally started as a beauty blog back in 2014, now it covers other niches as well such as lifestyle, travel and fashion content. New Lune features a variety of posts ranging from products review to study tips, blogging tips to home décor ideas in order to give inspiration to others.


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I didn’t have anyone to help me out when I started my blog that’s the main reason why I decided to share all the knowledge that I learned (and still learn) on my website. You can find on my blog all the blogging tips that you need in order to grow your blog, from social media to photography and branding to content.

In 2019, I created my creative studio to help other bloggers and creatives to grow and establish their websites. Creating a blog will bring you so many benefits! Having your own platform to share things you are passionate about as well as the opportunity to turn your blog into a business or even a career!



“Lune” is the word “Moon” in French so New Lune translates to New Moon which has a lot of meaning whether in terms of astronomy or spirituality.


The time at which the moon is in conjunction with the sun, when it is not visible from the earth.

The meaning of a new moon is the opportunity to start anew and refresh your dreams and desires.  A new moon symbolises new beginnings.

Personally to me, the moon is always the light in the darkness and my reminder to never give up hope. My blog literally helped me go though so many of my difficult times. I hope my blog will help you achieve goals and dreams whether it’s in your blogging journey or personal life.



I have been very lucky and blessed to have worked with some brands who have very kindly given me discount codes so you can save money on their products. For some of these brands I do receive a small commission from sales.


Also, it would mean the world to me if you could check out my Make A Difference page. I’ve mentioned all the organisations and charities I support, even a simple mention of one of the organisations on your social media platforms would make a huge difference! ♡

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  1. Hi, thank you for visiting my blog site and liking a page. Encouragement is always a boost and also I optimized few things after seeing ur site and ur blogging posts. Thank you, I am now your follower 🙂

    1. I have been blogging for fifteen years now and it is indeed a wonderful platform to excerise one’s talents, to express one’s self, to inspire and to encourage through sharing experiences and the exchanging of ideas.

  2. Hey, hello, i loved your blog and the articles… Didn’t get the option of following… Please help me, how can I follow you ?? If u get some time please do visit my website, seeing the spiritual side of ‘New Lune’ i hope, you would like it!! 🙂🙂 And at last thanks for clarifying the meaning of ‘New Lune’.

  3. Hi I am new to your blog. Your blog is so pretty. I look forward to receiving interesting and informative tips about building a successful blog.

  4. Hey, thanks for vising my blog and leaving a like or two. The UK is pretty cool, wish it was real.


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