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Hey Loves!

The main reason I wanted to created a blog is to share my hobbies and passions but another main reason is to help people. As difficult as is may sound, I really want to help everyone to succeed in life! When I was a kid or even now I help people when they come asking for help, you should help your classmates, friends or even family members when you are able to but it’s not mandatory.

A help is something you do by yourself when your heart and mind wants to. As I grew older, I realised everything is called help, when you give your homework to a classmate who hasn’t done his/her homework is called help and when you give food for a child who hasn’t eaten for days is called help as well. Both things are totally contrasting and you can’t compare with one another because it’s totally different.

I am not saying you should help for only certain things and not for others, no, I am just saying that we are so blessed and lucky to have this life. We have loved ones to care about us, it doesn’t matter how many they are but even if it’s one person, we are lucky. We have a roof to protect us, we have a good health, we are able to get an education and so many things. I am pretty sure other people would love to be at our place.

I am pretty sure you have donated and done charity work at least once in your lifetime. Who knows, you might have donated for a charity organisation yesterday, today or even few minutes ago and I truly appreciate that. But I just want this post to be as a reminder, to remind you that you can contribute something if you haven’t.

This month is totally dedicated about education, many people are going back to school or college when others are worrying about their daily lives so let’s just make a change in their life. You can help a child to have a brighter future and a life that you are having right now.

The only thing you need to do is to give the least amount you have, even 1p is a contribution. If you are not able to donate, that’s totally fine, just spread the news, charity organisation and link for the donation to as many people as possible! By sharing the news, even if one person contributes something, it might change someone’s life! You don’t need to contribute for this charity organisation even if you contribute to another organisation, it’s fine as long as you want to spread the news to other people, you are helping somebody!


Please, the least thing you can do is to spread the awareness and I hope you will do that!

Hope you have an amazing day and see you soon on my next post!

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