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Benefits of Blogging For Your Education

There are so many benefits of blogging for instance receiving products, opportunities and even money! But you can definitely take advantage of your blog for your education as well. Yup, you heard it right!

I think most people forget how great of a platform it is to have. Obviously there are a number of cons but the advantages outweigh them. I know so many of my readers who are quite young (literally 10 to 11 years old!) that have a blog. It makes me happy to see that they have  created a platform to share what they are passionate about.

That’s the reason why I wanted to write this post because I would highly recommend to start a blog while you are still in school. There are so many things that you can benefit from! If you are wondering what benefits I’m talking about then keep on reading!

Les blogs présentent de nombreux avantages: recevoir des produits, des opportunités et même de l’argent! Mais vous pouvez aussi profiter de votre blog pour votre éducation. Oui, vous avez bien entendu!

Je pense que la plupart des gens oublient à quel point il est formidable d’avoir une plate-forme. De toute évidence, il y a un certain nombre d’inconvénients, mais les avantages l’emportent sur eux. Je connais tellement de mes lecteurs assez jeunes (littéralement de 10 à 11 ans!) qui ont un blog. Cela me fait plaisir de voir qu’ils ont créé une plate-forme pour partager ce qui les passionne.

C’est la raison pour laquelle j’ai voulu écrire ce billet parce que je vous recommande fortement de commencer un blog pendant que vous êtes encore à l’école. Il y a tellement de choses dont vous pouvez bénéficier! Si vous vous demandez de quels avantages je parle, alors continuez à lire!

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Usually when you are in school/uni, you most probably have to do surveys for research purposes depending on your assignments or dissertations. I had to create a ton of surveys for some of my modules! The last thing you want is people not answering your questions or even worse, you feeling embarrassed to share those surveys with your classmates.

Having a blog will automatically give you an audience which facilitates a lot of things. You can literally share your surveys on your social media platforms to your followers and that will give you a much bigger audience.

For some projects, you’ll need to have a bigger audience to answer your surveys which is kind of a requirement (depending on how flexible your professor/lecturer is) therefore having this opportunity is definitely a plus. You will be able to reach a bigger audience and people might even share your survey which is even better for you!

Habituellement, lorsque vous êtes à l’école ou à l’université, vous devrez probablement effectuer des sondages à des fins de recherche, en fonction de vos travaux ou de vos dissertations. J’ai dû créer une tonne de sondages pour certains de mes modules! La dernière chose que vous voulez, c’est que les personnes ne répondent pas à vos questions ou pire encore, vous sentir gêné de partager ces sondages avec vos camarades de classe.

Avoir un blog vous donnera automatiquement un public qui facilite beaucoup de choses. Vous pouvez littéralement partager vos sondages sur vos plateformes de médias sociaux à vos abonnés, ce qui vous donnera un public beaucoup plus large.

Pour certains projets, vous aurez besoin d’un public plus large pour répondre à vos sondages, ce qui est une exigence (en fonction de la flexibilité de votre professeur). Par conséquent, cette opportunité est définitivement un avantage. Vous pourrez atteindre un public plus large et les gens pourraient même partager votre sondage, ce qui est encore mieux pour vous!

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If you are doing a business, marketing or even computing related course at uni then your blog will definitely help you quite a bit when it comes to finding information around those subjects. If you are taking Art, Media Studies or even IT as subjects for A-Levels or GCSE, you blog will really help when doing your assignments. You would already have gained a lot of knowledge around those topics, and it will be much easier for you.

Si vous suivez un cours relatif aux affaires, au marketing ou même à l’informatique à la faq, votre blog vous aidera certainement beaucoup dans la recherche d’informations sur ces sujets. Si vous prenez des cours d’art, d’études sur les médias ou même d’informatique en premiere ou en terminale, votre blog vous sera vraiment utile lors de vos travaux. Vous auriez déjà acquis beaucoup de connaissances sur ces sujets, et ce sera beaucoup plus facile pour vous.

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One of the best parts about blogging is the fact that you get to connect with other bloggers. It doesn’t matter if it’s the first time you’re interacting with each other, having a blog will instantly erase that facade between the two of you. Most bloggers are always willing to help, there will always be someone to help you out! I’ve seen so many bloggers reach out to other bloggers when they needed help with their dissertations or even filling application forms for UCAS.

L’une des meilleures choses à propos des blogs est le fait que vous pouvez vous connecter avec d’autres blogueurs. Peu importe que ce soit la première fois que vous interagissez, avoir un blog effacera instantanément cette façade entre vous deux. La plupart des blogueurs sont toujours prêts à aider, il y aura toujours quelqu’un pour vous aider! J’ai vu tant de blogueurs contacter d’autres blogueurs lorsqu’ils avaient besoin d’aide pour rédiger leur dissertations ou même pour remplir des formulaires.

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This goes without saying that you gained a fair amount of skills through your blog. Eventually, those skills will help you out with your education as well! Blogging consists of multiple jobs for instance being a photographer, writer, designer, social media manager, etc. This includes other skills as well such as time management, writing, reading, etc. The list goes on!

Cela va sans dire que votre blog vous a permis d’acquérir de nombreuses compétences. Éventuellement, ces compétences vous aideront également dans vos études! Blogging comprend plusieurs tâches, par exemple un photographe, rédacteur, concepteur, responsable des réseaux sociaux, etc. Cela inclut également d’autres compétences telles que la gestion du temps, l’écriture, la lecture, etc. La liste est longue!

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Last but not least, if you prioritise your blog like a job and work consistently – you might even get the opportunity to turn it into a business and career. This is an opportunity that not a lot of people would have heard about a couple of years ago. You will get to create your own career path and if everything ends up working perfectly then it’s amazing! It’s definitely not an opportunity you want to miss!

Enfin et surtout, si vous donnez la priorité à votre blog comme un travail et travaillez de manière cohérente, vous aurez peut-être même l’occasion de le transformer en entreprise et en carrière. C’est une opportunité que peu de gens auraient ni entendu parler il ya quelques années. Vous aurez la possibilité de créer votre propre cheminement de carrière et si tout fonctionne à la perfection, alors c’est incroyable! Ce n’est certainement pas une opportunité que vous voulez manquer!

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  1. As a student and also a blogger, i have been exposed to many things i could not imagine, considering my age too…
    Kudos 🤗, wonderful words.
    Check out mine

  2. One of my biology class assignments required me to start a blog. It was a draw between creating a poster or blog. I guess it was fate because I was assigned to blogging and I taught myself the basics. Since I already knew how WP worked for the most part, I started this blog. And since I’m still a student 8 years later, I blog for my mental health. I would love to make money from blogging one day but I use blogging as an outlet to write. I’ve even met some amazing ppl in person through writing workshops and and this blog! There’s so many opportunities to be had through blogging and really comes down to how we choose to leverage it. 😊🌺

  3. oh, you learn a lot when you have a blog; you manage to stay connected to the latest trends, beauty products…and so on, on the other hand you realize who trully is there for you to apreciatte your work. The best thing is that you write about your passions and you meet a lot of awesome people even if it’s just online:)

  4. Brillian post! As a student blogger myself, blogging has helped me tell others about my ways of revising and balancing school and blogging, so it’s useful in more ways than one! Amazing post xx

  5. Oh I love this post, so many valuable points here. You’re absolutely right about blogging teaching you skills and being able to access a wider pool of talent and expertise. So helpful for any student. And for anyone considering a career in writing or digital marketing – starting early is definitely the best advice! xx

    Lisa |

  6. Loved this post! I had LiveJournal and Xanga before I finally settled on WordPress. I didn’t blog much on those platforms though – probably a bit more on Xanga. Back in the day, those platforms were sort of like the Twitter for music fans! Crazy how times have changed now.

    I settled on WordPress, thinking to get my portfolio up on here but then started to write more and I got better. Mentally, I think it’s such a good hobby because it allows me to thought-dump whilst still producing interesting conversations.

  7. I totally agree with you! In fact, I started my blog while I was still in school and it allowed me to learn so much more! I have recently published an article on my blog about Why I Love Blogging and what it has taught me. If you have time, it would be great if you could check out my post and let me know your thoughts! Thanks 🙂

  8. I started mine to advertise mainly, and then as i got into it i found myself making less time for writing and more and more into reading. The more i read the more i learn, just like from this post, thank you 🙂

  9. These are all great ideas. But if I may add, blogging can also be a form of “catharsis”. It can be your dump diary or a past time that will most likely help you maintain your sanity while dealing with your tedious school years. This is exactly why I created my blogs and As a working law student, I have to admit that stress takes it toll on my physical and mental health. By setting up a blog, I get to have an avenue to release everything that bugs me so I can have a fresher start each day.

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