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How To Write Catchy Blog Post Titles

Working on myself, by myself, for myself.

Hey Loves! Having a catchy blog post title is a must since that’s the first thing everyone sees when you post a blog post. Most people decide on whether or not to read a blog post based on the title when you think about it, it’s a huge thing! Your blog title must be informative, effective and catchy so from that way they don’t only click on your blog post but they end up reading it!

Obviously, don’t take this the wrong way and have titles that are in some ways ‘clickbait’ – do not do that because you’ll end up loosing genuine followers. What you’ve to do is use a title that’ll make your blog post stand out and increase the visibility of the post.

For instance, instead of writing “5 Apps I Use As A Blogger” – “5 Must Haves Apps for Bloggers” is more attractive because it’s specific and uses keywords that’ll make the audience wanna read it. Here are more tips down below!

Salut tout le monde! La plupart des gens décident de lire ou non un article de blog basé sur le titre quand vous y pensez, c’est une chose énorme! Le titre de votre blog doit être informatif, efficace et accrocheur afin de ne pas seulement cliquer sur votre blog, mais ils finissent par le lire! Ce que vous avez à faire est d’utiliser un titre qui fera ressortir votre article de blog et augmenter la visibilité de l’article. Voici d’autres conseils ci-dessous!

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Using numbers

Readers like to read blog posts that use specific numbers because they know how many key points the blog post includes and they already know what to expect. The number itself doesn’t have to be small nor huge so you don’t need to worry about it. When you see numbers, it doesn’t always have to be a list, it can be the main headings and bullet points as well.

Les lecteurs aiment lire les articles de blog qui utilisent des numéros spécifiques parce qu’ils savent combien de points clés le blog comprend et ils savent déjà à quoi s’attendre. Le nombre lui-même n’a pas besoin d’être petit ni énorme donc vous n’ayez pas à vous en soucier. Lorsque vous voyez des chiffres, il ne doit pas toujours s’agir d’une liste, il peut s’agir aussi bien des rubriques principales que des points.


Using the right keywords

Formulating the title using the right keywords is very important, sometimes misusing a couple of words might affect the visibility of your blog posts. For instance, instead of “My Tips On Creating A Blog” – “How To Create A Blog In 10 Mins” or “How To Create A Blog In 5 Easy Steps” is much better. Your readers need to get a feeling that they’re going to get something helpful and informative out of it, and that’s what’s going to make them to click and read your blog posts.

Formuler le titre en utilisant les bons mots clés est très important, parfois l’utilisation abusive de quelques mots pourrait affecter la visibilité de vos articles de blog. Par exemple, au lieu de «Mes conseils sur la création d’un blog» – «Comment créer un blog en 10 minutes» ou «Comment créer un blog en 5 étapes faciles» est beaucoup mieux. Vos lecteurs doivent avoir le sentiment qu’ils vont obtenir quelque chose d’utile et d’informatif, et c’est ce qui va leur faire cliquer et lire les articles de votre blog.


Using a short title

Have a long title isn’t a ‘bad’ thing but having a short title is just much simpler and gets straight to the point. You’ve to choose words that are precise and have an impact as well.

Avoir un long titre n’est pas une mauvaise chose, mais avoir un titre court est juste beaucoup plus simple et va droit au but. Vous devez choisir des mots précis et avoir également un impact.



Here are some examples that you can use or get inspired for your blog posts titles!

Voici quelques exemples que vous pouvez utiliser ou vous inspirer pour les titres de votre blog!



  • How to get more ____
  • How to get rid of ____
  • Where to find ____
  • What to do with ____
  • How to change ____
  • How to take control of ____


  • Comment obtenir plus ____
  • Comment se débarrasser de ____
  • Où trouver ____
  • Que faire avec ____
  • Comment changer ____
  • Comment prendre le contrôle de ____



  • How to ____ in [X] steps
  • [X] secrets to ____
  • [X] popular ways to ____
  • [X] tips for ____
  • [X] rules for ____
  • [X] essential things for ____
  • [X] unexpected uses for ____
  • [X] techniques for ____


  • Comment ____ en [X] étapes
  • [X] secrets à ____
  • [X] façons populaires de ____
  • [X] conseils pour ____
  • [X] règles pour ____
  • [X] choses essentielles pour ____
  • [X] utilisations inattendues pour ____
  • [X] techniques pour ____



  • What no one tells you about ____
  • A complete guide to ____
  • The secret of ____


  • Ce que personne ne vous dit à propos de ____
  • Un guide complet sur ____
  • Le secret de ____



xo N

  1. Blogging is hard work, I don’t think it’s recognised as that! Sometimes (actually, a lot of the time) It makes my head hurt! xxx

  2. Very, very useful! I just realized I am particulary attracted by post with titles like the ones you proposed, with lists or questions! I’ll use your tip in my blog more often 🙂

    xx Federica

    1. Thank you so much hun! It makes a huge difference when it comes to page views, people seem to like blog posts that contain lists for some reasons xx

  3. This is actually a really interesting post! I really like the idea behind it I don’t normally put much effort into my blog titles I just go for something that suits the post basically x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿

    1. Thanks a lot Kayleigh! I was exactly like you but once I started to change my titles (I just added some ‘effective’ keywords), it did make a difference! x

  4. What an informative post ! With brilliant tips you really have covered all areas and that’s what makes this a post to bookmark!

  5. I really love this post! My blog is all personal, so when I think of a title I like to make it short. I usually focus it on something specific I talked about within the post, and hope that it stands out with the picture I use in the blog as well. Seems to have worked so far!

    1. Thank you so much! You’re completely right, there aren’t any specific rules to follow but doing simple little things increases the visibility of your post – it’s so insane! x

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  7. Very informative post. Yeah, there’s just something about numbers that most people are drawn to and will immediately scroll their mouse over to your title. And I agree with what you said about clickbait. No one likes that.

  8. Thanks for following me. I am so glad that you did because as I was reading your blog my eyes rested on this article and it was exactly what I need. Getting blog titles has been very tricky for me. I can whip up a blog in no time at all but i can sit there for hours trying to think up of a title so big thank you. I am enjoying your blog. Its entertaining and helpful. Thank you. I will be reading more of them

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