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The Best Blogging Resources & Tools

As you can see by the title, I’ve gathered all the best blogging resources and tools which includes pretty much everything you can think of such as platforms, photography equipment, apps, props, ways to monetise your blog, etc. Note that I’ll be updating this post regularly so make sure to bookmark it so you can check it regularly to find new resources and tools!

Comme vous pouvez le voir sur le titre, j’ai rassemblé tous les meilleurs outils et ressources de blogging qui incluent à peu près tout ce que vous pouvez imaginer: plates-formes, équipements photographiques, applications, accessoires, façons de monétiser votre blog, etc. Notez que je mettrai ce poste à jour régulièrement, assurez-vous de le mettre en signet afin de pouvoir le consulter régulièrement pour trouver de nouvelles ressources et de nouveaux outils!

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to start a website

WordPress: The platform you need if you want to create an advanced website in terms of blog design and layout. A free platform to create a beautiful website within 2 minutes + loads of free themes are available.

Blogger: Another free platform to create a website, if you know HTML & CSS codes then you can create a stunning website using this platform.

Squarespace: A paid platform that provides a domain name, advanced themes, professional email, etc. It’s literally an all-in-one platform!



for a self-hosted website (WordPress)

Siteground: One of the best web hosting services, their customer service is really good!

Bluehost: Another really good hosting service where you can get your domain name for free.



to buy your custom domain name (Blogger)

Go Daddy: You can buy your domain name using Go Daddy if your blog is on, the price is very affordable as well.



for beautiful themes

Pipdig: You get a range of elegant & simple WordPress and Blogger themes, they have migration services as well and you get a free theme when you use it!

Solo Pine: The perfect place for premium WordPress themes.



for great quality images

Canon DSLR: The best DSLRs to take professional blog pictures!

Olympus Pen: These cameras are always known to take good quality pictures.

iPhone: You don’t need to spend a lot of money to take your blog pictures, I use my iPhone to take all my pictures!

Lens: You can have the most expensive camera but it’s the lens you use that will make a difference on the quality of your pictures.

Flat Lay Tripod: This will make sure your pictures aren’t blurry if you take your flatlay pictures from above.

Remote Shutter: If you want to take shots of your own or tricky shots.

SD Card: Obviously this is essential if you have a camera, I’d recommend a 6GB or 16GB card.



to take the most gorgeous flatlay

Sample Wallpaper: You can go to your local B&Q and take some sample wallpapers which you can use as a background for your flatlay pictures.

Faux Flowers: They are a must for a beautiful flatlay!

Petals: I mean, you can’t go wrong with them!?

Trinket Dish: Another ornament you can add to your flatlays.

Ribbons: For a nice touch to your pictures.

Rose Gold Mini Bell Confetti: These will make any pictures stand out!

Makeup Brushes: If you have pretty makeup brushes then why not use them as flatlay props?

Lipsticks: The same goes for lipsticks as well!

Palettes: If you have eyeshadow palettes that match your colour theme then you can use them as flatlay props.



to edit your pictures

Photoshop: You can use both the desktop version and free app to edit pictures.

Lightroom: You can create stunning presets and edit your pictures beautifully.

Facetune: Perfect for whitening the background or any white elements.

VSCO Cam: For a great range of filters.

Snapseed: My favourite app to edit my pictures + there are a ton of features!

Layout: For collages and making side-by-side photos.

Phonto: To add cool fonts and shapes to your photos.



for branding

Photoshop: The best program to create stunning blog graphics.

Illustrator: Best for illustrations and vector graphics.

Canva: A free program to create beautiful templates.

PicMonkey: A program to create blog graphics + to edit your pictures with cool effects.

DaFont: For thousands of free fonts!



to plan your content on social media

Tailwind: To schedule pins on Pinterest.

Buffer: To schedule tweets on Twitter.

Unum: To plan your feed on Instagram.



to monetise your blog

rewardStyle: The best program to monetise your blog & social media if you are a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger.

ShopStyle Collective: Another platform to monetise your blog if you are a beauty and fashion blogger.

Amazon Associates: Amazon’s affiliate program which is the best if you’re a lifestyle blogger.

ShareASale: Another really good affiliate network.

Awin: A great network to monetise your website.

Skimlinks: Another good affiliate network.

Rakuten Marketing: A UK affiliate program with some popular brands.



to receive free products & become an affiliate

Influenster: A program where you can receive free beauty products for testing.

Coconut Lane: You can become an affiliate and receive a small commission from sales.



to earn money through your ads (self-hosted website)

AdSense: A program run by Google to earn money through ads, it’s very easy to use.

Mediavine: A really good program to earn money from ads but you need at least 25k views per month.



to organise & plan your content

Planner: To plan and prepare your blog content.

Notes App: A great way to note any blogging ideas.

Wunderlist: An amazing tool to make to-do lists.

Grammarly (plugin): This tool will pick up on any grammar or spelling mistakes.

SEO Review Tools: A website to check your DA score.



for email newsletters (self-hosted website)

Mailchimp: A tool to send email newsletters.



xo N

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  1. Hey there! Thank you so much for the Mediavine shoutout in this amazing list of tools and resources for bloggers!
    Our traffic threshold is actually 25k sessions in 30 days, as we don’t count page views anymore.
    As publishers with our own websites, we believe that successful monetization is all about finding the balance between ad revenue and user experience and we would never sacrifice one for the other. This is why we set our threshold at 25k sessions a month. Below this number, the ad revenue you’d be able to earn isn’t worth the sacrifice in user experience that happens when ads are put on a site.
    We’re here if you or your readers ever have questions for us. Just shoot us an email to!
    — Susannah at Mediavine

  2. Fantastic tips as always! I need to get a wider aperture lens for my Pen, so that’s on the list! I use the notes app too, always handy when an idea pops into my head – I wrote a whole blog post on the app whilst on a flight once!
    Thanks for sharing your advice lovely.

    Samantha x

  3. I appreciate this post so much! I’m new to blogging so this was a very helpful thing for you to do. I will definitely be using some of these tips on my blog!😊

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  5. Hey there! Thank you so much for sharing these amazing resources for bloggers! I was confused on defining the differences between Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom! Can you make it clear for me?

    1. My pleasure! Photoshop is better for photo manipulation and Lightroom is used for photo editing. If you want to edit your pictures in terms of brightness, contrast, colour settings and all that – go for Lightroom. If you want to edit your pictures in terms of retouching, adding effects then Photoshop is the one you need. Hope that was helpful 😊

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