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How to Boost Traffic Without Publishing Blog Posts

We all have been there, when you are busy and you haven’t prepared any blog posts for a week or when something unexpected comes up and you can’t post any blog posts for a while. Obviously, at that moment your blog will have to take a step back but you’ll lose traffic which isn’t something you want either.

However there are some things you can do to boost your traffic without publishing any blog posts or while taking a break/hiatus. I’ve gathered some things I used to do while I took huge breaks from blogging so if you’re interested, keep reading!

Nous sommes tous passés par là, lorsque vous êtes occupé et que vous n’avez pas préparé de billets de blog depuis une semaine ou que quelque chose d’inattendu se présente et que vous ne pouvez pas poster de billets pendant un certain temps. Évidemment, à ce moment-là, votre blog devra prendre du recul, mais vous perdrez du trafic, ce que vous ne souhaitez pas non plus.

Cependant, il y a certaines choses que vous pouvez faire pour augmenter votre trafic sans poster de blog ou en prenant une pause. J’ai rassemblé certaines choses que je faisais pendant que je prenais d’énormes pauses, alors si cela vous intéresse, continuez à lire!

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Interacting with others is the key to engagement and I cannot stress how important that is! Every blogger goes through a break once in a while but the only way to make sure that others don’t forget your blog is to interact with them on a regular basis, from that way they will share the support you’ve given them.

There are other pros of interacting and engaging with others as well, new readers might find your blog and check your content which is always a plus!

Interagir avec les autres est la clé de l’engagement! Tous les blogueurs font une pause de temps en temps, mais le seul moyen de s’assurer que les autres n’oublient pas votre blog est d’interagir avec eux régulièrement, ils partageront ainsi le soutien que vous leur avez apporté.

Il existe d’autres avantages d’interagir avec les autres. De nouveaux lecteurs pourraient trouver votre blog et consulter votre contenu, ce qui est toujours un avantage!



You can share your old blog posts on your social media whether it’s on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest. It’s a great way to boost traffic to your old blog posts.

Vous pouvez partager vos anciens billets de blog sur vos médias sociaux, que ce soit sur Instagram, Twitter, Facebook ou Pinterest. C’est un excellent moyen d’augmenter le trafic sur vos anciens billets de blog.

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In addition, you can revamp and give a makeover to your blog. It doesn’t have to be anything major, little things like updating your old blog posts or changing the theme of your website will give an entire new look to your blog and bring traffic to your blog.

En outre, vous pouvez réorganiser et redesigner votre blog. Cela ne doit pas forcément être majeur, des petites choses comme la mise à jour de vos anciens articles de blog ou le changement de thème de votre site Web donneront un tout nouveau look à votre blog et généreront du trafic vers votre blog.

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If you’re interested in writing guest posts for other blogs or would like others to write guest posts for your blog then this is another good opportunity to boost traffic to your website.

The concept of guest post is pretty much to write a blog post for another website linking your blog details such as your website and social media depending on the blog and blogger in question.

Obviously the blog post in question needs to be approved by the blogger and you’ll have to discuss about what topics to write.

Si vous souhaitez rédiger des publications d’invités pour d’autres blogs ou si vous souhaitez que d’autres écrivent des publications d’invités pour votre blog, c’est une autre bonne occasion de stimuler le trafic sur votre site Web.

Le concept de publication d’invité consiste en quelque sorte à rédiger une publication de blog pour un autre site Web en associant les détails de votre blog, tels que votre site Web et les médias sociaux, en fonction du blog et du blogueur en question.

De toute évidence, le billet de blog en question doit être approuvé par le blogueur et vous devrez discuter des sujets à écrire.

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This is something I wouldn’t recommend (and won’t do) but I still wanted to mention it since I’ve seen other bloggers do it and it could benefit you and your blog if you’re interested.

With you have an option where you can repost your blog post, if you’ve taken a long break or hiatus from your blog then you could repost your old posts. Not only this will bring traffic to your blog but it will bring traffic to your old content as well.

C’est quelque chose que je ne recommanderais pas (et ne ferai pas) mais je voulais tout de même le mentionner car j’ai vu d’autres blogueurs le faire et cela pourrait être bénéfique pour vous et votre blog si vous êtes intéressé.

Avec, vous avez la possibilité de republier votre article. Si vous prenez une pause de votre blog, vous pouvez republier vos anciens messages. Non seulement cela amènera du trafic sur votre blog, mais cela amènera également du trafic vers votre ancien contenu.



xo N

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  1. very informative article. it shows how one’s blog can still be alive with traffic, even in the absence of publishing—when publishing gets tough. thanks for posting

  2. Lovely advice. I sometimes struggle producing content as I’m working and sometimes on my days off I just want to chill out or I’m doing something so time isn’t always on my side. I didn’t know you could repost old posts on WordPress I may just look into this ❤ xx

  3. Thanks for this post! I’m in a writing slump at the moment and all I’m doing is promoting my posts. This article makes me feel a bit better about it 😄

  4. Wonderful advice! I always feel like when I stop posting, my blog stops growing, which is where my fear of taking a break comes from. These are great ways of keeping your blog alive even when you’re not blogging!

  5. My favorite thing about this post is all the positive vibes radiating from the comments section!! Great tips, thank you for your knowledge.

  6. These are such great tips! Engaging is definitely key in the blogging industry. Sparking up conversations with people is not only fun, but a great way to drive more traffic to your blog xx

    Lauren |

  7. This is so helpful, I love these tips! Always love reading your blog, it’s such an amazing resource. Great post!
    I’d love it if you’d check out my new post
    Khanak x

  8. What a fab post! When organising tweets for blog promo, I always try and include a mix of posts to try and get some traffic to older posts, as it does really help. Great tips xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  9. I’ve been a little inconsistent lately and not posted in over two weeks. Not sure why as I have some content ready. Sometimes I’ll realise it’s evening and I’ve not really engaged with my Socials at all. I’ve been busy recently and don’t always have time but I know it’s important to stay relevant as you say! Fab tips as always. x

    Samantha |

  10. These are great tips! I’m just getting started in the blogging world and this was one of my big questions! I appreciate it!

  11. This was helpful, thank you. I’ve had a question on my mind. Maybe this is a good place to ask: I just started a new blog after nearly 3 years of being absent from my old one. I’ve been considering bringing some of the content from my old blog over to this one. Is this suggested? If so, what is the best way to handle this?

    1. So glad you found it helpful! You can definitely do that! It’ll bring traffic to your content and it’s a great way to promote your new blog x

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  13. Great advice, I’m so terrible at blogging consistently, and I know a platform is crucial to a good writers success, interactions with other writers and readers is a great way to connect, thanks for the advice. 🙂 ❤

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