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Flattering Shades For Your Eye Colour

I think everyone can wear any shades they want whether it’s on the lips and eyes. But throughout the years, I found that certain shades complement my skin tone and eye colour way more compared to other shades. Today I wanted to share with you the shades that work the best on my eye colour and the shades that will be flattering to your eye colours. Note that you can wear any colours you want, so if you’re interested then keep on reading!

Je pense que tout le monde peut porter les teintes de son choix, que ce soit sur les lèvres ou les yeux. Mais au fil des années, j’ai constaté que certaines nuances complètent davantage le teint et la couleur de mes yeux que d’autres teintes. Aujourd’hui, je voulais partager avec vous les nuances qui conviennent le mieux à la couleur de mes yeux et les nuances qui flatteront vos couleurs de yeux. Notez que vous pouvez porter toutes les couleurs que vous voulez, donc si cela vous intéresse, continuez à lire!

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I have brown eyes and let me tell you, I’ve pretty much worn every single colour of the rainbow on my eyes. I used to do crazy looks when I first started wearing makeup, in a way I’m glad I did it because that’s how I was able to find which colours/shades complemented my eyes. Anytime I’d wear a blue smokey eye, I’d get a ton of compliments! Whether it was a dark blue or turquoise smokey eye, it always made my brown eyes stand out. Another great colour is purple, if you have brown eyes you should definitely try it!

J’ai les yeux bruns et je tiens à vous dire que je porte à peu près toutes les couleurs de l’arc-en-ciel sur mes yeux. Chaque fois que je porterais un bleu smokey eye, je recevais des tonnes de compliments! Qu’il s’agisse d’un bleu foncé ou de turquoise, cela faisait toujours ressortir mes yeux bruns. Une autre belle couleur est le violet. Si vous avez les yeux bruns, vous devez absolument l’essayer!

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I find that gold, bronze or champagne-y colours complement blue eyes so much! These colours are so flattering and make the blue in their eyes pop up. Anytime my friends (who have blue eyes) wear a gold smokey eye, they literally look like goddesses!

Je trouve que les couleurs or, bronze ou champagne-y complètent tellement les yeux bleus! Ces couleurs sont tellement flatteuses et font ressortir le bleu de leurs yeux. Chaque fois que mes amis (qui ont les yeux bleus) portent un smokey eye doré, ils ressemblent littéralement à des déesses!

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Any eye colours are beautiful but green eyes are just stunning in my opinion! Warm red, silver or even green colours look gorgeous on green eyes. Earthy tones complement hazel eyes very well, as well as mauve and burgundy shades.

Toutes les couleurs des yeux sont belles mais les yeux verts sont tout simplement magnifiques à mon avis! Les couleurs chaudes rouges, argentées ou même vertes sont magnifiques sur les yeux verts. Les tons terreux complètent très bien les yeux noisette, ainsi que les tons mauve et bordeaux.

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xo N

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    1. Aw I’ll definitely do some infographics/tutorials in the future. It can be so intimidating! It took me 3 years to wear makeup “properly” and I still have a lot to perfect haha x

    2. I have never learned how to apply, only to sit still when others are trying to put some one me! (I make some great Chewbacca noises during it, or so I’m told). I’ll be keeping an eye out for those tutorials! Best to elarn from someone who has already gone through the struggles of it. XD

  1. I always love reading what colors people think compliment each eye color. I do love wearing green and silver a lot! My eyes are very light green, and I found purple makes them look brighter too!

  2. I enjoyed reading this. I have brown eyes and i love my cat eye. I’m always running to metallic shadows. I adore earth tones along the lines of taupe, brown, tan, and blues.my favorite color is purple, so I like to wear it on my bottom/lower lids. It really brightens up my eyes! I’m following!

    1. Aw that’s so cool! I’ve seen your pictures but I always thought your eyes were green, you have gorgeous eyes! Thank you love xx

  3. This are all great tips! I have blue eyes and I love the way golds, champagnes and bronzes compliment them. Thanks for sharing! 🙂


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