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A Guide To Colour Correcting

Most people don’t use colour correcting but if you have discolouration or pigmentation on certain areas of your face, it’s a great way to hide them. You can use colour correcting for so many different things whether it’s for dark circles, scars, etc. If you want to know more about this topic then keep on reading!

La plupart des gens n’utilisent pas la correction des couleurs, mais si vous constatez une décoloration ou une pigmentation dans certaines zones de votre visage, c’est un excellent moyen de les masquer. Vous pouvez utiliser la correction des couleurs pour une multitude de choses différentes, que ce soit pour les cernes, boutons, etc. Si vous souhaitez en savoir plus sur ce sujet, continuez à lire!

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When it comes to colour correcting, there are a number of colours used to cancel out certain colours or hide any imperfections. If you check a colour correcting palette, you can see the main colours in general. Here’s a round up of all the colours used.

Pour la correction des couleurs, plusieurs couleurs sont utilisées pour supprimer certaines couleurs ou masquer les imperfections. Si vous verifiez une palette de correction des couleurs, vous pouvez voir les couleurs principales en général. Voici un aperçu de toutes les couleurs utilisées.

  • purple: used to brighten dullness.
  • pink: used to brighten dark spots, scars and dullness.
  • yellow: used to cover redness and under the eyes.
  • green: used to cover sunburns, breakouts and zits.
  • red: used to cover tattoos and bruises.
  • orange: used to hide dark circles under the eyes and hyper pigmentation for medium to deep skin tone.
  • peach: used to cover hyper pigmentation and dark circles.



a guide to colour correcting - colour correcting 101 - orange - new lune

to hide dark circles and cover pigmented areas (for me it’s around the mouth or chin)


a guide to colour correcting - colour correcting 101 - yellow - new lune

to conceal blue and purple tones


a guide to colour correcting - colour correcting 101 - green - new lune

to cover breakouts and zits


a guide to colour correcting - colour correcting 101 - pink - new lune

to hide signs of fatigue


a guide to colour correcting - colour correcting 101 - purple - new lune

to brighten dullness and cover unwanted tones



There are so many colour correcting products available, both in the high-end and drugstore. There are different types of consistencies as well, from cream to liquid so it’s all about your personal preference. Here are some of my personal favourites!

Il y a tellement de produits correcteurs de couleurs disponibles, tant dans le haut de gamme que dans les pharmacies. Il existe également différents types de consistance, allant de la crème au liquide, il en va donc de vos préférences personnelles. Voici quelques-uns de mes favoris personnels!






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  1. I found this really helpful! My worst is definitely the dark circles under my eyes and even with concealer I struggle to cover them up so I’ll be beating this post in mind next time I go shopping for makeup!

  2. This post is really helpful. I have tried color correcting undereyes and zits so far. I never thought I could use purple for sides of the face. Will def give it a try!

  3. I love the colour-coded diagrams – so fun and so helpful! Just a thought – may be worth making a whole sheet so that all the faces are on one page and shared on something like Pinterest?

    I bought a green NYX concealer product a few months ago but I’ve yet to really use it. I think because it’s not skin-coloured, I’m scared I will not use it correctly so this post will be helpful for when I do get around to using it so thanks!

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