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5 Tips To Gain Followers On WordPress

One of my most asked questions I receive is how to gain followers on your blog. I know so many bloggers find it extremely hard to gain followers on their blogs compared to social media platforms. Here are some of my tips to gain followers on WordPress!

L’une des questions les plus posées que je reçois est de savoir comment gagner des followers sur votre blog. Je sais que tant de blogueurs ont beaucoup de mal à attirer des adeptes sur leurs blogs par rapport aux plateformes de médias sociaux. Voici quelques-uns de mes conseils pour gagner des adeptes sur WordPress!

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I’m pretty sure you heard me say this a hundred times but consistency is the key! Once you start to publish blog posts regularly, you’ll start to gain followers gradually. Even if you post once a week, make sure you stick to your schedule and try not to take any huge breaks/hiatus.

Je suis sûr que vous m’avez entendu dire ceci cent fois, mais la cohérence est la clé! Une fois que vous commencez à publier des articles de blog régulièrement, vous commencerez à gagner des suiveurs progressivement. Même si vous postez une fois par semaine, assurez-vous de respecter votre emploi du temps et essayez de ne pas prendre d’énormes pauses/hiatus.

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Even if you post multiple times every week, if your posts aren’t good quality-wise, you won’t really gain any new followers. Give importance to your pictures and content instead of how many posts you publish every week.

Même si vous publiez plusieurs fois par semaine, si vos publications ne sont pas de qualité, vous ne gagnerez pas vraiment de nouveaux abonnés. Donnez de l’importance à vos images et à votre contenu au lieu du nombre de publications que vous publiez chaque semaine.

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This is another thing you are probably tired of me repeating but if you want new people to find your blog, you have to interact with other bloggers. Not only will you gain followers but it’s a great way to support other bloggers.

C’est une autre chose dont vous êtes probablement fatigué que je répète, mais si vous voulez que de nouvelles personnes trouvent votre blog, vous devez interagir avec d’autres blogueurs. Non seulement vous gagnerez des suiveurs, mais c’est un excellent moyen de soutenir d’autres blogueurs.

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This is something I haven’t tried yet but I know so many bloggers who have done it. You can do giveways on your blog! This is a great way to gain a lot of followers, plus you get to thank one of your followers for their support.

C’est quelque chose que je n’ai pas encore essayé mais je connais tellement de blogueurs qui l’ont fait. Vous pouvez faire des giveaways/concours sur votre blog! C’est un excellent moyen de gagner beaucoup d’adeptes. De plus, vous remerciez l’un de vos abonnés pour son soutien.



Last but not least, use relevant tags in your blog post. If you are writing about your favourite jewellery pieces, add fashion related tags! From that way, people who are interested in those topics can easily find your post.

Enfin, utilisez des balises pertinentes pour votre blog. Si vous écrivez à propos de vos bijoux préférés, ajoutez des tags liés à la mode! De cette façon, les personnes intéressées par ces sujets peuvent facilement trouver votre billet.



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  1. Thx for sharing the tips
    To top one’s own followers list
    To know the new personalities on this street
    Full of creative minds, who draw, write & also read

  2. These tips are spot on! I just came up on my one-year anniversary of blogging; and one of the important take-aways I’ve learned in content creation is that building an audience requires patience on our part and the passing of this precious commodity we have called time. Being consistent at doing what you enjoy (blogging) while benefiting others’ lives won’t go unrecognized. Your tip of interacting with others is a big goal of mine in year two of my blogging journey. It’s exciting to participate in others’ journeys while inviting them to experience mine. Thanks for your blogging confirmations.

  3. Such an amazing and really helpful post! I definitely think people should take your advice too because you have 12,605 followers – that’s crazy! and by the time you’re reading this comment, you’ll have even more haha, I’d love it if you did a giveaway soon, maybe for Blogmas? xx

  4. Thank you for the great suggestions! I’m doing almost all of them (been on WordPress for 3 weeks now). I just need to figure out what I want to “give away” worth GIVING away (lol).

    1. Thank you sweet! 💗 It’s pretty similar to Instagram, for example if you are writing a beauty related blog post then you choose beauty related hashtags. You use the same hashtags as on Instagram but you can’t add that many, that’s the only difference!

  5. What an amazingly helpful post, love it. Also if you have the time do check out my blog and follow back if you like it

  6. It’s always about consistency of posting! I can really tell that I’ve been sick with the flu this month, because visits to my blog have dropped. All your tips are great, but I am sometimes wondering if I’m using the right tags for my articles. Do you know a good source for getting the right tags to attract an audience? 🙂 Keep up the good work!

  7. I’m sure you have heard this before, though not from me, I really enjoy the French-English fusion in your posts. As a life long learner of languages (including French) it is refreshing to see your writing in parallel.

  8. Pingback: 5 Tips To Gain Followers On WordPress — New Lune | Ragor Bey
    1. It’s all up to your preference! Some people prefer giving away products while others like gift cards. Some even offer their services/digital products as giveaways!

  9. Thank you for posting. As a new blogger I found the first month tough. You spend an age writing a well informed and researched piece for only 2 likes and no comments. However by sticking at it, understanding my audience and picking and choosing when to focus my efforts, things are slowly starting to pick up. Keep up the good work.

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