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The Best Type of Lighting For Your Dressing Room

When it comes to getting ready for a night out, the right type of light fixtures and angles will make all the difference. If you’re looking for some lighting inspiration for your dressing room, you’ve come to the right place as here are some of your options/things to consider:



Of course, natural lighting is your best option, so you should try and sit by a window when applying makeup. However, when that’s not possible try and opt for LED bulbs. This is because they closely resemble natural light which will help you get a natural coverage and flawless finish when applying your makeup.



To get an even spread of light across your face, you should install LED lights around your mirror. If the light hits your face from one direction and not another, you will find that you apply your makeup inconsistently.



In order to adjust the lighting accordingly, you might want to install a dimmer switch in your dressing room. Be careful though because overhead lights can cast shadows; the dimmer should simply be used to assess your handiwork in different settings.



Although functionality is hugely important in a dressing room, it wouldn’t hurt to add some light fixtures based on their appearance, to add a stylish element to the room. For example, why not consider placing a lamp atop your dresser.

Don’t be afraid to layer your lighting so that the room can be used in different ways. A lighting design specialist will be able to help you establish your options so this could be a possibility for you if you feel you need some professional assistance.



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  1. I was thinking about doing my room up with lights and didnt even know where to begin with what there different names were thanks for this!

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