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Gift Guide: For Her.

Christmas is around the corner and it’s time to buy gifts for your loved ones! For me, it’s literally my favourite time of the year and so is for a lot of people. If you are wondering what to buy for a special someone, a friend, your mum, sister or even something for yourself – I’ve got you covered!

In this post, I share some of my favourite products that would make an amazing gift to someone (or yourself). I’d highly recommend these products with my eyes closed and they are worth every single penny. As always, if you’re interested – keep on reading!

Noël approche et il est temps d’acheter des cadeaux pour vos proches! Pour moi, c’est littéralement ma période préférée de l’année et il en va de même pour beaucoup de gens. Si vous vous demandez quoi acheter pour quelqu’un de spécial, un ami, votre mère, votre sœur ou même quelque chose pour vous-même, je vous ai couvert!

Dans cet article, je partage certains de mes produits préférés qui constitueraient un cadeau extraordinaire pour quelqu’un (ou pour vous-même). Je recommande fortement ces produits les yeux fermés et ils valent chaque centime. Comme toujours, si cela vous intéresse, continuez à lire!

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Starting with beauty, there are so many makeup and skincare products to choose from in the market. Personally, I wouldn’t really go for skincare or base products unless I know that person’s skin type and preference. It can easily go wrong and if you have the opportunity to exchange those products or even get a refund then go for it but I would say to stay far away from those products. A great gift is hairpieces for men and women, they are usually pricey and make a lovely gift for your loved one.

In my opinion, makeup sets are worth the price! You receive multiple products in one-go and it will literally feel like receiving many products if that’s the only gift you’re planning on giving.

Another product I would say to go for is eyeshadow palettes. I mean you can’t go wrong with them, right? My favourite palette of this year has to be the Huda Beauty Obsessions Precious Stones Eyeshadow Palette in Topaz. It contains a variety of warm, neutral and shimmery shades which are perfect for a simple smokey eye as well as an intense one. Their shimmery shadows are not like any other eyeshadow palettes, they are literally so glittery and pigmented! You have to swatch them in person to know what I’m talking about.

In addition, another product you can’t go wrong is lip products. Every woman likes to either wear a lip liner, lipstick, liquid lipstick or lip gloss – or at least a lip balm! I haven’t raved about any other lip products like I have for the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams. Even someone who rarely reads my beauty related blog posts would know how I much adore these products! They are very soft and feel extremely comfortable on the lips. They have a huge range of colours to choose from so you can literally find something up to your preference. They don’t stain on your lips nor feel heavy, and they last all day long!

kiss lashes - gift guide beauty - falseeyelashes - new lune

The perfect time to wear lashes is definitely during the holiday times! So why not gift lashes to your loved one? Not everyone wears lashes on a daily basis so you can gift a couple of voluminous and beautiful lashes which will be perfect to wear during special occasions.

The Kiss Lash Couture Triple Push Up lashes are perfect for this instance because not only are they dramatic and simple at the same time but they contain 3 designs in one strip which is amazing! The ones shown are in the style Brassiere, Corset and Bustier. If you want to be a bit fancy, you can even gift a lash applicator. How gorgeous is the one by FalseEyelashes! If they love a bit of gold then this product is a must-have for them!



Another gift you can’t go wrong with is fragrance! But I would advise to only buy a perfume if you know what the other person likes. For instance, some might have a sensitive nose and not like strong scented perfumes while others don’t like certain scents.

My go-to perfumes are Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger and Si by Giorgio Armani. One is more on the affordable side whilst the other one is a bit more pricey. Both are such classic perfumes and I haven’t seen a single person dislike them.

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kiss lashes - gift guide beauty - falseeyelashes - new lune - soul analyse - affirmation bracelet - i am that i am

I am personally a sucker for jewellery pieces and I don’t think you can go wrong with any accessories that tell a special message. Soul Analyse is the perfect place to go for if you are looking to give a meaningful jewellery. I love their affirmation bracelets which I think is perfect for an everyday wear because it’s quite simple & dainty. They have a lot of colours such as gold, silver and rose gold. They do have affirmation rings and necklaces as well.

Plus, there is a great message written depending on the one you choose which you can remind yourself whenever you look at your wrist. My personal favourite is the one with the message “I AM THAT I AM”. I think it delivers the message to accept who I am as a person and embrace my strengths & weaknesses, and tells that I’m unique in my own way and there wouldn’t be anyone like me on this planet.



xo N

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This post contains gifted products.

  1. I love both perfumes Tommy Girl and Si. Si is the classic perfume I chose to wear on special occasions now that I can’t find Jolie Madame of Balmain. I thank you for the guide. I hope women will and stick to SI.

  2. I absolutely love this, I do have the Huda palette in Mauve and it’s absolutely gorgeous and never hurt to have one more and since they’re are something that usually all girls can use you can’t miss

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