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6 Party Themes For Your Next Event

When planning a party, one of the main things you need to decide on is the party’s theme. Once you have decided on the party’s theme, you can start planning your invitations, venue, food, and entertainment for hire. Here are the top 6 party themes.



Round up your Dappers and Flappers and get lost in the glamour and glitz of an elegant 1920’s soiree. Travel back in time with the latest rendition of The Great Gatsby. Your guests will be mesmerised by a touch of that Great Gatsby’s magic. You don’t need to come from new money – or even old money – to throw the best party. Just throw on some Jazz or Big Band music and dance the night away doing the Charleston.



Modern luxury meets amazing nature. You and your guests can experience the great outdoors without sacrificing the modern comforts everyone loves. This is the perfect way to get that little escape you’ve wanted, with a stylish and chic party. Invite all your friends and family along for the stay.

Choose a secluded venue with a beautiful landscape and let the fresh air revitalise you while luxuriously lounging in cushy accommodations and sipping refreshing ice tea and cocktails.



A day at the beach captures the essence of summer more than anything else. When the hot weather hits, the beach is the place you want to be, cooling off at the shoreline, relaxing under the sun, and lounging in the sand. Host a beach party and invite your beach bum friends to appreciate the salty sea air with you. Keep your party casual and relaxed as a day at the beach is supposed to be. Hire a steel drum band and get your Caribbean vibe on.



Everyone loves food and drinks. So why not create a party around your favourite foods? You could have your party catered, hire a food truck, or do it yourself.

  • Barbecue – Break out the barbecue pit and grill up some meat and throw in some fixins! Hire a honky-tonk band and you’ve got yourself a hoedown.
  • Craw fish Boil – Put on some Zydeco music, boil some craw fish and corn on the cob, and serve up the beer.
  • Clam Bake- Pretend you’re in Nantucket and hire a steel drummer and dance the night away.



Drinking parties are all the rage right now. If done responsibly, you can have a lot of fun with it.

  • Beer Festival – Taste test everyone’s favourite beers from around the world. Throw in some chilli and finger foods and enjoy your manly party.
  • Wine Tasting Party – Have a wine and cheese tasting party. Ask your guests to bring a bottle of their favourite wine for everyone to try. Provide a cheese board with cheeses from around the world and have a civilised get together.



For a little girl, you could have a Tea Party. Gather your dainty teacups, finger sandwiches, petit fours, and tea for a delightful tea party. You could hire a harpist or a three-string quartet to provide background ambience.

For a little boy, you could have a superhero party. Ask all the guests to come dressed as their favourite superhero, or better yet, have them create their own superheroes.



There you have it – six of the most popular party themes for adults and kids. This guide gives you options for some family-friendly parties, to a no kids allowed party. Have fun and Party Hearty!



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