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7 Ways To Renovate Your Den

A den means a lot of things to a lot of people. After all, it is a private multi purpose room where you can strum the guitar with your friends or just put your feet up and do nothing but chill all day long. It is just the place where even other members of the family can come and unwind.

Assuming one spends a lot of time in this special place, it makes a lot of sense to always keep it up to date. So follow these seven makeover ideas, that can rev up the look of your den, and that too without having to spend a fortune on it.

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There are lots of ways you can enhance the look of your personal pad by adding some eco-friendly features. Placing green plants is a great way to infuse some freshness in the room. Not only do they keep the air clean, they provide a touch of calmness and improve creativity. Consider putting bamboo shades on the windows or covering the entire floor with bamboo, since the floors are the first thing in your den which will show signs of wear and tear. Using organic cotton or wool textiles can help in providing that contemporary feel you have been yearning for. Place visuals of a photo you have taken or a bird you like around the room to keep you focused and motivated.



7 ways to renovate your den - new lune - wall

Just like cosmetics, the paint of your den should be refreshed from time to time. See that the colour palette you use is neutral and soothing. A brightly coloured room will not only make your den look less dreary but in turn will add to the energy of the place, by infusing a feeling of peace and contentment. Painting up all the outdated interiors, like cabinets, walls and brickwork, in the right way will create a modern look to the room and rejuvenate their tired features.



Outdated fixtures can make your den appear drab and out of step. While installing brand new items could ramp up the feel, you can always swap an old overhead light with another bold fixture from any other room in the house. Similarly, if the ceiling fan looks jaded, consider adding a decor light to it to provide that trendy touch.



You will undoubtedly be spending a lot of time in your den working on the laptop or surfing on the television. Consider to update the place by adopting some tech-friendly features that can help in keeping your work safely stowed away when you are away. For example, a drop-down TV can easily solve this issue. Alternately, you can install a custom built entertainment centre, to store all your electronics and game systems. If you want to create a space to meditate, install Bluetooth speakers that can play soft music or guide you through a session of meditation.



Proper lighting can truly bring a new lease of life to any room. Lighting makes an enormous effect on your sense of peace and calm if not done right. Install bulbs with a warm tone to give a relaxed feeling. Keeping the lights dimmed in any space will also provide a homely and comfortable atmosphere. Your zen space should have adequate light during the day also as natural light is excellent for the den.



7 ways to renovate your den - new lune - mirrors

Mirrors, when placed right reflect light and give the illusion of open spaces. Place a mirror opposite a window to make the room feel large. In fact, you can convert any room in the house you don’t really use into a cosy den by using mirrors.



Your den is the place where you will spend a lot of time, so it is all the more natural that your man cave should be comfortable all year round. Install a cooling and heating appliance, even though the temperature may feel right. With all the electronic stuff in the room, things can heat up fast.


Renovating the interior of any home can be an endeavour, and more so when it comes to your own den.Having a space for yourself in which you can get content and calm will always be welcoming. Your den will ultimately be your haven from where you perform all your work, away from the daily stress. As extreme as it may seem, these renovation alternatives will infuse a refreshing aura into your priced place.



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