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How To Become A Lash Extension Specialist: The Right Place To Start.

The beauty industry is booming, and many people love to pamper themselves or improve their look with lash extensions. As the industry grows, so does the demand for qualified technicians who specialise in lash extensions. This hot trend became a sensation throughout the UK, and more people than ever are looking for lash extensions.

Whether you’re already working in a salon, looking for a career change, or trying to break into the industry, a career as an eyelash technician is a popular choice. But how do you become a specialist in lash extensions? Becoming a lash technician doesn’t happen overnight, and you will be required to put in hard work while undertaking training to achieve qualifications. However, there are various ways to learn the skills you need and gain the relevant qualifications required to become a lash extension specialist.



The first step to becoming a lash extension technician is training. The right training and qualifications ensure you don’t cause any harm to your clients. When you apply lash extensions, you will be using sharp tweezers and chemicals in a particularly sensitive part of the human body. If you were to cause damage to your client, you would be liable, which could lead to a legal dispute.

Whether you’re planning to open your own salon or you want to work for someone else, proof of your qualifications is required for the public liability insurance your or your employer has. As well as being a requirement for public liability insurance, many clients will only use salons that can provide proof of qualifications and training.

If you’re located in Bristol and want more information on training to become a lash extension specialist or to learn how to perform microblading and lamination services, check out Jessica Balsam Lash and Brow Studio. The studio offers a range of services to their clients, including eyelash extensions, lamination services, and microblading in Bristol. As one of the expert lash studios in the area, they can provide an excellent variety of mentoring and lash extension training in Bristol.



If you search online for qualifications, it’s likely that you will become overwhelmed and confused about which ones you need to get in order to become a lash extension specialist. Many choose courses accredited by the beauty guild if they are looking to work from home, and NVQ or VRQ qualifications are better suited for those looking to work out of a salon.

Many of the courses you take will require you to perform case studies before you are awarded your qualification. These case studies need to be carried out within a set time frame at the end of your course and require you to demonstrate your lash extension application using volunteers. Once the application has been completed, it will be assessed by a professional before you are given your qualification.

When you choose a course, it’s essential that you speak to the provider before you sign up, as it’s vital that the course includes all of the necessary health and safety requirements. It is also crucial that you check the course you have chosen does not need any previous experience if you are a beginner, as the material they cover will be too advanced.

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