caring solutions for luxury vinyl flooring - new lune

Caring Solutions For Luxury Vinyl Flooring.

If you have been considering the choice of luxury vinyl flooring, you will need to understand how to care for it to enjoy its maximum lifespan.

Vinyl flooring is known as a naturally long-lasting product. However, there are some rules you should follow to ensure you get long-lasting satisfaction from your floor and avoid any errors that could cause damage and requirements of fixing.



caring solutions for luxury vinyl flooring - new lune

If you install Karndean Click vinyl flooring yourself or have a professional install, you need to be aware of the first important rule is to maintain a room temperature of around 45 degrees for the first 48 hours.

By doing this, you allow bonding and setting of the flooring. You should follow this up by allowing a day before having any furniture on your floor, permitting the adhesive to dry and set in place. Be sure that you clean off the floor as soon as you have finished installation to clear away any blotches from adhesive and save them from staining your floor.

Cleaning the floor can be straightforward but also requires knowledge of which products are ideal and which are hazardous to the flooring wear layer and adhesive.



If you have been informed that you can clean vinyl with pretty much any cleaning product – that would be incorrect.

You need to stay away from using any detergents on the floor and always check bottles of cleaning products or sprays to see if they are vinyl friendly. Wax polishes are not a suitable product to use and highly avoid scrubbing abrasives which tend to leave scratch marks on the wear layer.

Any spills would need to be cleaned immediately using certain techniques and products, such as a neutral cleaner, remembering to vacuum and sweep your floor at least 3 times a week. Wash your floor at least once a week but be sure not to soak the floor with water. Vinyl has anti-moisture properties, too much water on the floor could cause damage, so be sure to thoroughly dry the flooring after a mop to ensure no damage is done.



caring solutions for luxury vinyl flooring - new lune

When choosing furniture for the home, avoid couches or tables with rolling coasters as much as possible.

These items greatly increase the risk of indents due to vinyl’s cushioned texture and can leave scuffs or trails from constant movement. It is practical to use furniture with felt pads on legs that have a much better and friendlier co-existence with vinyl.

Scratches can be sanded out with a vinyl friendly polish and sandpaper. Also, for areas where the sunlight is constant, it may be a good move to put a throw rug in place to save discolouration from sunbeams hitting the same area constantly. It is also recommended that any rug used on vinyl have non-slip backing to prevent your rugs from sliding across the floor.

Luxury vinyl flooring is a long term investment for your home but knowing how to keep it at its strongest level with small care such as these above provides good stability for over two decades, closer to three.

Thank you so much for reading! – xo N

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