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Benefits Of A Small Hot Tub.

The UK went hot tub crazy over the lockdown. With people either forced to stay at home because of social-distancing restrictions or choosing to stay at home to lessen the risk of catching COVID, many of us turned to our outside spaces.

This was good news for the hot tub industry, as hot tub sales skyrocketed as people spent more time in their gardens.

If you’d love a hot tub but don’t think you’ve got the space for one, think again. Even the smallest spaces can fit a hot tub and, just because they’re compact, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any benefits of a small hot tub.

Below are a few ways a small hot tub can be better than a big one.



It’s all right for those living in huge country piles with acres of space outside. They can have a hot tub that fits forty people if they want one. But for the more urban dwellers amongst us in cities and towns, outside space is usually limited.

Limited outside space doesn’t mean you have to go without a hot tub though and, if you only want it for yourself or maybe a partner or friend, then a small hot tub is perfect.

There are plenty of hot tubs suitable for just 2 or 3 people and, as well as the more conventional square or rectangular shape, you can also get round or even corner-shaped hot tubs.

Another benefit of a small hot tub is that it doesn’t become the main focus of your garden. A small hot tub will sit quietly and discreetly in a corner and not take away from any plants, flowers and trees you have.



A small hot tub is easier to install. If you live somewhere without access to your back garden, such as a terraced house, you may be able to get your hot tub through the house and out into the back garden.

While I’m on the subject of installation, when you look for a hot tub for sale, make sure you go to a professional hot tub dealer, as they’ll do a site visit and advise you on how they will deliver and install your hot tub.

Be careful not to buy your hot tub from any dodgy old site on the internet or you might find it dumped outside your house with no way of getting it out the back. A reputable hot tub dealer will have insured, experienced installation experts who will let you know exactly what can and can’t be done.



Obviously, a small hot tub is going to be cheaper than one that comes with all the bells and whistles and enough seats to fit not just your friends and family but everyone else who lives on your street too.

Just because a small hot tub is cheaper though, that doesn’t mean it’s sub-standard. A small hot tub is still a little piece of luxury in your back garden and comes with jets, lights and other features you’d expect from a hot tub.

Along with the smaller initial expense of a hot tub, a small hot tub is also more economical to run in terms of electricity and water.

Also, the fewer people you can fit in one, the less you have to spend on food and drink to keep them happy!



Whether you’re thinking of buying a small hot tub because of financial or space limitations, there are plenty of benefits of a small hot tub and you’ll enjoy it just as much as a larger one.

Thank you so much for reading! – xo N

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