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What To Know Before Booking A Psychic For Your Event.

Booking a psychic for hire for your event can be a great way to get people excited about going, with the possibility of having a problem solved, a future told, getting good career advice, or perhaps connecting with someone who’s passed.

In fact, according to IBISWorld, psychics have become increasingly popular as one of the few discretionary industries that managed to weather the economic downturn due to the pandemic with a relatively minimal decline.

Of course, having a psychic, as compared to a singer or another form of entertainment, is also a bit unconventional. That means there are a few things you should know first to make sure that it’s done right.



The size of your event is one of the most important things to consider. For a smaller group of less than 15, one psychic is usually plenty, although you should discuss this with the particular person you hire to be sure that everyone can be accommodated. You may need to keep the sessions limited in time and then provide the opportunity for guests to learn more by scheduling appointments at a later date.

For very large groups of 50, 100, or even more, you’ll need additional psychics, or you might consider adding a variety of performers to the mix, such as magicians, singers, or belly dancers.



Most of us know someone who’s been conned by a disreputable person claiming to be a psychic. So, how will you know if the psychic you’re booking is legit? If you use a talent app to book, or a website, you’ll want to search through reviews to learn about others’ experiences. Keep in mind that testimonials can be written by anyone.

Ideally, you should book a private session for yourself ahead of the event. Take the time to write down a few important questions that can’t be answered with just a “yes” or a “no.” They shouldn’t be related to anything that can easily be found on your Facebook page. Bring them with you and pay close attention to how comfortable you feel. Don’t try to apply their messages to fit what you already know. It’s important to trust your instincts – if something doesn’t feel right, move on to someone else.



Truly good psychics will probably be booked out weeks or even months in advance, which means it’s important to book well ahead of your event. Ideally, it’s best to book at least three months in advance to ensure a reputable psychic will be available. Those who are ready and willing at the last minute are likely to disappoint, or you may not find anyone available at all.



If possible, provide a private room so your guests can have one-on-one sessions without having to worry about secrets getting exposed. If that’s not an option, carve out a nook in a less-trafficked area where guests can feel they can really share to get the most out of the experience.

Consider this a sacred space, ensuring that it’s decluttered for positive energy while incorporating candles, herbs, or incense. You might also add items like amethyst crystals or quartz.

Thank you so much for reading! – xo N

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  1. Nice article! Also you should check to see what the person’s specialty is and if it fits your guests’ tastes. Some people are fine with a tea leaf reader, but fear tarot cards. Also, not all readers are mediums. A medium contacts those who have past over. A psychic is someone who’s senses are heightened and is able to read people and possible outcomes if they continue down a certain path. They don’t see the future, just possible outcomes based on your future choices.
    There is also a difference in psychics who do readings for entertainment and those that do it for spiritual growth. Make sure to ask lots of questions to learn what their talents are and how they work. Thanks for sharing your article, it’s nice to see someone support the mystic arts.

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