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How To Drive Engagement On Your Blog Without Posting Anything.

Every blogger wants to get some sort of engagement on their blog posts whether it’s through likes or comments. It’s obviously easier to get those types of engagements when you are publishing blog posts but if you don’t then you can still receive them and that’s what I’m going to share with you in today’s blog post! Without further ado, let’s jump into the post!

Chaque blogueur veut obtenir une sorte d’engagement sur ses articles de blog, que ce soit par le biais de likes ou de commentaires. Il est évidemment plus facile d’obtenir ces types d’engagements lorsque vous publiez des articles de blog, mais si vous ne le faites pas, vous pouvez toujours les recevoir et c’est ce que je vais partager avec vous dans l’article de blog d’aujourd’hui ! Sans plus tarder, passons au post !

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I’m pretty sure it’s something you have already guessed it by now and it’s also something I’ve mentioned multiple times on my blog but posting great quality content on your blog will not only allow you to generate traffic and engagement when you publish those posts but afterwards as well.

You could be taking a break but your blog posts will allow you to create engagement on your blog that’s why it’s important to focus on posting good quality content even if it’s once a week instead of posting multiple times per week for the sake of it.

Je suis presque sûr que c’est quelque chose que vous avez déjà deviné et c’est aussi quelque chose que j’ai mentionné plusieurs fois sur mon blog, mais publier du contenu de grande qualité sur votre blog ne vous permettra pas seulement de générer du trafic et de l’engagement lorsque vous publierez ces articles mais après aussi.

Vous pourriez faire une pause, mais vos articles de blog vous permettront de créer un engagement sur votre blog, c’est pourquoi il est important de vous concentrer sur la publication d’un contenu de bonne qualité même si c’est une fois par semaine au lieu de publier plusieurs fois par semaine pour le plaisir.

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Even if you are on a hiatus or break, by interacting with other blogs you will be able to generate engagement on your blog posts. Interacting with their content will increase the visibility on your content as well. Obviously, do not interact for the sole reason of getting engagement back because you will get disappointed pretty quickly.

Même si vous êtes en pause, en interagissant avec d’autres blogs, vous pourrez générer de l’engagement sur vos articles de blog. Interagir avec leur contenu augmentera également la visibilité de votre contenu. Évidemment, n’interagissez pas pour la seule raison de récupérer l’engagement car vous serez déçu assez rapidement.

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Last but not least, using social media platforms to promote your blog posts will create engagement on those articles. That’s pretty much how bloggers generate traffic & engagement on their existing blog posts. Many bloggers have been able to gain thousands of views on their blogs simply from their old articles without writing any new ones.

Enfin, l’utilisation des plateformes de médias sociaux pour promouvoir les articles de votre blog créera un engagement sur ces articles. C’est à peu près ainsi que les blogueurs génèrent du trafic et de l’engagement sur leurs articles de blog existants. De nombreux blogueurs ont pu gagner des milliers de vues sur leurs blogs simplement à partir de leurs anciens articles sans en écrire de nouveaux.

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Thank you so much for reading! – xo N

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  1. Hey NL 🙂

    I enjoyed (re-)visiting your post about “How To Create Great Quality Content” … lots of excellent tips!

    There it was more about visual appeal; here, it seems to be more about intellectual engagement (though the two are not exactly mutually exclusive).

    Enthusiasm, passion, yes, being engaged and engaging *WITH* others — all great points.

    Yet I would also emphasize the importance of being aware of context (which is one of my primary areas of focus with respect to the “attention economy” — see for the “basic idea”; and I also posted on that blog post there [@ the “Contextual Meanings” blog] just the other day regarding the Q&A exchange I had w/ Matt Mullenweg @ WCEU [which was in Porto this year 😉 ] ).

    🙂 Norbert

  2. Great informative post. I still tangle with using social media. Facebook is working for me but I have some trouble with Instagram and Pinterest. Maybe because they are image based and I just write poetry.

    1. Thank you so much! Pinterest is a great platform for poetry, use templates to share your poems/blog posts and you will see that platform generating a ton of views towards your website 🙌🏼

  3. These are excellent points. Even without posting new content like when on a break, you can still drive engagement to your blog by sharing ti on social media and interacting with others bloggers’ content. I’ll definitely remember this when I’m on my next break. It’s fun catching up with other content without the pressure of posting too.

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