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How To Get Over Being Alone.

Everyone experiences loneliness in one way or another, some by physically being alone whilst others by feeling alone. I know some people might feel embarrassed or uncomfortable to say that they feel lonely but I will be the first person to admit that I deal with this feeling constantly in my life and I don’t feel any discomfort saying it either. I think being honest about your feelings will help you feel less lonely in that aspect. That’s why in today’s post, I wanted to share with you some ways to deal with loneliness. As always, if you are interested – keep on reading!

Tout le monde vit la solitude d’une manière ou d’une autre, certains en étant physiquement seuls tandis que d’autres en se sentant seuls. Je sais que certaines personnes peuvent se sentir gênées ou mal à l’aise de dire qu’elles se sentent seules, mais je serai la première personne à admettre que je fais face à ce sentiment constamment dans ma vie et je ne ressens aucune gêne à le dire non plus. Je pense qu’être honnête à propos de vos sentiments vous aidera à vous sentir moins seul dans cet aspect. C’est pourquoi dans l’article d’aujourd’hui, je voulais partager avec vous quelques façons de gérer la solitude. Comme toujours, si vous êtes intéressé, continuez à lire !

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Sparing your time on doing a favourite hobby of yours is not only good for your mind but for your soul as well. It doesn’t matter if the hobby in question isn’t productive or creative but what matters is you doing it everyday to remind yourself that there is happiness in life and that sometimes you can find them in the smallest things.

Épargner votre temps à faire un de vos passe-temps favoris n’est pas seulement bon pour votre esprit, mais aussi pour votre âme. Peu importe si le passe-temps en question n’est pas productif ou créatif, mais ce qui compte, c’est que vous le fassiez tous les jours pour vous rappeler qu’il y a du bonheur dans la vie et que parfois vous pouvez les trouver dans les plus petites choses.

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This is a very similar point to the previous one but doing things that you enjoy or make you happy whether it’s eating your favourite dessert or enjoying the cool summer breeze outside will make a huge difference. Some people believe that the only way to deal with loneliness is by being busy but you can keep yourself busy by doing things that you enjoy as well.

C’est un point très similaire au précédent, mais faire des choses que vous aimez ou qui vous rendent heureux, que ce soit manger votre dessert préféré ou profiter de la brise fraîche d’été à l’extérieur, fera une énorme différence. Certaines personnes pensent que la seule façon de gérer la solitude est d’être occupé, mais vous pouvez également vous occuper en faisant des choses que vous aimez.

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The best way to deal with loneliness is with happiness but within yourself. If you put your happiness into the hands of another person or situation, when they are gone – your happiness will be gone with them as well. It will only leave you feeling empty at the end. Finding your inner happiness will not only help you deal with loneliness but from any negativity that life throws at you.

La meilleure façon de gérer la solitude est avec le bonheur mais en vous-même. Si vous mettez votre bonheur entre les mains d’une autre personne ou d’une situation, quand elle est partie, votre bonheur sera également parti avec elle. Cela ne vous laissera qu’un sentiment de vide à la fin. Trouver votre bonheur intérieur vous aidera non seulement à faire face à la solitude, mais aussi à toute négativité que la vie vous jette.

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Thank you so much for reading! – xo N

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  1. Being content with yourself is really a best way to help you not being alone. I really love to have time for myself by having different hobbies which keeps me busy and happy. Nice post 🙂

    1. I recommend photography, cooking, gardening, baking, just binge watching some favourite tv shows, DIYs, playing some indoor games are some of the interesting hobbies As you are already doing blogging so I didn’t mentioned it.

  2. Great advice! I always enjoy doing something that’s just for me to boost my mood. And yes, embracing being where you are on the way to where you are going makes room for contentment. Easy to say …. harder to live out! Best Wishes! Leigh

  3. I love your topic. I am by myself but I don’t consider myself lonely. I believe it is best being by yourself with peace than trading your peace for the sake of having another body around. also, sometimes it’s necessay being alone to come into the actualizing of yourself.

    1. Thank you so much! ❤️ I completely agree with you, there is nothing wrong with wanting to be by yourself or with others but it’s important to be content in both situations and be comfortable in yourself.

  4. Blogging is definitely something I started to do in order to combat loneliness and 5 years later it’s the best thing I ever did! Also reading really helps to get lost in another world and pass the time. Great post! ❤️

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