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Lime Crime Wishlist

Put your positive pants on.

Hey Loves! I hope you are having an amazing day, today I came with another wishlist post as you can see by the title. I am a lipstick hoarder, to be more precise lip products in general so I have only included lip products which are in this case the matte velvetines. I have heard so many good reviews about these products and the colour range is definitely something that has caught my attention. I am more into warm tones and Lime Crime has definitely my “type” of colours in terms of mauve and brown with warm undertones.

Salut tout le monde! J’espère que vous avez passé une journée incroyable, aujourd’hui, je suis venu avec un autre post de wishlist, comme vous pouvez le voir par le titre. J’adore les rouge à lèvres, pour être plus précis des produits à lèvres en général, donc je n’ai inclus que les produits à lèvres qui sont les velours matte. J’ai entendu tant de bonnes critiques sur ces produits et la gamme de couleurs est certainement quelque chose qui a attiré mon attention. Je suis plus dans les tons chauds et Lime Crime a définitivement mon “type” de couleurs en termes de mauve et brun avec des tons chauds.

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xo N

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    1. I like it too! When a shade is a bit darker on my lips, I always mix it with a lighter shade of lip pencil or liquid lipstick ☺️

  1. Same! The colours are so beautiful!
    I wish I could easily buy LimeCrime where I live 😦

    I’d love it if you’d take some time and check out my blog

    1. Yes, and hardly any online stores offer Lime Crime in India. Ugh 😦

      Also thank you so much! Xx

    1. I was going back and forth with Salem too, because it’s definitely not a colour that I gravitate towards but I saw some people wear it and it looked so good on them! I wish there was a tester so I could check it out but unfortunately you can only buy Lime Crime products online which sucks x

  2. I’ve always wanted to try out some limecrime products! Rust seems absolutely lovely x

    1. Me too! So many people rave about their liquid lipsticks, I really wanna know if it’s worth it. You can definitely see that I’m into dark colours atm lol! x

    2. I could never rock a dark lip colour on my tiny paper thin lips haha! They’d look even smaller than they already do 😅 xx

    1. I am pretty sure Cult Beauty in the U.K. sell them now for £16 – that’s not bad!

  3. I’ve had lime crime liquid lipsticks sitting on my cart for a few weeks ! theyre so beautiful xx

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