Best Makeup Storage Ideas

Don’t wish for it. Work for it.

Hey Loves! I hope you’re doing well, today I came back with my best makeup storage ideas! I’ve included all my favourite makeup storage from furniture to decor. I’ve always wanted to have an office/beauty room where I could have my makeup vanity to do my makeup and get ready & a separate work desk to do my work. I’ve been doing my research for quite a while now and all the products mentioned are the ones that I’ll a 100% buy when I’ll have my own beauty room one day (psst I’ve already bought some of them). If you’re interested then just keep on reading!

Salut tout le monde! J’espère que vous allez bien, aujourd’hui je suis revenu avec mes meilleures idées de rangement de maquillage! J’ai inclus tout mon rangement de maquillage préféré des meubles au décor. J’ai toujours voulu avoir un bureau/une salle de beauté où je pourrais avoir ma vanité de maquillage pour faire mon maquillage et me préparer et un bureau de travail séparé pour faire mon travail. Je fais mes recherches depuis un certain temps maintenant et tous les produits mentionnés sont ceux que je vais acheter à 100% quand j’aurai ma propre salle de beauté un jour (psst j’ai déjà acheté certains d’entre eux). Si vous êtes intéressé, alors continuez simplement à lire!

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I think IKEA furniture are always the best and you can never go wrong with them, they’re all over Pinterest and YouTube. In addition, I’d go for white furniture specifically because they make the room so much brighter and create the illusion of having a larger space. When it comes to a makeup vanity, I’ll probably go for a dressing table with a mirror or I’ll attach a mirror against the wall because I don’t wanna take too much space, and to finish it off I’ll add a white chair (which will be comfortable to sit on).

Je pense que les meubles IKEA sont toujours les meilleurs et vous ne pouvez jamais vous tromper avec eux, ils sont partout sur Pinterest et Youtube. En outre, j’irais pour des meubles blancs spécifiquement parce qu’ils rendent la pièce beaucoup plus lumineuse et créent l’illusion d’avoir un plus grand espace. Quand il s’agit d’une vanité de maquillage, je vais probablement pour une coiffeuse avec un miroir ou ou je vais fixer un miroir contre le mur parce que je ne veux pas prendre trop de place, et pour finir, j’ajouterai une chaise blanche (qui sera confortable pour s’asseoir).

best makeup storage ideas-furniture-new lune

✘ IKEA – Dressing table BRIMNES – white | £65

✘ IKEA – Chair TOBIAS | £55

✘ John Lewis – Philippe Starck for Kartell Louis Ghost Chair | £240


best makeup storage-furniture-1-newlune

✘ IKEA – Dressing table MALM – white | £80

✘ IKEA – Stool INGOLF – white | £25

✘ Illuminated Mirrors – Marianne Hollywood Mirror | £279



In my opinion, acrylics are the best way to store makeup products. They give a classy and elegant look, and they’re literally so practical! Also, they’re so inexpensive nowadays – you can find lipstick holders for £1.50 at Primark which is such a bargain!

À mon avis, les acryliques sont le meilleur moyen de stocker des produits de maquillage. Ils donnent un look chic et élégant, et ils sont littéralement si pratiques! En outre, ils sont si bon marché de nos jours – vous pouvez trouver pour 1,50£ chez Primark, qui est une telle aubaine!

best makeup storage ideas-acrylic-new lune

✘ IKEA – Table Mirror TYSNES | £19

✘ IKEA – Work Lamp FORSA | £16

✘ Primark – Clear Lipstick Organiser | £1.50

✘ MUJI – Acrylic Deep Box – 1 Drawer | £14.95

✘ MUJI – Acrylic Pen Pot Rectangular | £2.50

✘ MUJI – Acrylic Unit – 3 Drawer | £24.95



Obviously the final touch is the decor, the only thing that makes the room more personal, unique and special for me is the decor! Nowadays, there are many different decor pieces – my favourite ones are glass/mirror trays and faux flowers. You can add so many pieces depending on your preferences.

Évidemment, la touche finale est le décor, la seule chose qui rend la pièce plus personnelle, unique et spéciale pour moi est le décor! De nos jours, il y a beaucoup de pièces de décoration différentes – mes préférés sont les plateaux en verre/miroir et les fausses fleurs. Vous pouvez ajouter autant de pièces en fonction de vos préférences.

best makeup storage-decor-new lune

✘ House of Fraser – Linea White Rose, Dahlia And Hydrangea Arrangement | £31.50

✘ H&M Home – Large clear glass box | £17.99

✘ House of Fraser – Flair Rugs Pearl White Shaggy Rug Range | £60 to £182

✘ Zara Home – Round Mirrored Tray | £29.99

✘ Zara Home – Round Silver Metal Tray | £69.99



xo N

  1. What a brilliant post! and just what I need as I have just moved so I have been searching the internet high and low for inspiration. I can’t thank you enough as this has been very useful indeed !

  2. I am an embarrassment to makeup users, all I use is stored in a holographic bag and what I don’t use is stored away in my many glossy box boxes, I hope that when we move I can get them stored away in some of these beautiful ideas, but for now, I can dream haha

    1. I used to be exactly like you! When I first got into makeup, I used to store my makeup into tiny little pouches. I’ve upgraded from the pouches but still there’s a long way to go haha! But for now we can dream together lol x

  3. I already had a small acrylic holder for lipsticks, buy now I’m definitely getting an acrylic box with drawers ! It just looks so practical and clean. Great post, thanks for sharing 😊

  4. I recently bought quite large acrylic holders from TK Maxx for a good price. (1 was £10, the other is about £15) and they hold so much stuff! I have been searching for a long time, and I know you can order off Amazon but I don’t like not seeing the size. Plus sometimes these things scratch or break during delivery so I rather look in-store.

    Unfortunately, I don’t have a Muji store anywhere near me (nearest one is like 3 hours away lol) otherwise I would definitely invest in some of their trays for my drawers.

    I don’t own a vanity/makeup desk at all so I do my makeup on the same desk that I work on. XD

    1. I bought some acrylic holders from TK Maxx for the same prices as well! They hold so much stuff but you can find the same holders for much cheaper price in Primark and Wilkinson. I don’t like to order some things from Amazon for the same reasons as you mentioned and I prefer to see everything in real person (you never know some things might be so contrasting compared to the pictures they post online).

      The nearest Muji store I’ve is situated in Central London which is pretty far away from me but they’ve amazing items! Haha girrl I do my makeup on my work desk too! x

    2. Oh gosh, I don’t know why I’ve never thought of Wilkinson’s before! Meh, I guess it’s too late now, I don’t need any more acrylic storage but for what it’s worth, I’m completely happy with the ones I’ve bought. 🙂

  5. I think your vision is gorgeous! I would love a beauty/room. I may not be all that into makeup but I can use the flashy mirror to do my hair 😍

    1. Thank you sweet! ❤️ I think mirrors make the room look so much brighter, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a small or large mirror. I literally can’t wait to buy a huge mirror, just to take my ootd pictures 😂

  6. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this! I have a lot of makeup and I still manage to go out and buy more each week…. oops. I’ve started a fashion & beauty blog so I 100% need storage space.

  7. It’s a very useful post because I’m starting to change up my room a little bit and this has given me great ideas to what storage I could have ❤️❤️

  8. OMG that decor, love love love! I think Ikea has everything you could need for a beauty room/area. I would loveeee a huge mirror like the one you showed.

    1. Ahh thank youu! IKEA is definitely the go-to place when it comes to storage and furniture in general. Me too girl! I’d love to have a huge mirror like this x

  9. Hello, I’ve the Ikea desk but in other color ! I love the selection that you have chosen for organized makeup
    xx ❤
    Caprices de Dames

  10. Super useful post! I recently got two rotating cosmetics holders too; one in pink and one in white. They are such a tidy lifesaver. I also got a foldaway LED lights mirror too; this has completely revolutionised my make up application! X

  11. Right now I use an acrylic lipstick holder and mostly plastic storage boxes and desk/stationary organizers, hashtag brokegirlproblems! I will someday hopefully have a dressing room to decorate, but until then it’s pen holders and mail organizers over here! Awesome post!

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