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Testing Primark Brushes

Every day is a blessing.

Hey Loves! I feel Primark are definitely stepping up their game when it comes to makeup products, I’ve tried their makeup products and I would say they’ve been a hit and miss for me. Some products for instance their highlighters and lip pencils are really good for the price but the rest didn’t really work out for me. However, I was really intrigued about their makeup brushes, they had a great range of brushes and I was really excited to try them out so if you’re interested then keep on reading!

Salut tout le monde! Je pense que Primark intensifie définitivement son jeu quand il s’agit de produits de maquillage, j’ai essayé leurs produits de maquillage et je dirais qu’ils ont été un hit et miss pour moi. Certains produits, par exemple leurs illuminateurs et crayons à lèvres sont vraiment bons pour le prix, mais le reste n’a pas vraiment fonctionné pour moi. Cependant, j’étais vraiment intriguée par leurs pinceaux de maquillage, ils avaient une grande variété de pinceaux et j’étais vraiment excité de les essayer, donc si ça vous intéresse, continuez à lire!

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The brushes I’m going to review are the:

✘ PS Liquid Blending Brush – £2

✘ PS Angled Eyebrow Brush – £1

✘ PS Eyeshadow and Concealer Brush – £1

These are the only brushes that I liked and I thought will be perfect to try them out every day when doing my makeup. I didn’t want to buy brushes that I knew I wasn’t going to use or try them on an everyday basis.

Ce sont les seuls pinceaux que j’ai aimé et que je pensais être parfaits pour les essayer tous les jours en maquillant. Je ne voulais pas acheter de pinceaux que je savais que je n’allais pas utiliser ou essayer tous les jours.



I like the packaging, it’s very simple and has rose gold/copper details which gives a classy touch, and you can see the Primark logo engraved into the handle. The packaging is very sturdy for the price and it’s not bad quality at all.

J’aime l’emballage, il est très simple et a des détails en or rose/cuivre qui donne une touche de classe, et vous pouvez voir le logo Primark gravé dans la poignée. L’emballage est très robuste pour le prix et ce n’est pas une mauvaise qualité du tout.



To be honest, I expected these brushes to be similar to the MUR brushes but I was quite surprised when I touched them for the first time. The bristles are very soft, similar to Real Techniques brushes which is a thumbs up for me when you think about the price.

Pour être honnête, je m’attendais à ce que ces pinceaux soient similaires aux pinceaux de MUR mais j’ai été assez surprise quand je les ai touchés pour la première fois. Les poils sont très doux, semblable aux brosses de Real Techniques, ce qui est un coup de pouce pour moi quand on pense au prix.



PS Liquid Blending Brush | This brush blends very well into the skin and I’ve only used powder products with this brush and not liquid. In my opinion, this brush is perfect for contouring.

PS Angled Eyebrow Brush | This is my favourite one out of all of them, the angle brush is very precise so you can get quite a sharp line and the spoolie is a bonus!

PS Eyeshadow and Concealer Brush | This brush is a hit & miss for me, the concealer brush didn’t work out for me, it didn’t blend the product however the eyeshadow brush is perfect for patting eyeshadows when it comes to the inner corners of your eyes or for your base.

PS Liquid Blending Brush | Cette brosse se fond très bien dans la peau et j’ai seulement utilisé des produits en poudre avec cette brosse et non liquide. À mon avis, cette brosse est parfaite pour les contours.

PS Angled Eyebrow Brush | C’est mon préféré sur tous, la brosse d’angle est très précise, donc vous pouvez obtenir une ligne assez nette et le spoolie est un bonus!

PS Eyeshadow and Concealer Brush | Cette brosse est un hit & miss pour moi, la brosse anti-cernes n’a pas fonctionné pour moi, elle n’a pas mélangé le produit mais la brosse à paupières est parfaite pour les fards à paupières quand il s’agit de coins intérieurs de vos yeux ou pour votre base.



I’d 100% recommend these brushes! They do an amazing job and some of these brushes only cost £1 which is ridiculous considering the quality. Note that I haven’t used all of their brushes but so far I’ve heard good reviews about them, I’d definitely recommend the brushes I’ve mentioned in this post.

Je recommanderais 100% ces pinceaux! Ils font un travail incroyable et certains de ces pinceaux ne coûtent que 1 £, ce qui est ridicule compte tenu de la qualité. Notez que je n’ai pas utilisé tous leurs pinceaux mais jusqu’ici j’ai entendu de bonnes critiques à leur sujet, je recommanderais certainement les pinceaux que j’ai mentionnés dans ce post.



xo N

  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I’m after a new bronzer brush and always dismiss Primark brushes because I think they’re going to be a bit naff, but I think I’ll give them a try. At the end of the day it’s not much money wasted if they aren’t very good lol.
    Heather xx

  2. I often notice that cheaper brow brushes are quite flimsy (you can’t really get sharp lines), but this one seemed a lot better both looking at it and hearing your review! x

  3. I always look at the brushes in Primark but get worried they’re rubbish! I’ll have to pick some up after reading this!. Great review x

    1. Thank you lovely! You definitely should, you won’t be disappointed with some of these brushes and for the price, they’re such a bargain! x

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    1. I haven’t tried their primer or foundations, the last time I checked they didn’t have a foundation with my exact shade colour. The undertone was either too pink or just didn’t match me. I heard their primer was a bit ‘sticky’ so I wouldn’t try it out to be honest! x

    2. I can understand if you had a bad experience but mine is so so good and I have an oily skin. The Gel Protecteur Minéralisé is so amazing for me. I have never seen that before. And my skin with this trio is so soft. And I don’t need anything else as a primer because the gel protecteur minéralisé is better than all the primer than I’ve tried. So why don t you try only the Gel protecteur minéralisé? And if I can say something, 50% off is a very good moment to try it. Tell me what you gonna do because if you buy it I m very interesting by your opinion. Really. 🙂 Thank you for your comment and see you soon 🙂

    3. I’ve extremely dry and sensitive skin (& I do have eczema) that’s the reason why I’m so careful when using any base products for my skin. Before buying any products, I always check the reviews whether it’s from YouTubers, bloggers or from the internet in general and the primer & foundations didn’t really have any good reviews, there were some good ones as well (mostly for the foundations) but you could see those people weren’t going to use these products on an everyday basis. This gel protecteur sounds amazing, I’ll check it out next time I go to Primark! I’ll try it on some small areas of my face first and then I’ll try it on my full face to check if my skin isn’t allergic to it! I’ll make sure to let you know once I buy it 😘💗

    4. Ok Thank you but you re right because of your have a DRY skin. Where do you live? How can you buy KLYTIA products on Primark? It’s a luxurious primer. Are you sure that ‘s the same marque? (sorry for my english) but I really want to understand and I like to have all comments of people. Have a nice day. See you soon 🙂

    5. I think I ‘ve made a mistake with primark primer and fondation and my new article about Klytia products… So I m waiting for your answer and don t pay attention to my answer about klytia. 🙂 🙂 🙂 😉

    6. Ohh no, not at all! I should have asked what brand it was, I guessed it was from Primark since we were talking about Primark products – it’s just a misunderstanding from my part so no worries ❤️

    7. Hi, I dont have PS makeup, bit they do Essence in Primark and their foundations are a bit risky. I would recommend going several shades lighter as they oxodize (didn’t spell that right 😂) A LOT. They look light in the bottle but not really. What I would recommend is going into Primark, testing a foundation shade on your hand, browse or shop or whatever, and see the color of it then x

  5. I freaking LOVE PRIMARK makeup. And for being such a makeup-snob I am SHOCKED AND SHOOOOOOOK! Obsessed!

  6. I really liked this, I feel like a lot of makeup artists and such only use high-end makeup and Primark makeup never really gets looked at 😐 They do Essence makeup there too and I love Essence. I also love Primark because of the prices which are perfect for a broke teen like me 😂 thank you for doing this xxx

    1. Thank you love! 💕 Yes that’s so true but most makeup artists don’t even use drugstore/high street makeup so I don’t think they’re gonna check or use Primark makeup 🤷🏻‍♀️ Ohh I didn’t know they had Essence makeup, I love their lip products! Haha they’re inexpensive but the quality is really good 👌🏼 (I wasn’t expecting it, I’m still shocked lol) that’s my pleasure xxx

  7. It’s actually quite surprising how good Primark brushes are. I have a couple and don’t find a problem with the quality. I’ve only recently even stopped to look at the makeup in there but they’ve upped their game as you say and nowadays the makeup section is always busy!

    Samantha x

  8. I was just at our local primark the other day – I was amazed to see how different the store looked since the last time I was there. They added a whole new makeup section and it looked so pretty!

    1. I know right! I hadn’t been to Primark for a very long time and when I went the last time, I was shocked! They had so many beauty products and literally everyone was standing there x

  9. I’m always a bit scared when it comes to Primark products. I’m glad you gave your opinion about them. I’ll definitely try them next time I go there. xoxo Sarah

  10. I’ve been looking to expand on my brush collection so maybe I’ll look into this! I never, for some reason, look at the beauty section in Primark. I’ve been really picky with selecting brushes recently but I think it’s just because I don’t know what I want! 😅

    1. You should definitely look into it! The lip pencils are such a bargain and the formula is very creamy and pigmented ❤️

    1. They’re really good! I haven’t tried all their brushes but I’m really happy with the ones I bought. You should definitely try it! Thanks for reading x

  11. I’m actually quite surprised that the brushes are of good quality I always expected them to be flimsy and have bristles falling out when I’m blending away 😅 quite an insightful post I must say! xx

    1. I was expecting the same thing but it’s the complete opposite! To be honest, I was quite shocked by the results. Thank you lovely xx

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