5 Productivity Tips For Bloggers

Dreams don’t work unless you do.

Hey Loves! It can be difficult to maintain your blog when you’ve a social life, whether you work or study full-time, or are taking care of your kids or have other priorities in life. Most people think you’ve to work every single day on your blog in order to be productive which isn’t completely false but you can work on your blog only once a week and have a very productive blogging day! Here are some of my tips for a productive day as a blogger!

Salut tout le monde! Il peut être difficile de maintenir votre blog quand vous avez une vie sociale, que vous travailliez ou étudiez à temps plein, que vous preniez soin de vos enfants ou que vous ayez d’autres priorités dans la vie. La plupart des gens pensent que vous devez travailler tous les jours sur votre blog afin d’être productif, ce qui n’est pas complètement faux, mais vous pouvez travailler sur votre blog seulement une fois par semaine et avoir une journée de blog très productive! Voici quelques-uns de mes conseils pour une journée productive en tant que blogueur!

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Do the things you don’t want to first

Doing the things that are harder and more difficult first will ensure that the least favourite part is done and then you can focus on the part that’s much more enjoyable. For me, my least favourite part is writing, translating and editing the pictures so I always make sure to do them first so I don’t have to spend more time focusing on them.

Faire les choses qui sont plus difficiles en premier fera en sorte que la partie la moins favorisée est faite et vous pourrez ensuite vous concentrer sur la partie la plus agréable. Pour moi, ma partie la moins préférée est l’écriture, la traduction et l’édition des images, donc je m’assure toujours de les faire en premier, donc je n’ai pas besoin de passer plus de temps à me concentrer sur eux.

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First hour = small tasks

Always do small tasks within the first hour, the tasks which can be done quickly and don’t require a lot of work. It’ll make sure that you’ve done a lot of things and you can concentrate on the tasks that are more important afterwards.

Faites toujours les petites tâches dans la première heure, les tâches qui peuvent être faites rapidement et ne nécessitent pas beaucoup de travail. Il s’assurera que vous avez fait beaucoup de choses et vous pourrez vous concentrer sur les tâches qui sont les plus importantes par la suite.

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Create a to do list

Creating a to do list will ensure that you know what you’ve to do for the day, and personally it’s more organised and gives a clearer perspective on which tasks are more important and which tasks you need to prioritise.

I always have a to do list for my blog, these are mainly the tasks that I need to do on a weekly basis – it just makes sure that I don’t forget anything. But mainly, at the end of the day when I get to tick off everything – it’s the best feeling ever!

Créer une liste de tâches vous permettra de savoir ce que vous avez à faire pour la journée et, personnellement, c’est plus organisé et donne une meilleure idée des tâches les plus importantes et des tâches à prioriser.

J’ai toujours une liste de choses à faire pour mon blog, ce sont principalement les tâches que je dois faire chaque semaine – cela me permet de ne rien oublier. Mais surtout, à la fin de la journée, quand je coche tout, c’est le meilleur sentiment qui soit!

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Take breaks

It’s important you take breaks in between working in order to have a productive day otherwise it’ll be harder to concentrate and work efficiently. For instance, if you work continuously for 30 minutes then take a 10 min break. This method will prevent you from procrastinating as well.

Il est important que vous preniez des pauses entre le travail afin d’avoir une journée productive, sinon il sera plus difficile de se concentrer et de travailler efficacement. Par exemple, si vous travaillez continuellement pendant 30 minutes, prenez une pause de 10 minutes. Cette méthode vous empêchera de remettre à plus tard.

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Enjoy life

Once you’ve done your work, don’t forget to spend time with your loved ones and to stay connected with the real world. Not only it’s not good for your eyes but it’ll give you a headache/migraine as well if you’re spending way too much time. It doesn’t matter whether your blog is your work or passion, it shouldn’t overtake your real life.

Une fois que vous avez fait votre travail, n’oubliez pas de passer du temps avec vos proches et de rester connecté avec le monde réel. Non seulement ce n’est pas bon pour vos yeux, mais cela vous donnera aussi mal à la tête/une migraine si vous passez trop de temps. Peu importe que votre blog soit votre travail ou votre passion, il ne doit pas dépasser votre vraie vie.

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Thank you so much for reading!

xo N

  1. I love the “Do the things you don’t want to first” tip. I never thought of this thing to make myself productive. This is applicable even to work and other tasks aside from blogging. Thanks for this tip!👌

  2. Such a helpful post ! It can be difficult to get into the whole world of blogging and there is a tendency to loose motivation. However with the helpful tips provided In this post I’m sure many more will find this post as helpful as I have.

    1. Aw thank you so much love! Blogging requires so much time and effort, people get discouraged very easily when they don’t see the results they want but actually you’ve to work really hard x

  3. Great tips! I will find these very helpful, especially since I have final exams next week! J’aime que tu écrives en français aussi!

  4. You have listed very important points especially the last one “Stay connected with the real world”. Sometimes we tend to forget that.

    1. Thank you! I feel many people forget that (including myself) we’ve a life outside blogging/work/study and we only get to live one time. So the only way we stay connected to the real world is by spending more time with our loved ones and enjoying life x

  5. I always get done with the worst task first, because when you’re done, you have the whole day free to do things you love! Awesome post girly! x

  6. This is a really useful post! I really like the tips that you offered, especially in working smarter but also having fun and not let it take over your life.

    I usually write post ideas on my phone, so that even when I’m on-the-go, I can refer to them so I know which post to work on, and/or mentally prepare myself for it. I’ve also started to take pictures in bulk which I’ve found saves A LOT of time. When I edit photos, I edit in bulk too.

    By the way, I really like and appreciate that you write in French too. I studied French for some years in school but haven’t touched it in a long time (it was actually my one of my favourite subjects!). But it’s nice to know that I can still read French lol.

    1. Thank you gorgeous! I use the notes app on my phone too when I’ve ideas on the go and I take my blog pictures in bulk as well! But the weather has been so bad lately so I haven’t got the chance to take any but I don’t edit my pictures in bulk, I might start doing that – it’ll save me a lot of time!

      Ahh thank youu! I appreciate it so much because it takes me a lot of time to write both in English and French and it always feels nice when my readers appreciate it. And the fact that you can still read French is amazing! I used to be fluent in Italian and Spanish but unfortunately I’m not anymore but I can still understand some bits and bobs here and there so I’m super proud of you lol x

    2. I think these languages hold some similarities so it gets really confusing if you’re learning them all at the same time, because you end up mixing the grammar and tenses etc. I found French really easy to learn actually, but of course, speaking fluently is the hardest because it just doesn’t roll off the tongue naturally!

    3. So true! You’re the first person that said learning French was easy, everyone I’ve come across always tells me it’s so difficult to learn it haha. Even if you can’t speak a language fluently, being able to understand and read it, is incredible! x

  7. A to do list is a must, I have a notebook that I write ideas down, I used it obsessively during blogtober and I’ve jotted stuff down for Christmas too! Great post x

  8. These are great tips, I always leave the little things to last, I should definitely try doing them first!

  9. Creating a to-do list is so important! I feel that when I write things down, I’m much more successful in getting my blog done exactly how I had pictured it in my head. Love your tips!

  10. Such great tips! I sometimes lose motivation midway through, but I think your tips will definitely help; especially by doing the things I don’t want to first! x


  11. Thanks for writing this! I’ve always loved your posts and appreciated your support on my blog too. I need this kind of motivation! 💕

  12. These are great tips for all bloggers to remember. Bloggers should remember that it’s okay to take a break from writing and spend time with their loved ones. The internet is not the only way to get your messages across to those you are closest with. Fantastic post! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Rachel! Well said, many people forget that and sometimes we feel bad when taking a break but it’s really good for your mental health and you feel much more inspired afterwards! 😊

  13. Awesome post! My blog is new so it’s great to have tips that I can use to start me off and maintain my productivity on here and in my daily life! 😊💓👍

  14. Bonjour, plus ça va, plus j’adore, tes articles sont constructifs et bien intéressant, j’ai tellement de questions…… tu vis de ton blog ou cela reste une passion sans rémunération conséquente ?

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  16. Hi New Lune, in the end people do not remember how much money you have or how much stuff you own. They only remember how they felt when they were with you and how you treated them. In the end it all comes down to kindness and nothing else. Just love your blog and everything you do so I guess I will follow it now. 🙂

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  18. Thanks for what you wrote, some great advice and very well written!!! I’ve recently written about something similar that I think you might enjoy! let me know if you check it out and what you think 🙂

  19. Hey gorgeous! You’re sharing great Tips here.
    Thank you.

    I have a problem ; can I ask ?
    What Blogging App do you use. Caus’ the features here are extremely beautiful and catchy and wants to make one read even when they won’t feel like ( Lol ). X

    Thanks as you as I will be anticipating response.

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