How To Find Blogging Inspiration

A single thread of hope is still a very powerful thing.

Hey Loves! One of the things I struggle the most when it comes to blogging is finding the inspiration, I know what to write but sometimes I’m not inspired to write anything and I just have writer’s block. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who goes through this stage and here are some things I do to spark my creative flow!

Salut tout le monde! L’une des choses que je lutte le plus quand il s’agit de bloguer est de trouver l’inspiration, je sais ce qu’il faut écrire mais parfois je ne suis pas inspiré pour écrire quoi que ce soit et j’ai juste un bloc d’écrivain. Je suis sûr que je ne suis pas la seule à passer par cette étape et voici quelques choses que je fais pour stimuler mon flux créatif!

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Pinterest is becoming one of my favourite social media platforms, I always get inspired when I see the pictures on Pinterest, they’re all very beautiful and visually pleasing. You can see all the themes and aesthetics, it’s really helpful if you want to get some ideas for your flatlays – it really motivates you to take your photography to the next level! I use Pinterest in terms of photography but you can use it to search for blog ideas as well – it’s literally a search engine for bloggers!

Pinterest est en train de devenir l’une de mes plateformes de médias sociaux préférées, je suis toujours inspiré quand je vois les photos sur Pinterest, elles sont toutes très belles et visuellement agréables. Vous pouvez voir tous les thèmes et l’esthétique, c’est vraiment utile si vous voulez avoir des idées pour vos flatlays – cela vous motive vraiment à prendre votre photographie au niveau supérieur! J’utilise Pinterest en termes de photographie, mais vous pouvez aussi l’utiliser pour rechercher des idées de blog – c’est littéralement un moteur de recherche pour les blogueurs!

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✘ YouTube

I sometimes watch YouTube videos to motivate myself and get inspired, usually they’re small influencers which is always inspiring to watch because you see how far they’ve grown and it kind of gives you hope that you can grow your blog (and turn into a business)!

I’m the type of person that needs to be inspired in order to create creative content otherwise my mind is just filled with blank space. I get inspired by seeing other people succeed that’s the reason why I love to watch YouTube videos and tend to avoid watching popular beauty youtubers. There is nothing wrong with them but I don’t really relate to them if you understand what I mean.

Je regarde parfois des vidéos sur Youtube pour me motiver et m’inspirer, en général ce sont de petits influenceurs qui inspirent toujours à regarder parce que vous voyez à quel point ils ont grandi et ça vous donne l’espoir que vous pouvez développer votre blog!

Je suis le type de personne qui doit être inspiré pour créer du contenu créatif, sinon mon esprit est simplement rempli d’espace vide. Je suis inspiré par le fait de voir les autres réussir, c’est la raison pour laquelle j’aime regarder des vidéos sur YouTube et j’ai tendance à ne pas regarder les youtubers de beauté populaires.

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Going outside

Going outside is really important sometimes even a walk to the park brings such a fresh air to your mind instead of working on your laptop all day.

Aller à l’extérieur est très important parfois même une promenade au parc apporte un tel air frais à votre esprit au lieu de travailler sur votre ordinateur portable toute la journée.

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Reading blogs

Whenever I go through writer’s block, I read my favourite blogs – it reminds me why I started blogging in the first place and it instantly gives me a boost of energy. I don’t read my favourite blogs on a daily or weekly basis so it’s always nice to catch up with them!

Chaque fois que j’ai un bloc, je lis mes blogs préférés – cela me rappelle pourquoi j’ai commencé à bloguer en premier lieu et cela me donne instantanément un regain d’énergie. Je ne lis pas mes blogs préférés sur une base quotidienne ou hebdomadaire donc c’est toujours agréable de les rattraper!

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Books and magazines

Books and magazines are another great source of inspiration, you can find so much information and you can always learn something new!

Les livres et les magazines sont une autre grande source d’inspiration, vous pouvez trouver tellement d’informations et vous pouvez toujours apprendre quelque chose de nouveau!

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Taking a break

It’s something I struggle with pretty much everyday, taking a break isn’t only good for your mind but for your health as well. Although it sounds easy, in my mind it isn’t.

Whenever I take a break, I don’t feel productive and I feel I’m wasting such a precious time doing irrelevant things but trust me when I say – once you take a break, you’ll feel much more inspired.

C’est quelque chose que je lutte avec à peu près tous les jours, prendre une pause est non seulement bon pour votre esprit mais aussi pour votre santé. Bien que cela semble facile, dans mon esprit ce n’est pas le cas.

Chaque fois que je fais une pause, je ne me sens pas productif et je sens que je perds un temps précieux à faire des choses non pertinentes mais croyez-moi quand je dis – une fois que vous prenez une pause,une fois que vous prenez une pause, vous vous sentirez beaucoup plus inspiré.

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Thank you so much for reading! Let me know where or how you find your blogging inspiration!

xo N

  1. Solid advice! I love reading others’ blogs and going outside too! I wish I could get into Pinterest but it just kind of overwhelms me! Maybe I’ll give it another try.

  2. Those are great ideas to spur the creative juices. 🙂 I have found that the more I practice writing, i.e., working on a short story or novel, as well as writing up a blog, the more ideas pop up by seeing or reading something. A word or picture or news story I see triggers an idea for my blog, and I go from there. Thanks for the additional ideas. 🙂

  3. I really needed this! Thanks or the little boost of inspiration! I’m finally getting back into blogging after almost 3 months off!

  4. This is so encouraging.l struggle for ideas for my blog and youtube channel sometimes and l think taking a break will definitely go a long way .keep up the good well.

  5. Hey there!
    Thanks a lot for such an insightful and inspiring post. I kind of resonate with your idea, but there is another problem. See, if you could help me with it. Many times, I just struggle completing something, like, I am pretty passionate while starting an article or something, but I start losing interest and leave the stuff incomplete.

    P.S.: At least, the ‘we were on a break’ things works for someone. 😀

    Have a great week ahead and thanks again.

    1. Thank you so much! That happens to me as well, during those times I start doing something else (related to blogging) and then I start to work with it again when I’m ready.

      If I still feel uninspired to write and complete it then I take a break and start focusing on other blog posts. That’s what I do, hope that helps! 😅

  6. Wow I just want to say, I feel those same things, I definitely will just have a blank mind sometimes especially when it comes to writing, its hard sometimes when you have to try and dig deep down about what you want to blog about. Another is the youtube to give yourself motivation! I love watching those videos that just give you motivation to do anything it really can be put into your mind. Thanks for all the great tips! Well said on everything.

  7. Thank you for these tips – very practical. Have tried all, except the You Tube watching! Got to try it soon. 🙂 And oh, if I may add- by taking a “break” for ME – it means shopping and food trips! It HELPS a lot as well! Haha! Nice blog! I’m a NEW follower!

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  9. Thanks for your post New Lune. I find it gets harder and harder to be inspired, particularly in the winter. My imagination and inspiration is often triggered by nature. So in winter – when it’s cold and the trees are bare – I simply avoid the outdoors (less inspiration). However, I am finding that inspiration in the winter (for me) comes from trying something new. Anything to break routine. A new restaurant, a different coffee shop, even reading a book out my usual genre interests. That helps. I’m thinking winter is meant for us to look not only inward but to things out of our comfort zone. Thanks for your post. God bless.

    1. You’re welcome! I agree with you, I often feel more motivated and inspired during summer and spring compared to winter. Thank you for your sweet words x

  10. One thing I like to do is as soon as I come up with a blog post idea, I immediately write down the thought as a potential new blog post entry and then save it to come back to later. I am then left with a healthy list of thoughts which will eventually turn into new posts.

    1. That’s such a great idea! I usually do this with a word document so it’s easier to copy and paste once I’ve all my thoughts written down x

    1. My pleasure! Glad you found it helpful and don’t worry about others, if you’re passionate about your blog then go for it! x

  11. Cool stuff!
    I have recently started blogging. The best part is the freedom I get from doing it. No deadlines, no pressure, I get more and more liberal about my thoughts, words and actions. Loving it. 🙂

  12. Thank you for the tips. Def need to keep some in mind for my blog in general. Really love your stile

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