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How To Be Safe As A Blogger

Your blog might be the safest place for you but are you really safe as a blogger? Whether you share your identity publicly or not, you might do some mistakes unknowingly which can potentially harm your safety.

Votre blog est peut-être l’endroit le plus sûr pour vous, mais êtes-vous vraiment en sécurité en tant que blogueur? Que vous partagiez votre identité publiquement ou non, vous pourriez commettre inconsciemment des erreurs qui pourraient nuire à votre sécurité.

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If you take and edit your blog pictures on your iPhone (or any phones for that matter) then make sure you turn off your location setting while taking the pictures. Especially if you are going to share those pictures on your blog!

When someone saves those pictures onto their iPhones, they can see your exact location from the ‘Places’ folder so be careful! If you are taking pictures of your food in a cafe, buildings and shops, you don’t have to worry because those are public places.

However, if you take your flatlay pictures at home then that’s another case. You don’t want strangers on the internet to find your home address.

Si vous prenez et modifiez les images de votre blog sur votre iPhone (ou tout autre téléphone), assurez-vous de désactiver le réglage de votre position lorsque vous prenez des photos. Surtout si vous allez partager ces images sur votre blog!

Lorsque quelqu’un enregistre ces images sur son iPhone, il peut voir votre position exacte à partir du dossier “Lieux”, alors faites attention! Si vous prenez des photos de votre nourriture dans un café, des bâtiments et des magasins, vous n’avez pas à vous inquiéter car ce sont des lieux publics.

Cependant, si vous prenez vos photos à la maison, c’est un autre cas. Vous ne voulez pas que des étrangers sur Internet trouvent votre adresse personnelle.

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This rule does not only apply to popular & successful people on Instagram but to normal people like us as well. If you are visiting a place or travelling somewhere, share it a day or a couple of hours later.

You never know who’s watching your Instagram (stories), better be safe than sorry! You don’t want random people showing up at your place, nor do you want people knowing you might not be at your home for a certain amount of time.

Cette règle ne s’applique pas seulement aux personnes populaires sur Instagram, mais également aux personnes normales comme nous. Si vous visitez un lieu ou voyagez quelque part, partagez-le un jour ou quelques heures plus tard.

Vous ne savez jamais qui regarde votre Instagram (histoires). Vous ne voulez pas que des étrangers se présentent à votre endroit, ni que les gens sachent que vous pourriez ne pas être chez vous pendant un certain temps.

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I’ve had my blog name and pictures used without my permission so you can imagine how hard it must be for someone sharing their identity publicly online. Always make sure to do a reverse image search using your pictures whether it’s a selfie or a normal picture of yourself.

Le nom de mon blog et mes photos ont été utilisés sans ma permission, vous pouvez donc vous imaginer à quel point il doit être difficile pour une personne qui partage son identité publiquement en ligne. Assurez-vous toujours de faire une recherche d’image inversée avec vos images, que ce soit un selfie ou une image normale de vous-même.



Last but not least, when taking home interior/decor related blog pictures, make sure you don’t know show the outside of your home or anything that might give away where you live. I’m pretty sure this is something you already know but I just wanted to mention it on here!

Enfin, lorsque vous prenez des photos de blogs liés à l’intérieur de maison/décor, assurez-vous de ne pas montrer l’extérieur de votre maison ou tout ce qui pourrait révéler votre lieu de résidence. Je suis sûr que c’est quelque chose que vous savez déjà, mais je voulais juste en parler ici!



As always, you know what’s best for you! I’m not one to say what you should or shouldn’t do but I feel as bloggers, it’s really important to protect one another when it comes to things that might have an impact on our safety.

I know many bloggers who share their personal details online and I know people who don’t share none of their details, do what works for you. I’m pretty sure you know how to protect yourself better than me, but stay safe on the internet!

Comme toujours, vous savez ce qui vous convient le mieux! Je ne suis pas du genre à dire ce que vous devriez ou ne devriez pas faire, mais je pense qu’en tant que blogueurs, il est vraiment important de se protéger les uns des autres lorsqu’il s’agit de choses qui pourraient avoir une incidence sur notre sécurité.

Je connais de nombreux blogueurs qui partagent leurs données personnelles en ligne et des personnes qui ne partagent aucune de leurs données, faites ce qui fonctionne pour vous. Je suis sûr que vous savez comment vous protéger mieux que moi, mais restez en sécurité sur Internet!



xo N

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  1. I never thought about sharing something on my Instagram story later than when I was there, that’s a good tip!

  2. I have locations turned off on my cell phone and computer, but I also don’t post about anything until later – at least a day. I make sure not to show my home address as well.
    Thanks for the post! Another reminder to be aware of what I’m posting!

  3. This is a really important post with really important information in it. I’m glad that someone has taken the time to share it and I hope that a lot of people read it.

  4. Some great advice, the internet is a scary place these days.
    I never knew about the reverse image search thing. I have to admit that I’m apprehensive about trying.

    I always turn my location off on my camera’s both on my phone and dslr.

    I’m definitely thinking more about cyber safety these days, I think we just don’t think about it as much as we should.

    1. Thank you love! The basic and simple way is to go to Google Images on your desktop computer and click on the camera icon in the search bar. Upload the image you wanna search and it’ll show the results! Some can be a hit or miss depending on the source so you can’t really rely on them but most of them are accurate! x

  5. Thank you, it was a very useful post for me. I try to follow these rules already, especially posting later. Also, if I am on holiday, I post only when I get back, so people wouldn’t know that nobody is home at the moment. Already heard about people getting robbed because of sharing that they are away from home..

  6. This is a very important post. As a blogger, I often worry about my safety. I don’t share very personal details with my readers, but as you have said, there’s more to it than that.

  7. This is a great post!

    In today’s age of “share everything “ from social media, people often forget that they might be sharing something they don’t want others to know. These are good things to know.

    It is never a bad idea to stay safe.

  8. You touched on a really important topic so thank you so much for talking about this! You’ve made me a bit wary about the locations thing. I was aware of it before anyway but when you talked about people potentially saving your iPhone photos and discovering your home location for example, that struck a chord with me!

  9. Thank you for the tips. I didn’t realize I was sharing my location with the photos I had posted.

    I had to go back and swap out most of them. It’s creepy to think someone could see my home address.

    1. New Lune, can I also say a thank you for tips. Although on those particular photo details appearing c/w timestamp, location & name. Now all I need to do is remember exactly how those details were completed in the first place. It’s just not like me,, is there any chance ‘autofill’ or similar could’ve done unbeknownst to me? (well until i realised it was there : shock horror.
      Kind regards

  10. I love this topic. I think it is something that needs to be talked about more. Keep it up girlfriend!!

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