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What To Wear To An Autumn Wedding

Am I the only who is always confused on what to wear to a wedding during the colder months? I think finding the best outfit/dress is difficult for any weddings but when you have to find a dress depending on the season is much harder. As a bride, it’s much easier to select an outfit compared to the guest, you only have to find a wedding veil & dress haha!

I find that choosing a dress or outfit for a spring/summer wedding is much easier compared to an autumn/winter wedding. Autumn weddings scream classic and elegant vibes with rich colours to me! If you have a fall wedding coming up and are confused on what to wear then make sure you read this blog post!

Suis-je la seule qui est toujours confuse sur quoi porter pour un mariage pendant les mois les plus froids? Je pense qu’il est difficile de trouver la meilleure tenue / robe pour tout mariage, mais il est beaucoup plus difficile de trouver une robe en fonction de la saison. En tant que mariée, il est beaucoup plus facile de sélectionner une tenue par rapport à l’invité, il vous suffit de trouver un voile de mariage et une robe haha!

Je trouve que choisir une robe ou une tenue pour un mariage printemps / été est beaucoup plus facile comparé à un mariage automne / hiver. Les mariages d’automne sont pour moi une atmosphère classique et élégante aux couleurs riches! Si vous avez un mariage d’automne à venir et que vous ne savez pas quoi porter, assurez-vous de lire ce billet!

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The best outfit for an autumn wedding is definitely a dress. I’m a firm believer that that you can wear anything you want as long as you feel comfortable and good in it but there’s nothing like wearing a gorgeous dress to a wedding. There are so many wedding guest dresses that you can find online and in-stores with different styles depending on your preferences.

La meilleure tenue pour un mariage d’automne est certainement une robe. Je suis fermement convaincu que vous pouvez porter tout ce que vous voulez tant que vous vous sentez à l’aise, mais rien ne vaut le fait de porter une robe magnifique pour un mariage. Il y a tellement de robes d’invité de mariage que vous pouvez trouver en ligne et dans les magasins avec des styles différents en fonction de vos préférences.


what to wear to an autumn wedding - wedding guest dresses - cariscloset - two piece dress

Tammy Bardot Midi Two Piece In Burgundy

Whether that’s a long or midi dress, a two-piece dress is always the right choice when it comes to an autumn wedding. It’s sophisticated, classy and beautiful. It’ll accentuate your curves and the areas you want to show off depending on the style of the dress.

Plus, it’s very comfortable to wear! Some two-piece dresses have an off the shoulders top where you can highlight your collarbone whilst others two-piece dresses have a thigh high split therefore you can always find something up to your preference depending on the area you want to show off.

Qu’il s’agisse d’une robe longue ou d’une robe midi, une robe en deux pièces est toujours le bon choix pour un mariage en automne. C’est sophistiqué, chic et beau. Cela accentuera vos courbes et les zones que vous souhaitez montrer en fonction du style de la robe. De plus, c’est très confortable à porter!


what to wear to an autumn wedding - wedding guest dresses - cariscloset - mini dress

Giselle Satin Mini Dress in Fuchsia

You can never go wrong with a mini dress! It’s the most simple yet classiest look for a wedding. I love a good low cut neckline in a mini dress. When it comes to wedding guest dresses for an autumn wedding, go for rich & deep colours like purple, dark blue or green. Those colours give a luxurious and elegant look to your attire.

Vous ne pouvez jamais vous tromper avec une mini robe! C’est le look le plus simple et le plus chic pour un mariage. J’adore un bon décolleté en mini robe. Lorsque vous choisissez une robe pour un mariage d’automne, optez pour des couleurs riches et profondes comme le violet, le bleu foncé ou le vert. Ces couleurs donnent un look luxueux et élégant à votre tenue vestimentaire.


what to wear to an autumn wedding - wedding guest dresses - cariscloset - tassel dress

Frankie Tassle Dress in Gold

If you are someone who likes to have fun with their outfit then go for a tassel dress! Especially if you know, you are going to have fun on the dance floor, it’s a great dress to show off your moves. It’s definitely not too over-the-top dress for a wedding and it fits perfectly for a fall wedding. Make sure you go with classic colours though for instance gold, black or neutrals.

Si vous êtes quelqu’un qui aime s’amuser avec sa tenue, optez pour une robe pompon! Surtout si vous savez que vous allez vous amuser sur le dance floor, c’est une superbe robe pour montrer vos mouvements. Ce n’est certainement pas une robe trop exagérée pour un mariage et elle convient parfaitement à un mariage d’automne. Assurez-vous de choisir des couleurs classiques, comme l’or, le noir ou les neutres.



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  1. I would think more people would get married when it’s cooler, but I’m wrong. I usually have a host of summer weddings and nothing come fall time. Are sweaters too casual?

    1. I have to attend weddings all year round hahah 😂 I definitely wouldn’t mind coming up to a wedding wearing a sweater dress, it will be so comfy 🙈

  2. I definitely struggled with this when I went to a wedding last weekend, and you know, it wasn’t so much that I didn’t have an idea of what to wear, it’s that I couldn’t find anything in stores that I felt was wedding appropriate! All the wedding-appropriate clothes seem to come out in the spring, or closer to Christmas for Christmas parties.

    1. I know right! It’s so hard to find an outfit that’s wedding-appropriate that’s why I always tend to go for dresses. They look classy and they are pretty much wedding-appropriate! Thanks for reading babe ❤️

  3. Omgosh did you read my mind or what girl?! My best friend is getting married at the end of the month (Halloween actually) so my dress is already sorted out (picking it up this week coming!). I actually like that I’m going to an Autumn themed wedding – I don’t know, I’m just not that much of a summer lover I guess.

    The colour theme for all the bridesmaids is burgundy and we all have long maxi dresses. Can’t wait!

    1. Girl same! I am not really a fan of summer weddings because of the humidity. My hair gets frizzier and the sweating, I literally can’t! Ooh how exciting! It’s actually very soon, you all must be so excited ❤️

    2. VERY! Now that our outfits are sorted, we have been talking about makeup choices. We’ve talked about hair accessories too…everything haha. It’s going to be a good day. 🙂

  4. I love your choices, especially the second one! Autumn weddings can be so difficult to buy an outfit for – my main problem is I want to look good but I also want to keep warm 😂 I always end up finding a gorgeous dress but I struggle to find something I can wear over it that’ll keep me warm during any outdoor bits! Xx

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