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30 Fun Things You Can Do This Summer

The weather might have changed a little bit but I firmly believe it’s summer until autumn starts properly! I don’t know if it’s just me but this year has been confusing to say the least. I didn’t even realise summer had started and now it’s coming to an end (not literally but you know what I mean).

School is going to start in a couple of weeks time and the pandemic hasn’t really stopped. Some people work from home whilst others have gone back to work. Some are struggling financially and others emotionally. I think we can all agree that this wasn’t the summer we planned.

Nevertheless, I still wanted to share some fun things you can do to enjoy the last couple of weeks of summer. Obviously, depending on the social distancing rules implemented in your country – you can change some things or do more! Even if you don’t feel like enjoying anything, it’s important to do things that make you happy.

Don’t forget to stay safe and follow the social distancing rules! Let me know in the comments below what fun things you have done this summer or are planning to do. I would appreciate any suggestion as well! Hope you have an amazing summer and now without further ado, let’s jump into the post!

Le temps a peut-être changé un peu mais je crois fermement que c’est l’été jusqu’à ce que l’automne commence correctement! Je ne sais pas si c’est juste moi, mais cette année a été pour le moins déroutante. Je n’avais même pas réalisé que l’été avait commencé et maintenant il touche à sa fin (pas littéralement mais vous voyez ce que je veux dire).

L’école va commencer dans quelques semaines et la pandémie ne s’est pas vraiment arrêtée. Certaines personnes travaillent à domicile tandis que d’autres sont retournées au travail. Certains ont des difficultés financières et d’autres émotionnellement. Je pense que nous pouvons tous convenir que ce n’était pas l’été que nous avions prévu.

Néanmoins, je voulais toujours partager des choses amusantes que vous pouvez faire pour profiter des dernières semaines de l’été. Évidemment, selon les règles de distanciation sociale mises en place dans votre pays, vous pouvez changer certaines choses ou faire plus! Même si vous n’avez pas envie de profiter de quoi que ce soit, il est important de faire des choses qui vous rendent heureux.

N’oubliez pas de rester en sécurité et de suivre les règles de distanciation sociale! Faites-moi savoir dans les commentaires ci-dessous les choses amusantes que vous avez faites ou prévoyez de faire cet été. J’apprécierais également toute suggestion! J’espère que vous passez un été formidable et maintenant sans plus tarder, passons au post!

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  1. Go to a park and have a picnic
  2. Try new recipes
  3. Read a book outside (in your garden, balcony or at home windows opened)
  4. Make ice cream at home
  5. Declutter & organise your home
  6. Go to the zoo (don’t forget to wear a mask!)
  7. Visit a town
  8. Watch a movie or TV show in your garden or balcony
  9. Meditate or exercise in your garden/balcony
  10. Play (online) games with your friends or family
  11. Try a new hairstyle
  12. Visit a garden centre
  13. Try yoga
  14. Go for a walk or on a bike ride
  15. Play with makeup
  16. Try some DIY beauty hacks
  17. Play board games with your family
  18. Watch the sunset
  19. Go to a museum (once again don’t forget to wear your mask!)
  20. Create a blog
  21. Draw
  22. Take pictures and create a portfolio
  23. Do a virtual party
  24. Find a new hobby
  25. Sleep
  26. Go stargazing (you can do it at home as well)
  27. Play (video) games
  28. Go to the library
  29. Restyle your home
  30. Create a photo diary



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    1. Haha now I’m intrigued! Why did you think that way?

      I love the library too 🙌🏼 It just feels so calm and serene, plus there are thousands of books – what’s not to like about it?!

      Thank you so much! So glad you enjoyed it 😊

    2. I love the library maybe just like you! Serene! One can not have serenity without peace.

      I think most people in my culture think it’s a boring place or a place to be studious. But, I too think it is a fun and even exciting place!

      Anyhow, I am very pleasantly surprised to know you are cultured, sophisticated, and a person who thinks the library is fun!

      Is your culture different perhaps? Anyhow despite that possibility, I do think you are a rare bird!

    3. Awh you are too kind! In terms of culture, it’s pretty much the same. Most people don’t really like to read books so it’s understandable why they think the library is boring but I personally find it to be a cool place.

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