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A Mother’s Day Gift Guide | 2021 Edition

My favourite holiday along with Christmas is probably Mother’s Day for several different reasons. In my case, one of the reasons why I love Mother’s Day so much is because I get to spoil my mum. She’s not really the type of person who is into materialistic things and to be completely honest, she’s not into gifts at all. But I do love to see her reaction when I give her something. She appreciates anything I give her and even if I don’t give her something – it’s not a big deal to her.

Obviously, this year is a bit different compared to the previous years and depending on the country you reside and the lockdown restrictions implemented in your country – it can differ from person-to-person. Not everyone is able to go outside and not all stores are open either.

If you are looking for a gift to give to your mum or a loved one who has become a mum/is a mum then this post is for you! Whether it’s your partner, sibling, friend – it will definitely mean a lot to them especially if it’s their first Mother’s Day. I made sure to include gifts that you could easily buy online and now without further ado, let’s jump into the post!

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I definitely don’t think you can wrong with flowers! For someone who suffer from hayfever, I even like to receive flowers. They can brighten anyone’s day. You can buy flowers pretty much anywhere both online or in stores but one place I would recommend checking out is Handy Flowers. I worked with them previously but I even bought a bouquet myself. They really last for a long time, I would say for at least more than three weeks and their bouquets are literally so stunning.

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When it comes to beauty products, I think it all depends on the person’s personal preference. For example, my mum doesn’t wear makeup so buying makeup products would not only be a waste of money but I know for a fact that it won’t be useful for her. On the other hand, skincare products are a winner!

I literally know their products she uses and her skin type so it’s way easier for me to pick products whether it’s a product that she already uses or a new product that she will love. I would highly recommend to buy beauty products that the person uses or loves, that way you won’t be wasting your money and the gift will not only be useful but practical as well.

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Another gift that you can’t go wrong with is chocolates (or sweets) unless that person doesn’t have a sweet tooth or is on a strict diet. If you are looking to give something unique for a new mum then I would highly recommend to check out the ‘New Mum Letterbox Pamper Hamper’ by The Baby Hamper Company.

The hamper contains a selection of luxury and lovely gifts such as a scented candle, hand cream, belly/massage oil and handmade truffle chocolates which are all great gifts to give to a new mum. The hamper is wrapped in a letterbox friendly gift wrap so the postman will easily deliver the gifts through the letterbox and won’t disturb the new mum or baby at home.

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I think at the end of the day, something that any mum would appreciate is you spending quality time with them. They don’t need extravagant or expensive gifts to know the love you have for them. Even a card is more than enough for them. Try to help them with their chores or if you don’t live with them, call them to let them know that you will be there for them.

It might sound cringey but I personally think with everything that’s going on right now, you don’t really know what happens behind closed doors or what somebody is going through inside. Knowing that somebody is there for them will mean a lot more than you could ever imagine.

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Thank you so much for reading! – xo N

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This post contains items that were previously gifted to me.

  1. Great tips: flowers, skincare or beauty products, sweets or quality time are great gifts. Gift-giving can be challenging at times but having some ideas makes it so much easier. Thanks for sharing.

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