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A Mother’s Day Gift Guide.

I always try to give presents to my mum whenever I can throughout the year and not specifically on Mother’s Day. It’s pretty much the same concept as Valentine’s Day, I don’t want to celebrate and appreciate my mother only one day and don’t show her any love the rest of the year – that doesn’t really make any sense to me.

I know for everyone in the world, their mother is literally the most special person in the world and I’m so grateful it is the same case with me as well. But this day is not solely for mothers, it’s for people who are a mother figure in your life as well. It doesn’t matter what age they are or what gender they are, you can use this day to show them how much you appreciate & love them. Obviously don’t forget new mums in your life!

Here in the UK, Mother’s Day is on the 22nd of March which is not far away. If you are looking to buy a sweet & memorable gift then this post is for you! I’ve picked some great products you could give to your mum that will make her very happy so without further a do, let’s jump into the post!

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Any mum will appreciate makeup products if they a makeup lover but not everyone is which can be a bit tricky. You can obviously gift them skincare products but unless you know their skin type and know their cult favourites, I wouldn’t recommend buying any skincare products they don’t already use.

On the other hand, you can definitely buy your mum a beauty accessory for example cool gadgets like a LED nail lamp, vanity mirror or even an electric makeup brush cleaner!

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I mean who doesn’t love chocolates?! You can obviously gift them personalised chocolates but even gifting them chocolates they have never tried before will make a great gift. For instance, Prezzybox have these hot chocolate bombs which taste so good! If you love hot chocolate like me, you will literally adore this!

They are Belgian milk chocolate filled with marshmallows and they melt when you pour hot milk over. I’m just saying you can even get a pack for yourself because you don’t want to miss them.



If your mum loves stationery items, you can obviously gift them cute stationery like personalised pens or even better a photobook! You can add all your favourite pictures of your mum or special pictures of you & your mum, not only this will make a memorable gift but it’s also very sentimental as well.



I don’t think you can go wrong with flowers! They are literally the best gift ever! You obviously have the classic spa day which is great gift to relax. There other gifts you can give as well such as a jewellery, bag, watch, etc.



xo N

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This post contains gifted products.

  1. I agree completely …

    And how interesting!! I didn’t know UK celebrates Mother’s Day on March 22nd … I just learned something new!!

    I thought was the same as the United States… I just thought same everywhere, but I never really looked that up.

    We celebrate St. Patrick’s day on March 17th that’s our next holiday (no day off or anything people just celebrate) ☘️

    Then we have April 1st… which is April Fools… again no day off (just a fun lighthearted holiday)

    Easter – April 12th (usually we have spring break around this time)

    And THEN Mother’s Day finally comes this year on May 10th for us. 🌸 ..it’s the second Sunday in May so every year is a different date?

    When my oldest was born… he was actually born ON Mother’s Day of that year… I became a mother for the very first time “ON” Mother’s Day … was THE most amazing gift – I have EVER gotten ❤️

    (My other 2 … one is a week before Halloween (lol) … and my final child was born right before Christmas)

    1. I believe the date is different in every country. France celebrates Mother’s Day in June! I think it’s on the 7th this year.

      Aww that’s amazing! ❤️ So precious x

  2. I Googled “mothers day” and it said “Sunday May 10” and I read it as “Sunday March 10” and freaked out. Definitely awake now. Lol

  3. My mother’s birthday is coming up. I have got to get her something that tops everything I’ve ever given hers. You see, she will be 86 if the good Lord wills and I really want the gift to be special. Thanks for the reminder friend. You are always on time. Blessings and Peace.

  4. Neat! Didn’t think about how Mother’s Day could be recognized on different days.

    A wonderful time to celebrate life 😄 Mother Nature and all.

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