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When To Take A Step Back From Blogging?

I think most bloggers feel guilty when we don’t pay attention to our blogs as much as we used to. I’m not going to lie, I personally feel that way when I spend less time working on my blog. But there are some times where you don’t have any choice than to take a step back from your blog. What are those times? That’s what I wanted to share with you in today’s post!

Je pense que la plupart des blogueurs se sentent coupables lorsque nous ne prêtons pas autant attention à nos blogs qu’avant. Je ne vais pas mentir, c’est ce que je ressens personnellement quand je passe moins de temps à travailler sur mon blog. Mais il y a des moments où vous n’avez pas d’autre choix que de prendre du recul par rapport à votre blog. Quels sont ces temps ? C’est ce que je voulais partager avec vous dans le post d’aujourd’hui!

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We all have responsibilities to handle and take care of and when you have many things on your plate, it’s time to unload one of those things to decrease your pressure. I would be the first person to encourage you to take a step back from your blog in that instance.

Even though, I always say to post consistently on your blog in order to gain traffic & followers and notice a difference in terms of growth. There is nothing more important than your main responsibilities. You definitely have to prioritise what’s important and in this case, it won’t be your blog.

Nous avons tous des responsabilités à gérer et à assumer et lorsque vous avez beaucoup de choses dans votre assiette, il est temps de décharger l’une de ces choses pour diminuer votre pression. Je serais la première personne à vous encourager à prendre du recul par rapport à votre blog dans ce cas.

Même si, je dis toujours de publier régulièrement sur votre blog afin de gagner du trafic et des abonnés et de remarquer une différence en termes de croissance. Il n’y a rien de plus important que vos principales responsabilités. Vous devez absolument prioriser ce qui est important et dans ce cas, ce ne sera pas votre blog.

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Every blogger needs a break once in a while otherwise there will be bad repercussions whether it’s writer’s block, burnout, etc. If you feel like you need a break then it’s definitely time to take a break! Your blog won’t run away anywhere no matter what decision you take. It will be at the same place where you left it.

Chaque blogueur a besoin d’une pause de temps en temps, sinon il y aura de mauvaises répercussions, qu’il s’agisse de blocage de l’écrivain, d’épuisement professionnel, etc. Si vous sentez que vous avez besoin d’une pause, il est certainement temps de faire une pause ! Votre blog ne s’enfuira nulle part, quelle que soit la décision que vous prendrez. Ce sera au même endroit où vous l’avez laissé.

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If you find that your blog takes a wrong route and you start to develop negative thoughts because of your blog then you should step back from it. We all have different reasons why we created our blogs in the first place but if there is one thing, we all have in common is the fact that we are passionate about it.

Your blog is supposed to be your happy place. It should only give you joy and happiness. If it brings you toxicity and negativity then it’s definitely time to take a break from it. Your mental health is way more important than anything.

Si vous trouvez que votre blog prend une mauvaise route et que vous commencez à développer des pensées négatives à cause de votre blog, vous devriez prendre du recul. Nous avons tous des raisons différentes pour lesquelles nous avons créé nos blogs en premier lieu, mais s’il y a une chose que nous avons tous en commun, c’est le fait que nous en sommes passionnés.

Votre blog est censé être votre lieu de bonheur. Cela ne devrait vous donner que de la joie et du bonheur. Si cela vous apporte de la toxicité et de la négativité, il est certainement temps de faire une pause. Votre santé mentale est bien plus importante que tout.

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Thank you so much for reading! – xo N

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  1. Great advice and what I needed to hear now. I’ve been so busy with Christmas stuff and then had some bad news so I really wasn’t in the mood for blogging
    But your are absolutely correct my blog is going nowhere and will be there when I’m ready again

  2. True, one of the main reasons I burned out for a month was because I felt I had too many other responsibilities with college. Definitely helps when you can take a break for a bit, and come back later with a reignited passion

  3. Thank you for this. I did feel bad for negelecting my blog baby, even though deep down I know there was no other way. I am slowly getting back on track now, even though I can tell I am out of practice…

  4. I’m definitely in the mindset still that I had to go hard at it to see success and am too scared to take a break. I’m afraid I won’t come back! But also, it’s starting to get hard to keep going because I’m seeing little to no improvement over the last few months and it’s so I motivating. Keep going? Take a long break? Change methods and blog harder? What do I do!?

    1. It’s definitely a struggle! I would say to trust your instinct, you know what’s best for you! Thank you so much for reading babe ❤️

  5. Very encouraging and relatable post. Indeed I feel really guilty about not posting as often as I would like. I’ll definitely try my best to put out some consistency out there. However, if I genuinely need to take a break at some point, I won’t beat myself up for it. Great post and Happy New Year! 🎊

  6. Thanks for this post your site is amazing. Way to use this virtual real estate, I’m learning so much from other blogger creators.

    This message I’ll want to let it soak in. I’ve taken breaks from blogging and I notice ever since I began blogging daily, just sas you said, traffic has increased. I look forward to gaining more perspective and awareness about the blogging/writers community and more.

    I also want to learn how to create a hustle with my blogs, an ethical hustle.

    I have to say this I admire your bilingual blog it is fascinating to see, I think this my first time if not one of my first times seeing something like that on WordPress. Brava!

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