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Best Makeup Brushes

Never stop looking up.

Hey Loves! The no.1 tip to create a flawless face of makeup is to use good quality makeup brushes and I can’t stress how important that is, you can use the best makeup products in the world but if the tools and brushes you’re using are “bad” then you won’t see any good results.

Since I’ve started wearing makeup, I’ve tried many makeup brushes from cheap to very expensive ones and still there are so many brands I haven’t tried yet so I thought I’d share my collection of makeup brushes (which are my favourites and the best!) and a wishlist, the brushes I’m planning on buying in the future. If you’re looking to buy any brushes then this post is perfect for you!

In addition, a little tip is to buy a set instead of buying individual brushes, you get multiple products in once and sometimes it’s a good deal depending on the price but in my opinion it’s worth the money.

Salut tout le monde! L’astuce n° 1 pour créer un maquillage impeccable est d’utiliser des pinceaux de maquillage de bonne qualité et je ne peux pas souligner à quel point c’est important, vous pouvez utiliser les meilleurs produits de maquillage au monde mais si vous utilisez des pinceaux qui ne sont pas bons alors vous ne verrez pas de bons résultats.

Depuis que j’ai commencé à me maquiller, j’ai essayé de nombreux pinceaux de maquillage de très bon marché à très chers et il y a tellement de marques que je n’ai pas encore essayées, alors j’ai pensé partager ma collection de pinceaux de maquillage (qui sont mes favoris et les meilleurs!) et une liste de souhaits, les pinceaux que je prévois d’acheter dans le futur. Si vous cherchez à acheter des pinceaux alors ce billet est parfait pour vous!

De plus, un petit conseil est d’acheter un ensemble au lieu d’acheter des pinceaux individuels, vous obtenez plusieurs produits en une fois et parfois c’est une bonne affaire en fonction du prix mais à mon avis, ça vaut l’argent.

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best makeup brushes - new lune - my collection

Real Techniques

✘ Enhanced Eye Set

✘ Flawless Base Set

✘ Eye Shade and Blend Set

✘ Eye Smudge & Defuse Set



✘ Rose Golden Complete Eye Brush Set – Volume 1


Sigma Beauty

✘ Tapered Highlighter Brush (F35)

✘ Flat Kabuki Brush (F80)

✘ Flat Definer Brush (E15)

✘ Tapered Blending Brush (E40)

✘ Blending Brush (E25)



To be honest, I’m kind of unsure whether or not I want to buy these brushes and the only reason is purely of the mixed reviews I’ve heard. If there’s one thing I’ve constantly heard about these brushes is the fact they shed very quickly but when looking at the price, they’re very affordable.

Pour être honnête, je suis un peu incertain si je veux acheter ces pinceaux et la seule raison est purement des critiques mitigées que j’ai entendues. S’il y a une chose que j’ai constamment entendue à propos de ces pinceaux, c’est qu’elles perdent leurs poils très rapidement, mais quand on regarde le prix, elles sont très abordables.

✘ Pro Firm Blending Crease Brush (M441)

✘ Elite Mini Pointed Powder Brush (E48)

✘ Rose Gold Pro Tapered Blender Brush (R2)


NYX Professional Makeup

✘ Pro Brush Multi Purpose Buffing





Beau belle Brushes

Last but not least, I’ve never tried these brushes before but the packaging is literally stunning! I’m really into rose gold at the moment so I can’t wait to try them out.

Dernier point mais non le moindre, je n’ai jamais essayé ces pinceaux avant, mais l’emballage est littéralement magnifique! Je suis vraiment dans l’or rose pour le moment donc j’ai hâte de les essayer.



xo N

    1. Ahh that’s awesome, so far I’ve read mixed reviews about Morphe brushes so I don’t know if I’m gonna buy them anymore 🤷🏻‍♀️ You should definitely try the Zoeva brushes, they’re amazing! I’m definitely gonna check out the Sigma E62 brush, thank you for the recommendation 😘

  1. i’ve been holding off on buying real techniques brushes for some reason, but i think now i’m gonna go pick some up! i have a lot of morphe brushes and a lot of them have completely broken for me – the ferrule has come right off.

    1. Omg the real techniques brushes are so good, you should definitely check them out, I’d 100% recommend them! I don’t think I’m gonna buy any Morphe brushes anymore, unfortunately they’ve more bad reviews than good ones x

  2. I hope you decide to buy some morphe brushes! They are honestly some of my favorite, they don’t shed or break and I’ve had mine for quite some time, they’re great brushes!

    1. To be completely honest, I’m so confused right now, they’ve so many mixed reviews so I don’t know if I’m gonna buy them anymore! x

  3. I really like your blog post I was wondering what theme are you using it is very cool 🙂 also I never know what brushes to buy but now I have a guide. thank you

  4. Thank you for sharing this post! I currently only own Real Techniques and some EcoTool brushes…as well as a few individual ones that sit alone. I want to buy more brushes but I’m so picky because I hate the idea of buying something that’s unusable/not practical at all…I hate waste lol. (At least with the wrong foundation shade you can mix.)

    It’s nice that you included a NYX brush too because I always wondered about them!

    Personally, I refuse to buy Morphe brushes. They are so ridiculously cheap that it makes me skeptical and I’ve heard bad things about their customer service too.

    1. I want to try some EcoTool brushes, I’ve heard that their beauty blender/sponge is really good! Haha I totally get you, that’s the reason why I create a wishlist and do tons of research before buying anything.

      That’s the only NYX brush I’ve tried and so far it’s amazing! There were a lot of good reviews about it so I knew I had to pick it up, I’ve been using it for over a year now.

      I’ve decided not to buy Morphe brushes, I was skeptical at first too but I thought after I published this post I’d hear good reviews but it’s the complete opposite (thank god I wrote this blog post!) x

    1. My pleasure hun! I love the real techniques brushes too, they’re amazing aren’t they! You should definitely buy the Zoeva ones, their packaging is beautiful and the quality is amazing! x

    1. I know right, they’re so good! I’ve been eyeing the Bold Metals collection, I can’t wait to buy them 😉 thank you for reading xx

    1. Amazing, very simple . Soft and not different to my opinions to some expensive natural brushes out there

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