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My Dream Wedding?

I think after a ton of blog posts about relationship/dating, a post about marriage was meant to be written haha! But all jokes aside, I’m pretty sure every girl has thought about her dream wedding. Even someone like me who was never really into dating, dreamed (this is a strong word but you know what I mean) about my big day. Whether you are single, in a relationship or engaged, it’s such a beautiful moment to plan or dream about.

I know some friends who are not even engaged – let alone in a relationship – that have already planned their weddings including their dream venue and their wedding dress! In today’s post, I wanted to share with you my thoughts on intimate versus grand wedding as well some tips to save money on planning your big day. Whether you are newly-engaged or simply curious, keep on reading!

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There are so many things you have to take into consideration when planning a wedding. In some cultures, you don’t have any other choice than to have a big wedding whilst in others having all your family & loved ones is enough.

In some communities, parents will pay for the wedding whereas in others, the couple will either pay half or the entire – it really depends on the situation. In addition, you have to remember a wedding day is not always about the bride but it’s about the groom as well. You both have to compromise on certain aspects in order to have your dream wedding.

I don’t know if I am traditional or old-school but I think both your parents opinions are important as well. They gave birth and brought you up, even if your opinions are completely contrasting in this aspect, it will be nice to have them pick out or choose at least one thing about your wedding.

Obviously not to forget that every individual’s definition of intimate or big wedding is different. What I consider an intimate wedding might be extravagant to another person and vice versa.



With that said, I would choose a small & intimate wedding. On the other hand, my mum wants the complete opposite not in terms of a big and grand wedding but definitely not a small one. The reason why I would go for a small wedding is because in all honesty I would rather spend that much money to buy a house than on an event that will be done in a couple of hours.

Don’t get me wrong, a wedding day is special but most of the times it’s way more enjoyable & fun for others than the bride and groom. Also, there is a big difference between having a great wedding day and marriage. Most people forget about the latter. If I marry someone, it should be for all the right reasons. I don’t want to marry someone to have a beautiful wedding day but to have a beautiful marriage.

I don’t want to be stressed about every single detail on our wedding day. I know for most people, their wedding is a big moment for them and I totally respect that. On certain aspects, I do wish for certain things for instance my wedding dress. I don’t care if I elope, have a big or small wedding – I want to wear a dress that I’m in love with haha! At the end of the day, it’s all about the things that you can compromise and not compromise with.

Some days, I even think about destination weddings which can be a lot cheaper or expensive depending on the country. Another thing why I would prefer an intimate wedding is because I can’t see myself getting married surrounded with people I’ve never met before in my life. For many people, it’s such an emotional day and I can’t imagine someone whom I’ve never had a strong relationship with, see me at such a vulnerable moment.

I might be too young, immature or naive but having a wedding that is way over my budget, is definitely not a great start to a marriage. You can’t start your marriage by worrying/stressing about your finances.



my dream wedding - grand vs intimate wedding - which one is better - new lune 2

I want my post to be informative that’s the reason why I not only wanted to share my thoughts on this subject but some tips as well. Weddings are super expensive and if I can save you money when organising your big day, I would be so happy!



A wedding includes so many parties and events depending on your culture, family and religion. You have to do your research and make sure that you don’t forget anything important. For instance, your bachelorette party will include hen party games. They don’t have to be crazy expensive, there are so many affordable ones available! You can inexpensive party games such as keepsakes (decorating balloons), bingo games, advice for the bride, etc.



Another thing is wedding favour options. I know so many people who always overthink and don’t know what wedding favours to go for. You don’t even have to think that hard, there are so many cheap wedding favours available for example drink coasters, candles or chocolates which can be all personalised for an affordable price. There are even wedding favours under £1!

In addition, you can check on Etsy for affordable wedding favours such as mini crackers, confetti cones or tissues. As I mentioned above, they can all be personalised therefore it adds a special touch. There are even cuter options such as mini soaps, mini mason jars, stickers or badges. Your guests will really appreciate them and depending on the gifts, they will definitely keep it as a souvenir.

You can even give mini wedding cakes as a wedding favour which will be amazing! Obviously this depends on your budget but it will definitely be memorable. If you are still confused, you can’t wrong with personalised tags. It doesn’t matter what the shape or design is, your guests will love them!



The same goes for venues. Every couple knows that half if not all their budget goes towards their venues and photographers. Most venues offer great deals for mid-week weddings and off-season dates. Getting married at the beginning of the year is way cheaper than during the summertime. Take these things into consideration when planning your big day.



If you can’t see yourself spending a fortune to pay photographers but still want to capture your day beautifully, you can search for students at a local university’s photography department who offer wedding photography (literally for only a fraction of the price). You might think a professional photographer might be better compared to a student photographer but everyone started from the same place and it will be unfair to judge a person’s skills without seeing them for yourself.



This tip might depend on your graphic design skills. But if you are a graphic designer or have great skills at designing templates, you can create your own wedding invitations. The same goes for any skills you have, if you have the option and capacity to do it yourself – why spend money?



I don’t think anyone has the right to say how you should spend your money or how you should celebrate your day. If somebody is happy celebrating their big day with hundreds of people in a costly venue then let them be happy. If somebody wants to elope and don’t want to make a big fuss about it then let them enjoy their day.

Neither of those things mean anything when it comes to marriage. Just because you have an expensive wedding doesn’t mean you’ll have an amazing marriage and vice versa. Look at your budget and options, discuss with your significant other & family and come up with a wedding where all of you can be happy.

If for whatever reason, you can’t have your dream wedding – don’t worry! I know it’s easier said but if you are married to the person you are in love with, that’s a dream in itself isn’t it? You can always renew your vows or do another ceremony after a couple of years.

If you want a more detailed post covering all types of wedding with more tips and information – let me know in the comments! I can definitely do my research and find ways to cut your budget and save money.



xo N

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    1. Thank you lovely! Definitely! I’m always in awe of other people who choose to do it in a grand way but it’s definitely not for me x

  1. My fiance and I are currently planning our wedding, its going to be smallish. My dress though, I’m in LOVE and I cannot wait to wear it for my future husband.

  2. Hello! Meet again. a quick comment my dream wedding then I’m outta here. Your right about everything there’s nothing I can’t say that you didn’t cover. Do you know what’s a dream wedding? Obviously you do, my dream wedding is to fall in love with some one I can proudly say my second half. Perfect women is my dream wedding. Bye hope I didn’t confuse ya, I’m just telling like how it is. Take care

  3. These are really great tips! My close friend is a graphic designer and did the signs for our wedding ❤ best decision I ever made!

  4. Haha, this is what I wrote my post to be scheduled tomorrow about lol! I’ve been writing a lot about weddings lately. My first article about weddings just got published on a website. You have some solid ideas here. I’m all for budget weddings – I had one. But I have to disagree about giving your parents leeway. Sometimes they take the ball and run. I say this as a bride that had this happen to her. lol.

  5. I love this! We are going a bit bigger than we originally anticipated but I love: “if you are married to the person you are in love with, that’s a dream in itself isn’t it?” Great to keep that in mind when you need to compromise.

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