Surrounding Yourself With The Right People.

As you get older, you will realise that finding genuinely good people is extremely hard. It’s similar to trying to find a needle in a haystack, it’s just very difficult and rare to find them. However, just because it’s tough – it doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

In today’s post, I wanted to share with you some ways on how to find or realise that you are surrounded with good people in your life. I am pretty sure you already know them but still this can be a good reminder for those who have been feeling lost & overwhelmed because of their environment & surrounding. Without further ado, let’s jump into the post!

En vieillissant, vous vous rendrez compte qu’il est extrêmement difficile de trouver des personnes vraiment bonnes. C’est comme essayer de trouver une aiguille dans une botte de foin, c’est juste très difficile et rare de les trouver. Cependant, ce n’est pas parce que c’est difficile que c’est impossible.

Dans le post d’aujourd’hui, je voulais partager avec vous quelques façons de trouver ou de réaliser que vous êtes entouré de bonnes personnes dans votre vie. Je suis sûr que vous les connaissez déjà, mais cela peut néanmoins être un bon rappel pour ceux qui se sentent perdus et dépassés à cause de leur environnement. Sans plus tarder, passons au message !

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I personally think that you know if someone is the right person for you by the way they respect your boundaries and establish theirs. This might be the bare minimum but many people don’t understand the concept of personal space and often times, they aren’t mindful of the boundaries established by others and don’t consider it as a big deal either when they have crossed those boundaries in question.

Having someone not only respecting your boundaries but also stating what theirs are will facilitate the relationship between the both of you but it will furthermore ensure that the relationship is healthy in every single aspect. You have to remember that a relationship/friendship goes both ways, your boundaries can’t only be mentioned & respected, the other party has to as well.

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Let me preface by saying that nobody is perfect and we all have flaws & weaknesses. You can’t expect another person to be a certain way without you meeting those things in question, not only is it unfair but it’s also hypocritical. In my opinion, a relationship that starts off with this mindset will not flourish or make either party feel fulfilled. With that said, I think you can see the goodness of a person through their actions & words, the same applies to their evilness as well.

Personally, the lack of honesty, respect & compassion are a big flag to me. It doesn’t necessarily have to be directed towards me but I think if someone is disrespectful and not understanding then I can’t see how I can form a relationship with them. Even if I am not surrounded with positive people, I don’t want to be surrounded with negative ones.

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Last but not least, trust your gut instinct. It’s something I’ve mentioned quite often on my blog and I am a firm believer of it as well but I truly believe that we have the ability to pick up energies from certain people and discern who someone really is from the first or few interactions we have with that person. Most of the times, we tend to brush away those red flags or weird events because of the love & affection we have for that specific person but in reality, our brain knows before our heart.

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Thank you so much for reading! – xo N

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  1. When I was a small child, while taking a walk in the woods my mom pointed out some clover to me and said “if you ever find one with four leaves, then that’s good luck, because those are quite rare” … and I simply bent down and picked one out on the first try! 😀

  2. When you surround yourself with the right people, you can learn from their experiences and expertise. They can share their knowledge and skills with you, helping you to develop new skills and expand your horizons.

  3. I agree 100 percent with your comment: “Personally, the lack of honesty, respect & compassion are a big flag to me.”
    If we can’t be honest with our friends and family, the relationships are fake and useless. Without honesty, it’s a given that there is also no respect and compassion because the person is hiding something.

    1. I know right! Why would you waste time with someone who clearly doesn’t want to be honest with you therefore doesn’t want to establish a genuine relationship with you? It would just be a waste of time and energy. Thank you so much for reading ❤️

  4. I’m naive. Generally it’s okay. But I would have thought that adults would prefer striving toward being quality people. It’s easier and feels better. Even when offered a better life, they would rather live without knowing simple happiness that comes with being clean.

    1. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for everyone. Many people aren’t what they seem like and they expect a lot from others without giving anything away. They are two-faced people everywhere and many of them have hidden intentions before starting a relationship/friendship as well that’s why it’s important to be self-aware of yourself & others and prioritise the good people in your life if you find/have any. Thank you so much for reading 😊

  5. So true! I have known people who love to be surrounded by a crowd and don’t get too close to any one person. I am the opposite. But personally, I much prefer a few genuine friends I can count on and confide in (and vice versa).

  6. “Even if I am not surrounded with positive people, I don’t want to be surrounded with negative ones.” This rang true to me, no company is always better than bad company.

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