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How To Get More Likes On Your Blog (WordPress)

Storms don’t last forever.

Hey Loves! One of the most asked questions I get is how to get more likes on a blog, I’ve been blogging for over 3 years now and I promise it’s not something that happened overnight, it happened gradually for me and I thought I’d share my tips and tricks with you so if you’re interested then keep on reading!

Salut tout le monde! Une des questions les plus posées que je recois est de savoir comment obtenir plus de likes sur un blog, je blogue depuis plus de 3 ans maintenant et je promets que ce n’est pas quelque chose qui s’est passé du jour au lendemain, ça s’est passé progressivement pour moi et j’ai pensé partager mes astuces avec vous, donc si vous êtes intéressé, continuez à lire!


Post regularly

The key to get more likes on your blog is to post regularly, it doesn’t matter if it’s once a week or ten times a month, you’ve to find a routine that works for you and stick to it. If you take a long break or hiatus, your readers will forget about you and you’ll have to start everything from the beginning.

La clé pour obtenir plus de likes sur votre blog est de poster régulièrement, peu importe si c’est une fois par semaine ou dix fois par mois, vous devez trouver une routine qui fonctionne pour vous. Si vous prenez une longue pause ou un hiatus, vos lecteurs vous oublieront et vous devrez tout recommencer depuis le début.


Quality content

Even if you’re only able to post once a month, make sure you post quality content instead of posting multiple times a week just for the sake of publishing something. Quality content doesn’t necessarily mean a post with no grammatical errors or with high quality images. What I mean by quality is a blog post that will be helpful and useful for your readers.

Même si vous ne pouvez publier qu’une fois par mois, assurez-vous de publier du contenu de qualité au lieu de poster plusieurs fois par semaine, juste pour publier quelque chose. Un contenu de qualité ne signifie pas nécessairement un article sans erreurs grammaticales ou avec des images de haute qualité. Ce que je veux dire par qualité est un article de blog qui sera utile pour vos lecteurs.


Social media

Make use of your social media platforms, they’re here for a reason! Share your blog posts on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and whatever platforms you’ve for your blog. Even if you don’t see a difference at first, trust me you’ll see one, you just have to be patient.

Utilisez vos plateformes de médias sociaux, ils sont là pour une raison! Partagez vos billets de blog sur Twitter, Instagram, Facebook et toutes les plateformes que vous avez pour votre blog. Même si vous ne voyez pas de différence au début, croyez-moi, vous en verrez un, il faut juste être patient.


Interact with others

As I always say, blogging is all about supporting each other and sharing the love, the majority of people who like your posts are bloggers themselves so give back the love. Comment and like their blog posts and show them that you appreciate their support!

Comme je le dis toujours, blogging est tout au sujet de se soutenir et de partager l’amour, la majorité des gens qui aiment vos billets sont des blogueurs eux-mêmes alors redonnez l’amour. Commentez et aimez leurs billets et montrez-leur que vous appréciez leur soutien!


Be passionate

This one is the most crucial part in my opinion, be passionate about what you write, it’s very easy to copy someone’s niche when you see their content getting so much traffic compared to yours but at the end of the day, your readers know about you.

Also, you don’t have to change your niche because everyone else has the same niche, as long as you’re passionate about what you write, there is enough places for everyone!

Celui-ci est la partie la plus cruciale à mon avis, soyez passionné par ce que vous écrivez, il est très facile de copier la niche de quelqu’un quand vous voyez son contenu obtenir autant de trafic par rapport au vôtre mais à la fin de la journée, vos lecteurs vous connaissent.

De plus, vous n’avez pas à changer de créneau parce que tout le monde a le même créneau, tant que vous êtes passionné par ce que vous écrivez, il y a assez de places pour tout le monde!



These are some things I’ve seen other bloggers do but personally I won’t do them for my blog but just because I don’t do them, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do them either!

Ce sont des choses que j’ai vues d’autres blogueurs faire mais personnellement je ne les ferai pas pour mon blog pour différentes raisons mais juste parce que je ne les fais pas, cela ne signifie pas que vous ne devriez pas les faire non plus!



I’ve seen bloggers repost their old posts using the “Press This” button in order to bring back traffic to their old blog posts which is really good in my opinion but at the same time I’ve seen bloggers repost their blog posts multiple times a day to get more likes so if you’re interested then you can do that.

J’ai vu des blogueurs republier leurs anciens messages afin d’apporter du trafic qui est vraiment bon à mon avis mais en même temps j’ai vu plusieurs blogueurs republier leur blog plusieurs fois par jour pour obtenir plus de likes alors si vous êtes intéressé alors vous pouvez le faire.


Comment Train

You can join comment trains on Twitter where bloggers share their blog posts and people have to leave a comment, and who knows some people might like your blog posts if they use the same blogging platform as yours.

Vous pouvez rejoindre les trains de commentaires sur Twitter où les blogueurs partagent leurs posts et les gens doivent laisser un commentaire, et qui sait certaines personnes pourraient aimer vos articles s’ils utilisent la même plate-forme de blogs que la vôtre.


It took me 2 years to get to a routine and to start to see a difference with my blog so be patient and don’t give up. Likes are an indicator as well so you can see whether or not people are interested in the topics you talk about so see that as an advantage. In addition, likes are all great but don’t get too focused about the numbers and enjoy blogging as it is!

Il m’a fallu 2 ans pour arriver à une routine et commencer à voir une différence avec mon blog alors soyez patient et n’abandonnez pas. Les likes sont aussi un indicateur, donc vous pouvez voir si les gens s’intéressent aux sujets dont vous parlez, alors voyez cela comme un avantage. En outre, les likes sont tous excellents, mais ne soyez pas trop concentrés sur les chiffres et appréciez les blogs tels qu’ils sont!



xo N


  1. Thanks for the advice I’ve been wondering what I was doing wrong but I’m slowly finding my rhythm and I’m getting a bit more consistent than before. Still not sure what to blog about but for now I am sticking with beauty even though I’m not glam guru in any sense but I’m sharing what I learn from others.

    1. My pleasure! You don’t need to be a beauty/glam guru to talk about beauty (I don’t consider myself a makeup artist/guru but I talk about beauty) and the same goes for pretty much any niche, as long as you’re passionate about what you write – that’s what matters! x

  2. Thank you a really informative blog and tips I’d be using from now on. Specially the social media side if it. Twitter is just starting to help but I need to utilise Instagram.

    1. You’re welcome! You should definitely use Instagram, you can share your blog posts on your insta stories or you can post a new picture and let your followers know you’ve published a blog post! But when it comes to social media, Twitter and Pinterest are my favourites x

    2. Basically you can create boards and save pins, you can create pins linking your blog posts (to promote your blog) as well, I’m planning on doing a blog post very soon about it so hopefully that will help everyone 😉

  3. thank you for this tip! joining and interacting with other bloggers on other social media platforms really helped me a lot to gain more followers and traffic plus it’s fun!

  4. Thank you for sharing! I’ve been blogging for a couple months now. I know I need to be patient with getting followers. I am trying my best to just keep blogging to help others, and not worry so much about traffic coming to my site overnight.

    1. My pleasure! Yes, that’s the spirit you need! I promise you, you’ll see a difference very soon so don’t get discouraged and keep up the good work x

  5. Supers conseils! Ton blog est vraiment très intéressant, on y trouve beaucoup de choses très utiles 😄

  6. Ohhh! So that’s how you re-blog! I was wondering how for a little while lol. I might actually re-blog some old posts, possibly or I’d think it’d be good to re-blog posts when they’re in-season again.

    These are some really great tips. Honestly, consistency is key and communication.

    1. Haha yes! I didn’t know what that button was for at the beginning then I realised afterwards lol. You should re-blog your old posts, it’s a great way to bring back traffic to your old blog posts.

      Thank you sweet! I 100% agree with you 🙌🏼

  7. These are really great tips..I have started blogging just two months back and still trying to work on a routine. But I really love sharing my take on beauty products and fashion. I’m really trying to connect with bloggers who have same interests. Your’s was infact the first blog that I started following when I signed up for wordpress. You have an amazing content.

  8. Great post! I have to admit I’m terrible at using my social media aside from Instagram. I’ve got to get better at using Twitter but who has time for everything!? 😄

    Reposting annoys me so much, especially when I see bloggers abusing the feature. I actually unfollow when I notice people reposting too much, it just doesn’t seem fair to bump your old content ahead in the reader of newer posts. Since I’m self hosted my posts don’t show up in WordPress reader tags anyways so reposting isn’t an option 😄

    1. Thank you gorgeous! I barely use Instagram and Twitter anymore, I need to get back into it asap lol! 😅

      I find reposting your old blog posts as a great way to bring traffic to your blog but other than that, I do agree with you when it comes to abusing the feature. Ohh that sucks, that’s one of the reasons why I haven’t gone self hosted yet! Thank you for reading 😘

  9. Bonjour 😊
    J’ai commencé mon blog depuis 3 mois environ et j’ai l’impression de stagner 😅 J’essaie d’appliquer ce que tu dis mais en ce moment, je suis de plus en plus découragée et je trouve mon contenu de moins en moins intéressant. Mais bon, comme tu dis il faut être passionnée et cet article m’a redonné espoir ! ** J’aime vraiment écrire et poster des articles 😊

  10. I love reading your advice posts! I used to be in blog comment pods but they always seem to malfunction after a couple of weeks with members not catching up etc. So I left them all. I disabled the ‘Like’ feature on my blog a while back too! Before, I think ppl just scroll through their reader feed and like posts much like they would on Instagram! I try to comment on others content but as you say, it takes a long time to get the return engagement.
    Thanks for sharing lovely, fab post as always!

    Samantha x

    1. Thank you hun! You could be liking and commenting on other bloggers content for ages but not everyone will reciprocate, as you said it takes a long time. Thank you for reading x

  11. Hey!

    That are really good advices. I’m stuggling with having a routine for writing. At the moment everything is really good but I don’t have school and I don’t have anything to do. I also wrote two entries that I will publish in the next week. So, I don’t have to think about writing right now. It’s a good feeling to have some finish entries. I guess, the biggest problem is that I don’t have a lot of ideas. As I started blogging I wanted to write reviews but I did this just a few times. You talked about niches. I don’t have one but I’m not sad about. I think that this will come with the time.
    I’m very excited how this journey ​goes on and if I will continue writing in the next weeks.

    Loni ^^

    1. Thank you Loni! You don’t need to have a specific niche for your blog as long as you’re passionate about what you write, that’s what matters. Finding a routine is what I find the hardest when it comes to blogging. Good luck with your blog x

  12. Helpful. Am a blogger who awaits the likes though I like blogging otherwise. Wonder when readers will’ like what I do

  13. Good thoughts New Lune! It’s good to be reminded to post regularly…I haven’t been doing that and I want to implement that!! Thank you for posting this!!

  14. What a lovely piece, I love it! If there’s one tip I can’t stress enough, it has to be interaction. You should interact not only on your blog but on other social media platforms. That way when you eventually share your work people are keen to check out your work.
    Thank you for sharing this 🙂

    MaKupsy |

  15. Thank you for sharing! I find it a bit hard to grow a blog than an instagram. Anyway, i will try to follow your tips and hopefully more people will engage actively. Good day to you!

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