3 Tools To Write Blog Posts On The Go.

One of the hardest and tedious part of blogging is definitely the process of writing blog posts. Even if you have already done your research about the topic you are going to write about or are very familiar with the theme of your post, it can still be difficult to find the time to write the article in question.

In today’s post, I wanted to share with you some tools that you could use to write blog posts on the go whether you are commuting or on a lunch break. Not only will these tools help you to be productive in terms of writing articles but these will also help you to post consistently. As always, if you are interested – keep on reading!

L’une des parties les plus difficiles et les plus fastidieuses des blogs est certainement le processus d’écriture des articles de blog. Même si vous avez déjà fait vos recherches sur le sujet sur lequel vous allez écrire ou si vous connaissez très bien le thème de votre article, il peut toujours être difficile de trouver le temps d’écrire l’article en question.

Dans l’article d’aujourd’hui, je voulais partager avec vous quelques outils que vous pourriez utiliser pour écrire des articles de blog lors de vos déplacements. Non seulement ces outils vous aideront à être productif en termes de rédaction d’articles, mais ils vous aideront également à publier de manière cohérente. Comme toujours, si vous êtes intéressé, continuez à lire !

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This is something I’ve already mentioned on my blog but the notes app on your phone is probably the most effective tool you have in your hands. Not only are you able to brainstorm blog post ideas and quickly jot down them on your notes but you are also able to write articles without necessarily having to use wifi or any data on your phone. You only need to do a quick copy & paste afterwards and you have already done the major part of publishing a blog post.

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I’m pretty sure this is something you are already aware of and it’s the fact that Jetpack has now replaced the WordPress app but in case you hadn’t, you can still use the JetPack app to write & publish blog posts on your website. This is way more convenient because you are writing the article on the platform in question therefore you don’t need to copy or paste anything onto another tool or platform, you will only need to proofread & edit your post and that’s pretty much it.

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This is another technique I’ve already mentioned before but you can also use your email (account) to write articles or to even save your drafts. It’s a technique I use quite often to write my blog posts and I find it to be very efficient and easy as well.

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Thank you so much for reading! – xo N

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  1. I never thought of using email to write posts but now that you mention, it totally makes sense. I kept on searching for more efficient apps that work offline and online to write and save drafts. But writing posts in email, it automatically saves, does not fills mobile storage, and you can edit it anytime you want. Thanks for great tips.

  2. My notes app and Jetpack, literally lifesavers. I have always been using the WordPress app right till they switched to Jetpack. And my notes is really great for quickly jotting down ideas.

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