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Best Drugstore Makeup

Drugstore brands have really been upping their game recently whether it’s the quality or packaging, I’ve been gravitating more towards drugstore makeup products in general. Compared to high end products, I much prefer drugstore products because they’re easily accessible and very affordable. Here’s a list of my favourite drugstore products, I consider all these products to be the best so when I say you won’t be disappointed, I completely mean it!

Les marques de drugstores ont vraiment augmenté leur jeu récemment si c’est la qualité ou l’empaquetage, j’ai été gravitant plus vers des produits de maquillage de pharmacie en général. Comparé aux produits haut de gamme, je préfère de loin les produits de pharmacie parce qu’ils sont facilement accessibles et très abordables. Voici une liste de mes produits de pharmacie préférés, je considère que tous ces produits sont les meilleurs alors quand je dis que vous ne serez pas déçu, je le pense complètement!

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The majority of the drugstore palettes I own are from Makeup Revolution and I’d highly recommend these palettes. The eyeshadows are very pigmented and blend like a dream, they’re very affordable as well which is good for my bank account haha!

La majorité des palettes de pharmacie que je possède sont de Makeup Revolution et je recommande fortement ces palettes. Les fards à paupières sont très pigmentés et se fondent comme un rêve, ils sont très abordables, ce qui est bon pour mon compte bancaire haha!

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This is the eyeliner* I’ve been pretty much using ever since I’ve ran out of my trusty NYC liquid eyeliner which was the best eyeliner from the drugstore. The felt tip liner makes it easy to create a winged liner and it’s very precise so you can create a sharp wing as well.

C’est l’eye-liner que j’utilise à peu près depuis que je suis à court de mon fidèle eye-liner liquide NYC qui était le meilleur eye-liner de la pharmacie. La doublure en feutre facilite la création d’une doublure ailée et elle est très précise pour que vous puissiez créer une aile aiguisée.

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The first lip liners I bought from Rimmel were the Exaggerate* ones and I absolutely loved them! A few days ago when I was organising my makeup, I rediscovered these pencils and I’ve been using them ever since. The formula is creamy and glides on very easily, I’d definitely recommend to check them out!

Les premiers crayons a lèvres que j’ai achetés chez Rimmel étaient les Exaggerate et je les aimais absolument! Il y a quelques jours, alors que j’organisais mon maquillage, j’ai redécouvert ces crayons et je les utilise depuis. La formule est crémeuse et glisse très facilement, je recommande vivement de les vérifier!

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I rarely hear bloggers talk about MUA, I feel it’s such an underrated brand but if you browse through there are so many goodies you can discover! If I had to mention one product I love by this brand is their highlighter*, they’ve many beautiful shades.

However I’d recommend to scrape through the first layer to get the best texture, I know it might seem a waste of the product but trust me you won’t waste that much and it’ll give the most pigmented finish.

J’entends rarement les blogueurs parler de MUA, je pense que c’est une marque tellement sous-estimée, mais si vous naviguez à travers il ya tellement de goodies que vous pouvez découvrir! Si je devais mentionner un produit que j’aime par cette marque est leur highlighter, ils ont beaucoup de belles nuances.

Cependant, je recommande de gratter à travers la première couche pour obtenir la meilleure texture, je sais que cela peut sembler une perte du produit, mais croyez-moi, vous ne gaspillerez pas autant et il donnera la finition la plus pigmentée.

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I’d seen so many people hype about this palette and I never got it why up until I bought it myself, this is the best cream contour palette* from the drugstore! I was going back and forth whether I wanted to buy this palette in the shade Medium or Dark since a lot of people who had fair skin than me were using the dark shades but at the end I opted for the shade Medium and it works perfectly for my skin tone.

J’avais vu tant de gens exagérer sur cette palette et je n’ai jamais compris pourquoi jusqu’à ce que je l’achète moi-même, c’est la meilleure palette de contour de la crème de la pharmacie! Je faisais des allées et venues si je voulais acheter cette palette à l’ombre Medium ou Dark car beaucoup de gens qui avaient une peau plus claire que moi utilisaient les teintes sombres mais à la fin j’ai opté pour l’ombre Medium et il fonctionne parfaitement pour mon teint de peau.

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  1. I would have to agree everything from packaging to shade range has been upped by drugstore brands and it’s a really great thing to see. I have not got any of the sleek products yet but have read so many great things.
    Kate x

  2. I stopped wearing make up a long time ago but I still like looking at it in the shops, especially lip gloss 😄

  3. I’ve recently purchased a couple Sleek products. It’s definitely an up and coming brand! The products are really good. I have a MUA highlighter too. You’re right, drugstores have really improved their makeup ranges. Gives us so much more choice!

    Samantha x

    1. Yes! I want to try their lip liners as well, the packaging is pretty similar to the NYX and ABH lip pencils. Thanks for reading my lovely x

  4. great post, I’ve also been gravitating more towards affordable makeup than high end lately. I totally agree I think drugstore brands are working on making better products especially with packaging, I like that some of my favourite brands are trying to improve their packaging and products. I think these days especially with social media the world of beauty products is moving so fast they need to make products that keep up with trends.

  5. Hi There !
    Also one of the best drugstores makeup is the lash paradise mascara by L’Oreal. It is a copy of “Better Than Sex” mascara by Too faced. You should try it ! Also, I would love it if you checked out my blog. I love talking about makeup, turns out I like blogging about it too. I would love it if you gave me some pointers on how to improve. Thank you so much !

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