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7 Photo Editing Apps To Up Your Instagram Feed

Nowadays, Instagram is all about expressing your creativity through editing (which I love), you can easily create a simple theme using one or multiple apps so in this post I’ve gathered my favourite apps to up your Instagram feed!

De nos jours, Instagram consiste à exprimer votre créativité à travers le montage (ce que j’adore), vous pouvez facilement créer un thème simple en utilisant une ou plusieurs applications. Dans cet article, j’ai rassemblé mes applications préférées pour votre flux d’Instagram!

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Here we have the infamous Lightroom app, many people love the desktop version which I don’t have but for me the free app is good enough. When I need a bit more extra work on my pictures, I usually use this app!

Ici, nous avons la fameuse application Lightroom, beaucoup de gens aiment la version de bureau que je n’ai pas, mais pour moi, l’application gratuite est assez bonne. Quand j’ai besoin d’un peu plus de travail supplémentaire sur mes photos, j’utilise habituellement cette application!





I use the desktop version of Photoshop to edit my blog pictures (read how I edit my pictures here!) and I love the mobile version of it as well although there aren’t as many features as the desktop version.

J’utilise la version de bureau de Photoshop pour éditer mes images de blog (lisez comment j’édite mes photos ici!) et j’adore aussi la version mobile bien qu’il n’y ait pas autant de fonctionnalités que la version de bureau.



This is another app where there are a number of good filters which are different to VSCO Cam so I’d highly recommend to check this out!

Ceci est une autre application où il y a un certain nombre de bons filtres qui sont différents de VSCO Cam, donc je vous recommande fortement de vérifier cela!




I’d consider this app as the desktop version of Photoshop, there are so many functionalities and features which are on another level! Depending on the editing you want to do, I’d recommend to do it very slowly and by taking your time to get the best result.

Je considère cette application comme la version de bureau de Photoshop, il y a tellement de fonctionnalités qui sont à un autre niveau! En fonction de l’édition que vous souhaitez effectuer, je vous recommande de le faire très lentement et en prenant votre temps pour obtenir le meilleur résultat.



This used to be everyone’s go-to editing app (and still is), there are so many filters available and that’s what they’re known for! Some of the filters are paid but the free filters are really beautiful in my opinion depending on your preferences.

Cela a été l’application de montage de tout le monde (et l’est toujours), il y a tellement de filtres disponibles et c’est ce pour quoi ils sont connus! Certains des filtres sont payés mais les filtres gratuits sont vraiment beaux à mon avis en fonction de vos préférences.




If you want to create a vintage/retro theme then you need this app! There are many cool effects which are worth having a look.

Si vous voulez créer un thème vintage/rétro, vous avez besoin de cette application! Il y a beaucoup d’effets sympas qui valent un coup d’oeil.



This is my go-to app for collages, you can easily create a mirrored image as well and for some reason I love the user interface of this app lol!

Ceci est mon application de base pour les collages, vous pouvez facilement créer une image en miroir aussi et pour une raison quelconque, j’aime l’interface utilisateur de cette application lol!



If you want to read an in-depth tutorial on how to edit your pictures using these apps then let me know in the comments below!

Si vous voulez lire un tutoriel détaillé sur la modification de vos images à l’aide de ces applications, faites-le moi savoir dans les commentaires ci-dessous!



xo N

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  1. Again thank you for the tips and advice. I have not started using apps to edit my photos yet but will be taking a look at some of these.
    Kate x

  2. I’d love to see an in-depth post with editing tips! I use some of these apps already, but your photos are definitely on another level! ☺️ Thank you for sharing !!

  3. I’ve listed most of the editing apps you featured. I really need to improve my pictures quality and this is totally helpful. Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Very kind of you. Thank you for noticing my comment despite the number of your followers. 💕

  4. You always take the most gorgeous photos! I LOVE colorstory and often use lightroom for photos of me but I do want to start using it for my flatlays too. It would be great to see a post on how you edit them exactly as I always find them interesting! Clare xx | https://www.clayaa.com

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  6. Love this post! I use colour story and also Photoshop FX (app) to be honest though, since I’ve had my new camera I don’t need to do much editing. My gram doesn’t have a theme as such these days and the orange tint which so many have adopted doesn’t appeal to me! Great tips as always. (I’ve just downloaded Light Room)

    Samantha x


    1. Thank you sweet! I love all the Photoshop apps (I believe there are at least 3 of them), they’re all so good! The orange tint doesn’t appeal to me either, the feeds look beautiful though but it’s not something I want to implement on mine. I love your feed, it has a mixture of lifestyle and beauty + the colours are so vibrant! x

  7. The only app I have in your list is the layout app. I don’t post pics of myself on insta, I share pics of other people’s makeup looks and I feel it would be disrespectful if I used apps to filter them. But if I ever get good enough to post my own pic, I’ve these are some great apps.

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