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The Qualifications Required For A Career In Marketing

Whether you’re a student wondering which A Levels to choose or you’re looking to change your career and go down a marketing route, it’s wise to know what qualifications you’ll require. Embarking on a particular career journey can be quite daunting, particularly if your long term goals aren’t set in stone, which is why I have teamed up with a sixth form college in London to share the following advice.


You’ll be pleased to know that, since marketing is such a broad topic, it’s highly unlikely that your future employers will ask for qualifications in specific subjects, especially when it comes to GCSEs and A Levels. Smaller companies might not even require candidates to have a degree, so don’t panic if you don’t have one. You will probably find that your career in marketing will involve a lot of on the job training. This will vary drastically depending on the industry. If you have an impressive CV but you’re lacking in academic qualifications, some employers might be happy to pay for you to do a training course and advance your skills. Essentially, you don’t have to rule out marketing just because you don’t have an academic background.

Of course, if you are lucky enough to be heading off to university, marketing or business related degrees will probably be your best options. Do your research and make sure you know what the entry requirements are for each course as this will help you come to a conclusion about your a levels. No matter which subjects you go for, higher education will help you learn invaluable skills that you can carry through your marketing career.

If possible, try and talk to people in the industry or a careers advisor who can guide you in the right direction. This will help you feel like you’re making informed decisions when it comes to your education and/or career.



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  1. I’ve always had a passing interesting how marketing works and daydreamed at times about working for a marketing firm. My mind is more technical than people-oriented so it’s not in the cards for me but it’s always fascinating to read about. Thank you

  2. I work in marketing and know how hard of an industry it is to get into! My advice for anyone starting out is to get as much experience as possible (blogging is a great way to do this) and don’t give up applying! Great post 😊

  3. his was one of the great and informative articles I have read after a long time. Thank you for sharing:-)

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