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4 Tips For A Stress-Free Move.

[AD] We can all agree that moving home isn’t a simple nor easy process, not only is it time consuming but it also requires a lot of effort. Unless you only own a couple of items and clothes, packing all your furniture pieces, clothing items and other household items is definitely not easy – I would probably say it’s one of the hardest tasks ever.

On top of that, you never know what’s going to happen. You might encounter some hardships along the way so it’s better to be prepared beforehand! In today’s post, I wanted to share with you some tips on how to have a stress-free move within a short period of time or long period of time. Anyway, without further ado – let’s jump into the post!

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4 tips for a stress free move - the man van london - new lune

Once you know you are going to move and have started preparing all the paperwork’s, it’s time to fix a moving date. Depending on your circumstance, you can either move on the same day as your tenancy agreement starts or another day – it’s completely up to you! Most people prefer to move during the weekend instead of a week day since their families/friends can help them out with packing and moving their items during the weekends. Don’t feel afraid to ask for help, your loved ones are there for a reason! Once you know which date you are going to move in, it’s the perfect time to check any availability for man and van hire if you are planning on booking removal services.

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This is something I’ve already mentioned in my moving posts but plan every single thing when it comes to your home. I’m not only talking about the packing process but also everything else that’s related to your new home such as your internet/broadband, gas & electricity, water, etc. Don’t forget to change your address at your GP, dentist, etc. Obviously, this step is only done after your move but it’s always better to write it down just in case as those things can be easily forgotten.

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Moving is definitely expensive! As I mentioned above, you need to check how much money you are going to spend on movers or renting a truck, the cost will vary based on each company that’s the reason why it’s always better to estimate a budget beforehand – that way you will be prepared!

Don’t forget to include additional costs in your budget as well such as the deposit, letting agent fee or any other fees depending on your situation. You will get an idea of how much money you need, remember that it doesn’t have to be accurate but knowing the average cost will definitely help you in the grand scheme of things.

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Once you’ve done everything, it’s time to prepare for the big day! By now, you should have arranged everything and hopefully packed most of the items except your day-to-day ones or any other important things that you want to carry by yourself on the day. Remember not to stress yourself and make sure to stay hydrated and eat something! You don’t need to unpack every single thing that day, take your time and unpack your essentials. Then when you have time, unpack slowly all the remaining items.

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Thank you so much for reading! – xo N

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  1. J’ai récemment déménagé du Canada vers la France, il faut fournir une importante documentation, comme par exemple une preuve d’adresse dans le pays où on n’habite pas encore! Bon, comme le convoyage met deux mois, cela laisse un peu de temps, mais mieux vaut le savoir. Dans le sens inverse, Europe vers Canada, la documentation était moitié moindre. Comme quoi la réputation kafkaïenne de l’administration française n’est pas usurpée 🙂

    1. Ohh c’est intéressant! Déménager à l’étranger est certainement beaucoup plus difficile, il y a tellement de choses cachées que vous ne réalisez pas avant de passer par là. Merci beaucoup d’avoir lu ❤️

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