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How To Plan Your Week Ahead

I always plan and prepare the week ahead, it’s been something I’ve been doing for years now. I would say ever since middle school. Not only does it save me a lot of time but it also helps me work more productively. I know some people like to go with the flow but unfortunately, that doesn’t work for me. So do what works for you! If you find planning your week makes it easier to finish your to-do list & tasks then go for it! On the other hand, if you find it stressful and not helpful at all then do what works for you. In today’s post, I wanted to share with you on how I plan my week so if you are interested – keep on reading!

Je planifie et prépare toujours la semaine à venir, c’est quelque chose que je fais depuis des années maintenant. Je dirais depuis le collège. Non seulement cela me fait gagner beaucoup de temps, mais cela m’aide également à travailler de manière plus productive. Je sais que certaines personnes aiment suivre le courant, mais malheureusement, cela ne fonctionne pas pour moi. Alors faites ce qui fonctionne pour vous! Si vous trouvez que la planification de votre semaine facilite la fin de votre liste de tâches, allez-y! D’un autre côté, si vous trouvez cela stressant et pas du tout utile, faites ce qui fonctionne pour vous. Dans le post d’aujourd’hui, je voulais partager avec vous comment je planifie ma semaine, donc si vous êtes intéressé, continuez à lire!

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I always start to plan out my week during the weekend and if I’m being completely honest, sometimes I start during the middle of the week as well. I go over the tasks I need to do and write my to-do list for the week, that way I know what tasks I need to accomplish for the week and I have a clear mind as well.

Je commence toujours à planifier ma semaine pendant le week-end et si je suis tout à fait honnête, parfois je commence aussi au milieu de la semaine. Je passe en revue les tâches que je dois faire et j’écris ma liste de choses à faire pour la semaine, de cette façon je sais quelles tâches je dois accomplir pour la semaine et j’ai également l’esprit clair.

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After I’ve written my to-do list and all the tasks for the week, I prioritise each task. I always prioritise the most important and stressful ones first, that way they will be out of the way faster. If you have tasks that don’t have a deadline or don’t need to be done before a specific date then you can do them the next week or at a later time. Prioritise each task based on the importance and urgency of it.

Après avoir écrit ma liste de choses à faire et toutes les tâches de la semaine, je priorise chaque tâche. Je donne toujours la priorité aux plus importants et aux plus stressants en premier, de cette façon ils seront éliminés plus rapidement. Si vous avez des tâches qui n’ont pas de date limite ou qui n’ont pas besoin d’être effectuées avant une date précise, vous pouvez les faire la semaine prochaine ou plus tard. Classez chaque tâche par ordre de priorité en fonction de son importance et de son urgence.

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It’s always good to go over the previous week’s tasks in case if you hadn’t finished one of them or have forgotten about any task. In addition, it’s the perfect time to see if you still need to do some tasks from the previous week if you hadn’t done them.

Il est toujours bon de revenir sur les tâches de la semaine précédente au cas où vous n’en auriez pas terminé une ou si vous avez oublié une tâche. De plus, c’est le moment idéal pour voir si vous devez encore effectuer certaines tâches de la semaine précédente si vous ne les aviez pas faites.

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The last step is to use a planner, calendar or even the notes app on your phone to write all the tasks and prioritise them. Obviously, a notebook will be enough but sometimes – you need more tools to help you stay organised! I use a digital calendar, a planner, notebook as well as some apps to help me stay organised and plan everything for the week.

La dernière étape consiste à utiliser un agenda, un calendrier ou même l’application Notes sur votre téléphone pour écrire toutes les tâches et les prioriser. Évidemment, un cahier suffira mais parfois – vous avez besoin de plus d’outils pour vous aider à rester organisé! J’utilise un calendrier numérique, un agenda, un bloc-notes ainsi que certaines applications pour m’aider à rester organisé et à tout planifier pour la semaine.

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xo N

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  1. Agreed dear… Its indeed helpful to plan each day perfectly…and more needed for people like me who forget things faster!! Thanks as always for sharing great tips🤗🤗❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Yes! Preparation and planning are soooo important!

    I do most of my meal prep for the week on Sunday morning. I also do laundry that day so I start the week with plenty of towels and clothes. When putting away laundry, I typically check the forecast and choose outfits to make getting ready for work easier. 🙂

    1. Same! I always check the forecast to plan my outfits for the week, it saves me a lot of time 👌🏼 Thank you so much for reading love ❤️

    1. I’m not the kinda guy who plans something! As soon as i have an inspiration i write. Planning for me doesn’t work at all!

  3. I wish I was a planner! I do try to plan but then don’t go back and look at what I’ve planned and give up. I think I’m best just keeping my plans in my head, haha!

    Corinne x

    1. Hahaha you should definitely do what works for you! I wish I could go with the flow but that doesn’t work for me at all. Thank you so much for reading lovely x

  4. “…if I’m being completely honest, sometimes I start during the middle of the week as well.”

    I think this is actually a good thing to note. Sometimes my brain gets wired to think that I HAVE to plan during the weekends, and I end up feeling like if I don’t get to do that on the weekend, then the week is pretty much lost and my next chance to organize things is only at the next weekend. I know it’s weird, but sometimes I just get conditioned that way, and noting that you can always start during the middle of the week as well is a good reminder, and quite helpful, because it means you can always catch up and it doesn’t have to be too rigid, and things are going to be fine. Life happens and we can’t always get the perfect planning session or timing that we want, sometimes we just have to roll with whatever is going on. Thanks for sharing this! I’m still trying to find my sweet spot in planning and organizing, and this is a great read. 🙂

    1. I couldn’t agree more. We may not totally follow a plan because we live in uncertain times but knowing we’ve got a guide keeps us sane. It prevents us from having jumbled days. It keeps frustration at bay. It’s like having a guide to play a jigsaw puzzle. LOL!

    2. Thank you so much! So glad it was helpful ☺️ I definitely like to start sooner with my planning, that way I feel like I have more control of my routine. Sometimes, it ends up working in my favour but there are times it doesn’t if something unexpected comes. Thank you so much for reading ❤️

  5. Great tips!. I find planning my week ahead and even my day ahead helps me to stay productive, else I essentially just procrastinate all day haha!.

  6. Hey lady!!!! ❤️ … yes 🙌 I also need a todo list … For me, it helps keep me on track and more at peace… doesn’t get so overwhelming and crazy when you have a todo list or planner ❤️ and you can just remember what tasks need to get handled ✌️

    Hope you doing well ❤️✌️

  7. These are useful tips, as always.This article is particularly relevant these days, now that we are approaching the end of 2020 and start of a new year!

    It’s been quite some time since I last visited your blog. I am always pleased to see your useful content every time I get the chance to go back. ❤

  8. I’m definitely a planner. I like having my tasks schedule out in order of priority and seeing all my tasks for the week. It keeps me on track and focused. I usually take Sundays to organise my week but I do some planning throughout the week as well as tasks come up. Currently, I’m using google sheets to plan out my week and then add everything to my Google calendar since I usually save any upcoming events there. Without organising my week, I’m sure to forget something important. There are only so many things your brain can focus on daily, even if it is a super bio-computer. Planning everything out leaves room for me to think of other things too.
    Love this post. I really enjoy reading about how other plan and organise their days. It’s very iinsightful and can provide some great tips and resources.

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