Trying To Stay Calm During Stressful Situations.

I think one of the hardest things to do when you are going through a stressful situation is to remain calm or be calm in general. You are overwhelmed with a lot of emotions and the last thing you want to do is to keep them inside which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but depending on the situation, they might overpower you and make you do or say irrational things, or worse keep you stressed & anxious making it seem like there wouldn’t be a light at the end of the tunnel.

In today’s post, I wanted to share with you some ways on how you could stay calm during stressful situations. Those are things or shall I say steps that I follow & do in order to keep my emotions afloat and not to let them control me in a drastic measure. As always, if you are interested – keep on reading!

Je pense que l’une des choses les plus difficiles à faire lorsque vous traversez une situation stressante est de rester calme. Vous êtes submergé par beaucoup d’émotions et la dernière chose que vous voulez faire est de les garder à l’intérieur ce qui n’est pas forcément une mauvaise chose mais selon la situation, elles pourraient vous submerger et vous faire faire ou dire des choses irrationnelles, ou pire vous garder stressé et anxieux, donnant l’impression qu’il n’y aurait pas de lumière au bout du tunnel.

Dans l’article d’aujourd’hui, je voulais partager avec vous quelques façons de rester calme dans des situations stressantes. Ce sont des choses ou devrais-je dire des étapes que je suis et que je fais afin de maintenir mes émotions à flot et de ne pas les laisser me contrôler de manière drastique. Comme toujours, si vous êtes intéressé, continuez à lire !

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Something that I’ve learned is that every person acts and feels differently during stressful situations. One thing that is really important to me when I am going through a difficult time is to get reassurance that everything will work out for the better. Some get it through their environment & community they are surrounded with whilst others get it through self-care. Either you need a loved one to make you remember that things will end up getting better eventually or you need to remember that by doing something that you enjoy such as a hobby.

I know the last thing you want to do while you are stressed out is to read a book or watch a movie but taking a few minutes out of your stressful time to clear your mind and most importantly to remind yourself that what you are going through isn’t permanent and that you have so many things around you to make you happy will distract your mind from thinking negatively.

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This ties with the previous point but you need to find comfort in one way or another when you feel stressed out. The easiest way is by talking to someone who will emphasise with you and comfort you with the way you want to be reassured. I don’t think speaking to anyone will help you in this case even if that person is the closest to you, some people might worsen your state of mind because their way of communicating during stressful situations might be the complete opposite of yours. Seek the comfort you are expecting from the right person in order keep your mind at ease.

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Last but not least, finding a solution will help you stay calm during a difficult situation. If the situation in question is something you are in control of then try to find a solution for the issue in question. If the situation is something out of your control then remember that regardless of what you do, it won’t change the outcome of that matter. You will only end up making yourself feel mentally & physically sick by over worrying and stressing yourself.

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Thank you so much for reading! – xo N

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  1. New Lune, Your wise words come in handy right now. I’m on a roller coaster, trying to find a way to stop it from going up and down. My stomach churns; I feel awful. But as you mention, there will be a light at the end of the tunnel if I look for it. Merci beaucoup, tout vas bien aller.

    1. I’m so glad to hear that, I hope that whatever you are going through now is resolved quickly. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel, it’s the time that it takes to find it that varies depending on the situation and I hope you find yours very soon. Thank you so much for reading ❤️

  2. I totally agree with you!! Esp reassurance, and the only person whose words will work magic on you is your own self ✨️💖

  3. Some great advice, thank you! I find deep breathing, in through the nose and out through the mouth, a pretty reliable way of relaxing bodily tension in stressful situations.

    1. Thank you so much! 😊 It is! There are also many apps that give you directions on how to do certain breathing techniques when you are stressed out and anxious so it’s a great guide for those who are confused on how to do it properly.

  4. It’s been impossible to find anyone to talk with about my bizarre life, especially the last few years. I brought it up to a therapist once. She ignored what I said, without skipping a beat, every time. I realized that I’m on my own with all of this. It used to make me feel lonely. But I’ve learned how to bolster myself. Your post helps. It shares some of our commonalities, as humans. Thanks for your compassion.

    1. I’m really sorry to hear that and I’m glad to hear that my post helped you. It’s really sad when the professionals we go to in need of help dismiss or undermine our concerns but remember that you are not alone and there are so many people in the same boat as you. There will always be at least one person who understands what you are going through. Thank you so much for reading 😊

  5. Wise words. I’ll especially remember the comfort-one, since this is one that’s all too easy to forget in stressful situations. It’s so important though, and can help gain some perspective.

    1. Thank you so much! ❤️ It’s definitely the hardest one when you are in a fight or flight mode but it could help you tremendously when you are confused and overwhelmed with a ton of emotions all at once.

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