10 Must Have Blogging Resources

Make yourself a priority.

Hey Loves! Blogging resources are a life saver when it comes to doing things effectively and efficiently. I don’t think you need expensive software and programs in order to create a beautiful and professional website, you only need to know some tips and tricks! Here are some blogging resources I’ve been using for quite awhile now, if you’re interested then keep on reading!

Salut tout le monde! Les ressources de blogging sont un épargnant de vie quand il s’agit de faire les choses de manière efficace et efficiente. Je ne pense pas que vous ayez besoin de logiciels et de programmes coûteux pour créer un site Web beau et professionnel, il vous suffit de connaître quelques astuces! Voici quelques ressources de blogging que j’utilise depuis un certain temps maintenant, si vous êtes intéressé alors continuez à lire!

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This app is used to boost your productivity, it’s similar to a timer – it’ll make you work for 20 mins and then it’ll give you a 5 min break. In my opinion, this app is pretty good if you want to focus and do your work effectively.

Cette application est utilisée pour augmenter votre productivité, elle est similaire à une minuterie – elle vous fera travailler pendant 20 minutes et vous donnera une pause de 5 minutes. À mon avis, cette application est assez bonne si vous voulez vous concentrer et faire votre travail efficacement.

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You can create so many blog graphics using Canva, logos, headers, media kits, etc. and it’s free! I’m planning on doing some tutorials to create stunning and professional graphics so stay tuned for that!

Vous pouvez créer autant de graphiques de blog en utilisant Canva, des logo, en-têtes, kits de médias, etc. et c’est gratuit! Je prévois de faire quelques tutoriels pour créer des graphismes superbes et professionnels alors restez à l’écoute pour ça!

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If you were thinking about Instagram, you’re completely wrong – this one is about Google! It allows you to send emails as a reminder and even to schedule emails which is rather useful when you want others to believe that you’re an early bird..

Si vous pensiez à Instagram, vous avez complètement tort – celui-ci concerne Google! Il vous permet d’envoyer des emails pour vous rappeler et même de programmer des emails ce qui est plutôt utile quand vous voulez que les autres croient que vous êtes un lève-tôt.

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This tool allows you to reduce the file size of your images without damaging the quality. (I used this tool a LOT when I was in uni for my projects)

Cet outil vous permet de réduire la taille du fichier de vos images sans endommager la qualité. (J’ai beaucoup utilisé cet outil quand j’étais à l’université pour mes projets)

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This tool allows you to generate a colour palette for your blog.

Cet outil vous permet de générer une palette de couleurs pour votre blog.

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Clipping Magic

This tool allows you to remove the background of your pictures which is really useful when you don’t have Photoshop.

Cet outil vous permet de supprimer l’arrière-plan de vos photos ce qui est vraiment utile lorsque vous n’avez pas Photoshop.



This is another website similar to Canva which allows you to edit your pictures and create beautiful collages.

Ceci est un autre site similaire à Canva qui vous permet d’éditer vos photos et de créer de beaux collages.



You can download thousands of free fonts here which can use to create blog headers and logos.

Vous pouvez télécharger ici des milliers de polices gratuites que vous pouvez utiliser pour créer des en-têtes de blog et des logos.



If you run out of ideas, you can use Pinterest to find blog post ideas and inspiration!

Si vous n’avez plus d’idées, vous pouvez utiliser Pinterest pour trouver des idées de blog et de l’inspiration!



xo N

  1. So many suggestions!!! I am using Canva for a while and love it! I’ll definitely check other tools you’ve suggested. Thanks 😉

  2. Love your suggestions. Will keep this list for reference. I just started Pic Monkey and like it, but so far, I prefer Canva. Maybe I just need more practice with Pic.???

    1. Thank you! To be honest I do prefer Canva over PicMonkey, you can do so many things using Canva compared to PicMonkey. I’d recommend using PicMonkey if you wanna edit/retouch your pictures and create collages, for blog graphics (headers, logos, blog graphics, media kits, etc.) – I’d recommend Canva! x

    1. but also going to check out a few more, i wrote them down in my journal so i wouldn’t forget

    1. It’s quite similar to Gimp but the user interface is much more user friendly (compared to Gimp)! Do check them out and let me know if you found them useful x

  3. I just started my blog and these were super helpful! I only knew of picmonkey and pinterest! i’ll have to check out the rest, thanks!

  4. Before I started reading I had assumed most of them were already being used, but I only recognized a few and I love that! There’s so much to learn in the blogging world and these tools will be super helpful for me. Definitely interested in trying out “peek”!

    1. Ah thank you! I didn’t want to mention blogging resources that a lot of bloggers already mentioned (because what’s the point right?) so I’m very happy that you found them helpful. You’ve to try ‘Peek’, you’ll be so amazed! x

  5. Girl I did NOT know about so many of these apps so reading this post has been great, I’m gonna check out TinyJPG, Coloors & Clipping Magic asap! Great post xx

    1. Thank you hun! So glad you found them helpful because I wanted to mention resources that people didn’t already know so I’m super happy about that! I love these three tools, they’re really good – let me know what you think about them xx

  6. I love this list you created, i didn’t know there were this many apps for blogging basically i was really lost.. thanks for sharing this dear, you have no idea how much i appreciate this list. you are the best.

  7. Excellent post! Now that I’m getting into blogging more seriously, I think I will find some of your suggestions very useful.

    1. You can add a normal address (your blog email address) for the company email address, you can add the option ‘self employed’ for the number of employees (since your blog is considered a business) and for the company phone number, you don’t need to give one (I didn’t have to give one) but you can enter your phone number since it’s a legit site but if you don’t feel comfortable giving your number, you can add a random number (not the wisest advice, I know 😅). The video will be sent to your email address and it’ll be shown on the website, the details asked are only for security reasons so other people won’t get important information about your blog/website ☺️

  8. I really needed to find an application or a website that could help me make cool collages with beautiful graphics by inserting texts with special characters and images in the background, thanks to you I found Canva. Thank you so much!! 😘😍

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