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How The Pandemic Has Changed Me As A Person.

I definitely don’t think anyone imagined they would go through a pandemic but here we are! I don’t know if it’s me being ignorant or very optimistic but I thought the world would have managed to stop this pandemic sooner and we would have been back to our regular lives by now.

This pandemic has definitely changed me in a lot of different ways, both in positive and negative aspects. I’ve learnt so many life lessons but at the same time, my anxiety has been through the roof as well. I think the past year in general has taught many of us so much more about ourselves and in today’s post, I wanted to share with you how the last year has changed me.

Je ne pense certainement pas que quiconque ait imaginé qu’il vivrait une pandémie, mais nous y voilà! Je ne sais pas si c’est moi qui suis ignorante ou très optimiste, mais je pensais que le monde aurait réussi à arrêter cette pandémie plus tôt et que nous serions revenus à notre vie normale maintenant.

Cette pandémie m’a définitivement changé de bien des manières différentes, tant sur le plan positif que négatif. J’ai appris tellement de leçons de vie, mais en même temps, mon anxiété a également explosé. Je pense que l’année écoulée en général a appris beaucoup plus sur nous-mêmes à beaucoup d’entre nous et dans le message d’aujourd’hui, je voulais partager avec vous comment l’année dernière m’a changé.

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I would say the last year has been an eye opening year to me. I wasn’t really someone who had a very active social life before but the need to stay home and isolate had given me the time to reflect and point out the things that are important to me and the things that aren’t. This is the year that taught me not to be afraid of anything. Whether it’s to use my voice or not to over-stress about every single thing. In a way, it brought me clarity that I’m so thankful for.

Je dirais que l’année dernière a été une année qui m’a ouvert les yeux. Je n’étais pas vraiment quelqu’un qui avait une vie sociale très active auparavant, mais le besoin de rester à la maison et de s’isoler m’avait donné le temps de réfléchir et de souligner les choses qui sont importantes pour moi et celles qui ne le sont pas. C’est l’année qui m’a appris à n’avoir peur de rien. Que ce soit pour utiliser ma voix ou non pour trop stresser sur chaque chose. D’une certaine manière, cela m’a apporté une clarté dont je suis si reconnaissante.

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I always appreciated the little things in life but after the pandemic, I learnt to appreciate them even more. I try to find things that make me happy and make me enjoy life in general. When the weather is sunny, I watch the sky and all the visitors (aka the birds & foxes) that come play in the garden. When the weather is rainy, I make sure to have a nice cup of hot drink. Those might be insignificant things but they help me brighten my mood.

J’ai toujours apprécié les petites choses de la vie mais après la pandémie, j’ai appris à les apprécier encore plus. J’essaie de trouver des choses qui me rendent heureux et me font profiter de la vie en général. Quand il fait beau, je regarde le ciel et tous les visiteurs (aka les oiseaux et les renards) qui viennent jouer dans le jardin. Lorsque le temps est pluvieux, je m’assure d’avoir une bonne tasse de boisson chaude. Ce sont peut-être des choses insignifiantes, mais elles m’aident à égayer mon humeur.

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This pandemic has actually taught me what actually brings value to my life and what weights it down. To be completely honest, all my goals & dreams have changed drastically and the same goes for the way I perceive life in general. And I mean that in a good way.

I had all those unrealistic pressure & expectations for myself and in retrospect, unknowingly I used to compare myself with other people. I used to pressure myself to have certain things or achieve some things before a specific age or within an age range. Now, I don’t feel that pressure anymore. As long as I sleep peacefully at night and feel happy, I’m quite content with my life.

Cette pandémie m’a appris ce qui valorise réellement ma vie et ce qui la pèse. Pour être tout à fait honnête, tous mes objectifs et mes rêves ont radicalement changé et il en va de même pour la façon dont je perçois la vie en général. Et je veux dire cela dans le bon sens.

J’avais toutes ces pressions et attentes irréalistes pour moi-même et rétrospectivement, sans le savoir, je me comparais aux autres. J’avais l’habitude de me faire pression pour avoir certaines choses ou réaliser certaines choses avant un âge spécifique ou dans une tranche d’âge. Maintenant, je ne ressens plus cette pression. Tant que je dors paisiblement la nuit et que je me sens heureuse, je suis assez contente de ma vie.

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Thank you so much for reading! – xo N

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  1. Awesome that you took so many benefits away from this pandemic!

    These types of reflections can be so helpful! Although…come to think of it…I’ve literally changed 0, pandemicwise. Kinda weird now that I think of it 🤭

  2. I totally agree that people are looking at life a lot differently and appreciating what is in their own back garden. I was very stressed and angry about not being able to travel but a year later I just think how lucky I am to walk around freely

  3. The pandemic changed so many things in my life both positvely and negatively. I found a job in my chosen career after over a year of looking and I’ve given myself time during the lockdowns to focus on my passions and hobbies. I started my own blog in the lockdown. im rambling but my point is im always trying to push past the negative feelings coming from the pandemic and do my best to be my best

  4. Unrealistic expectations are a problem. However, there is a problem when all expectations seem unrealistic which leads to no expectations at all. I suppose it depends on the odds. It might be worthwhile trying something that is impossible just in case one has a mistaken perception to the characterization of the project being in the “impossible” category. It’s impossible to write a book that will sell, generally speaking, unless one has some kind of talent for it. I rarely went out except to go to the grocery store before the pandemic, so little has changed. One change is that I have to talk more because now that I have to wear a mask, I can’t use a polite smile to signal that I’m not angry even when I look angry. Now the only thing that shows is the scowl of my forehead. It’s a angry scowl (it’s permanent from age.) Now I need more practice doing my fake “friendly and happy voice.” I don’t feel happy, ever. Maybe I should become an actor, except that the theaters are closed. But, anyway, that would be impossible.

  5. “Be yourself before trying to be someone else, as they are usually taken”. I don’t know who said it but I think it’s true.

    I have not been able to travel around the UK and explore as much as I would have liked to in the past year. This has opened my eyes more to the beauty I am lucky enough to have on my doorstep, as it were. To watch something and to see something change over time are very different experiences.

  6. Inspiring post. The pandemic has changed me too. I look at life in a different way now, but I still put a lot of pressure on myself. I’ve been trying to stop, though, and I believe this can be considered as an improvement. At least now I notice when I do it and I try to change attitude, albeit it’s not simple.

  7. I’m with you on all of these items. Added to my stress, however, is a season of political turmoil that never seems to end. So, I breath and think of the good things around me.

  8. I can agree that it’s changed me too. On some of the same ways. Something isn’t
    right if it didn’t change you at least a little bit. One thing is for sure, I value my
    health and family more now than ever before! Great post. Keep sharing! 😊

  9. Love all these✨🙌🏽

    Like you this pandemic has taught me to enjoy the little things in life and slow down. I am still searching for the contentment but I know it’s there somewhere.

    💕 xx

  10. In America its shown the Racial divide and the fact that the country doesn’t care about People or the earth,not treating people as equals and not respecting the nature and ones self leaves a debris that just can’t be thrown away

  11. The pandemic has had different effects on different people in different ways for sure. For myself though- and it may sound absurd it has been favourable. The pandemic made me realise that I was struggling before, maybe heading towards a melt down that I didn’t even know was coming. The lockdown slowed my life down. Put everything at a halt. Initially I struggled with that too- but then I realised it was in my favour. Life slowed down, expectations slowed down, errands slowed down. I learnt that I had to put myself first, I learnt who was really by my side, and who was taking advantage of me. If this Pandemic stops- or changes or whatever …. I am a different person for sure. For myself I am a better person, for everyone else…. Let’s see ❤️

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