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How To Deal With Haters In Real Life.

We all have dealt with toxic & negative people at least once in our lifetimes. Removing those people out of your life is definitely harder than it looks because of their constant lies and manipulation. But there are times when even after you remove them out of your life, those people are still talking about you but obviously the great part is that they are not in your life anymore so it doesn’t affect you in any way. Personally, I see that as a good thing. If people are still talking about you after you’ve removed yourself from their toxicity then you must be doing something good.

However, I know there are instances when people who don’t even know you, end up developing bad feelings towards you which doesn’t really make any sense to me. The way other people perceive you shouldn’t define your worth nor the way you perceive yourself but at the same time, I can never understand people who choose to judge another person without even knowing them. In today’s post, I wanted to share with you some things to keep in mind if you are dealing with negative people in your life.

Nous avons tous eu affaire à des personnes toxiques et négatives au moins une fois dans notre vie. Retirer ces personnes de votre vie est certainement plus difficile qu’il n’y paraît à cause de leurs mensonges constants et de leur manipulation. Mais il y a des moments où même après que vous les ayez retirés de votre vie, ces gens parlent encore de vous, mais évidemment, le plus important est qu’ils ne sont plus dans votre vie, donc cela ne vous affecte d’aucune façon. Personnellement, je considère que c’est une bonne chose. Si les gens parlent encore de vous après que vous vous êtes retiré de leur toxicité, vous devez faire quelque chose de bien.

Cependant, je sais qu’il y a des cas où des gens qui ne vous connaissent même pas finissent par développer de mauvais sentiments envers vous-même, ce qui n’a vraiment aucun sens pour moi. La façon dont les autres vous perçoivent ne devrait pas définir votre valeur ni la façon dont vous vous percevez, mais en même temps, je ne peux jamais comprendre les gens qui choisissent de juger une autre personne sans même les connaître. Dans l’article d’aujourd’hui, je voulais partager avec vous certaines choses à garder à l’esprit si vous avez affaire à des personnes négatives dans votre vie.

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Always ask yourself if the people who are commenting about your life or judging you are people you love and care about because those who love you will never hurt you intentionally or unintentionally. If it’s someone who isn’t apart of your life (anymore) then their comments don’t and will never matter.

Demandez-vous toujours si les personnes qui commentent votre vie ou qui vous jugent sont des personnes que vous aimez et qui vous tiennent à cœur, car celles qui vous aiment ne vous blesseront jamais intentionnellement ou non. Si c’est quelqu’un qui ne fait (plus) partie de votre vie, alors leurs commentaires n’ont pas d’importance et n’auront jamais d’importance.

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People who often criticise or judge you aren’t the ones who are moving forward in their life. People who are focused on their goals & dreams will never have the time to talk about another person behind their back or to even gossip. So anytime someone criticises you, remember that you must be achieving or doing something that they haven’t.

Les gens qui vous critiquent ou vous jugent souvent ne sont pas ceux qui avancent dans leur vie. Les gens qui sont concentrés sur leurs objectifs et leurs rêves n’auront jamais le temps de parler d’une autre personne derrière leur dos ou même de bavarder. Donc, chaque fois que quelqu’un vous critique, souvenez-vous que vous devez accomplir ou faire quelque chose qu’il n’a pas fait.

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In the online world, people or shall I say content creators always say that hate comments are written by people who are usually unhappy with their lives and feel miserable. For the longest time, that statement didn’t really resonate with me and I didn’t really believe it. But trust me, now for a fact I can say that it’s completely true.

I’ve seen it with my own eyes! people who are content with their life will never talk negatively in general but let alone about another person. It’s always those people who have got too much time on their hands and aren’t able to live the life they dream of that project their envy & hate towards another person. The only thing I’ll say is keep your head high, block & delete those people from your life and protect your peace.

Dans le monde en ligne, les gens ou devrais-je dire que les créateurs de contenu disent toujours que les commentaires haineux sont écrits par des gens qui sont généralement mécontents de leur vie et se sentent misérables. Pendant très longtemps, cette déclaration n’a pas vraiment résonné en moi et je n’y ai pas vraiment cru. Mais croyez-moi, maintenant pour un fait, je peux dire que c’est tout à fait vrai.

Je l’ai vu de mes propres yeux! Les gens qui sont satisfaits de leur vie ne parleront jamais négativement en général mais encore moins à propos d’une autre personne. Ce sont toujours ces personnes qui ont trop de temps libre et qui ne peuvent pas vivre la vie dont elles rêvent qui projettent leur envie et leur haine envers une autre personne. La seule chose que je vais dire est de garder la tête haute, de bloquer et de supprimer ces personnes de votre vie et de protéger votre paix.

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Thank you so much for reading! – xo N

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  1. There’s a thing with criticism. Most people forget that it signifies a person who has been there, has walked the same road of the person being criticized. If we simply ignore all the criticism, then we might as well ignore all people. How many can we turns our backs to, before we are facing in all directions those people who may know something more than us?

    Me? I like to keep at least one ear open for these words of criticism. I do not like acting like a rebellious teenager who believes he knows how to do everything on his own. That would be lying to the face of people who are better than me. Because, it’s the greatest form of modesty to admit that you are not the best at what you do.

    If people want to reach the level of those they admire, then they’re going to have to listen. Why keep both ears closed for their words of criticism?

    I once said, “Love is the greatest form of judgement there is.” That’s because love is the power or force of this world that understands imperfection. It is the power that comprehends what is wrong. So, if a person criticizes you out of that objective comprehension, it is only because through their empathy they can easily remember that they’ve walked the same journey. It’s always a foolish thing to abandon those who know more, and even more of an error to believe we can tackle the task, alone.

    1. I completely understand what you mean but there is a huge difference between someone criticising you with good intentions and someone criticising you with the intent of belittling you. And in this post, I’m talking about toxic & negative people in the sense those are people who don’t love or have any sort of empathy towards specific people. You should definitely listen to what others are saying and that includes both positive and negative remarks otherwise you won’t be able to grow nor excel but that doesn’t mean you should let toxic people dictate the way you live your life and drain your happiness & peace. Thank you so much for reading 😊

    2. Of course. 🙂

      Though, I always say that if a person is attracting toxic behavior to themselves, then there’s something to the affected one who has something that lures it in.

      I’ve known people who’ve said that they despise those who are toxic, such as the relationships they involve themselves in. Though, soon as they are done preaching about how much they dislike it, they are back in another toxic relationship, hoping it all goes well. It always ends up with more tears.

      I do believe if certain people are prone to attracting toxicity in their lives, they need to understand something about themselves, before they enter another relationship or even another friendship. Perhaps that “something” should involve empathetic people. Although, this person will be alone, for much of the time, until they do find a person like that. Also, it sometimes goes that the distraught one will be very “clingy” to something of a more kind and empathetic person, and therefore might appear to them as a burden.

    3. Oh you are absolutely right, if a person is attracting toxic people back to back then there is definitely a pattern unless you are born in a toxic family then it’s not something you were in control of. Toxic people in general are attracted towards people who are vulnerable that’s the reason why you should focus on yourself (before starting any relationship) otherwise you won’t be able to see your true worth.

  2. Very true. People who have any kind of useless and baseless issues with you don’t need the attention. Because that’s pointless and a waste of your time and peace of mind. People who knows you will always talk to you about everything and anything instead of gossipping.

  3. Yes, I agree that we should reduce or block contact with negative people in our lives. We should also reflect on why we attract negative people and consider constructive criticisms
    (both positive and negative) from our loved ones for continually growth.

  4. Great reminders for everyone out there. I often find that people bringing on criticism to make your piece better have good intentions but those just doing it to tear down, they got something else going on. Thanks for posting:)

  5. Soooo true!

    I think to add to your post, it is possible for certain friends to be a toxic part of your life, even if mildly. For example, I remember in college, I was dressed really casual and I guess kinda tomboy and apparently that was a problem for one of my friends. It wasn’t a huge issue but I think it did contribute to my already low confidence at the time. I will never forget her gesture of unbuttoning my checkered shirt a bit so it wasn’t so ‘boring’.

    A few years ago, I remember I was catching up with a friend who’d just had a baby. We went for a walk and having just got a new house in my local area (which btw, is mundane to say the least), she made a passing comment which actually, really offended me and 100% judged me. It was very strange but it just showed me her true thoughts of me.

    Anyways long story short, now that I look back, I realise that they weren’t my true friends because true friends wouldn’t tell you to change or judge you.

    1. I’m so sorry to hear your experiences ❤️ but as you said true friends will never judge you or tell you to change yourself. They will accept you for who you are!

  6. “Those who don’t mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” Reminded me of this quote.

    “Most of the trouble in this world has been caused by folks who can’t mind their own business, because they have no business of their own to mind, any more than a smallpox virus has.”
    William S. Burroughs

    I like yours better, I’ll have to remember that. And as you touched on.. sometimes “haters” are just envious.

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