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What To Do When You Feel Lost In Life.

I recently read a post about a similar topic that I wrote two years ago and it made me realise how different and similar my mind is right now. I can relate to the things I wrote and stand by it but at the same time, I view life in a complete different way now and it has given me a new perspective. That’s why in today’s post, I wanted to share with you on what to do if you feel lost in life which is a topic that I wanted to revisit. Without further ado, let’s jump into the post!

J’ai récemment lu un article sur un sujet similaire que j’avais écrit il y a deux ans et cela m’a fait réaliser à quel point mon esprit est différent et similaire en ce moment. Je peux m’identifier aux choses que j’ai écrites et m’y tenir, mais en même temps, je vois la vie d’une manière complètement différente maintenant et cela m’a donné une nouvelle perspective. C’est pourquoi dans le post d’aujourd’hui, je voulais partager avec vous ce qu’il faut faire si vous vous sentez perdu dans la vie, un sujet que je voulais revoir. Sans plus tarder, passons au post !

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I personally think the reason why we often feel lost is because we tend to search the meaning behind our lives or in certain cases, behind a specific moment or action. So many people whether it be your next door neighbour or a great philosopher always emphasise the importance of filling your life with meaning, for some people that’s the way they survive this thing called life.

But I think if you start searching for something then we will keep on searching for it because we are restless and insatiable by nature. This will only make us lose our focus on other things which are as important and meaningful. It might not only be a waste of time and energy but it might also create missed moments & opportunities.

Personnellement, je pense que la raison pour laquelle nous nous sentons souvent perdus est que nous avons tendance à chercher le sens derrière nos vies ou, dans certains cas, derrière un moment ou une action spécifique. Tant de gens, que ce soit votre voisin d’à côté ou un grand philosophe, insistent toujours sur l’importance de donner un sens à votre vie, pour certaines personnes, c’est ainsi qu’elles survivent à cette chose appelée la vie.

Mais je pense que si vous commencez à chercher quelque chose, nous continuerons à le chercher parce que nous sommes insatiables par nature. Cela ne fera que nous faire perdre notre concentration sur d’autres choses qui sont aussi importantes et significatives. Cela pourrait non seulement être une perte de temps et d’énergie, mais cela pourrait également créer des moments et des opportunités manqués.

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The only thing you need to find and prioritise is your peace and it’s much closer than you think. Many people confuse peace with happiness or vice versa but it’s actually the state of being content in your life. You don’t need to achieve your goals or dreams, earn a ton of money or have a successful career in order to obtain or accomplish that. You achieve that by just doing things that you enjoy while putting your well being first before others.

La seule chose que vous devez trouver et prioriser est votre paix et elle est beaucoup plus proche que vous ne le pensez. Beaucoup de gens confondent la paix avec le bonheur ou vice versa, mais c’est en fait l’état d’être satisfait de votre vie. Vous n’avez pas besoin d’atteindre vos objectifs ou vos rêves, de gagner une tonne d’argent ou d’avoir une carrière réussie pour l’obtenir ou l’accomplir. Vous y parvenez en faisant simplement des choses que vous aimez tout en mettant votre bien-être avant les autres.

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Last but not least, when you appreciate the small joys in life, it makes you a step closer to reaching your inner peace. It’s not about being grateful about every single thing that you encounter throughout your day but about appreciating things that makes this journey easier to go through whether it’s the cool breeze you get to experience when you are on a small walk or the delicious taste of your favourite dessert.

Enfin, lorsque vous appréciez les petites joies de la vie, cela vous rapproche de votre paix intérieure. Il ne s’agit pas d’être reconnaissant envers chaque chose que vous rencontrez tout au long de votre journée, mais d’apprécier les choses qui facilitent ce voyage, que ce soit la brise fraîche que vous ressentez lorsque vous faites une petite promenade ou le goût délicieux de votre dessert préféré.

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Thank you so much for reading! – xo N

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  1. WOW! 😀

    #FeelingLost is not #BeingLost … such a POWERFUL insight: We do not need to find ourselves, because we are already here! 😉

  2. A valuable guide to a more peaceful live. I always love your blog posts. They are always right on the spot. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I feel so lost. so much to explore, so much to achieve yet life feels meaningless. Sometimes it feels like our existence is so meaningless not matter what we do someone else has done more, no matter what we achieve someone else has achieved more.

    Why are we so greedy that we want more and more and cannot be satisfied no matter what?

    1. I think it’s a part of our nature, we never truly feel satisfied with everything and when we do, we tend to compare ourselves with others. Unless we control the way our minds, we can easily lose focus on the things that matter the most in our lives.

      We all feel lost in some ways or others so know that you aren’t alone. We got this ❤️

    2. Perhaps the way is to focus for a while on those who have less ~ some volunteer work, for instance, throws what we do have into a whole new perspective.

    3. That is amazing advice. I do volunteer work sometimes and it really changes the mindset. There are so many people in an unfortunate circumstances and I complain while I’m so much better off.

  4. This post gives me so much hope and refreshes my perspective on life. Thanks for sharing 🙂🌼

  5. Your post is rich with insights and methods which really spark the insides of my mind, I want to say thank you for enlightening us with these powerful tips of living life happily ☺️

  6. Agree with all of these! Lately I’ve learned to just be in the moment and not worry about what the point of everything is because I’m starting to realise there isn’t one. Also, I’m definitely prioritising my peace over everything now, I’ve realised that it’s the most important thing to me. Great post!

  7. That’s more or less how I’ve always lived, and I’ve been castigated for not being competitive enough or ambitious enough, but I’ve (nearly) always been happy with how I am doing things and not (that) concerned with how others are being successful with their jobs, cars and houses etc.

    I was made redundant recently, the company was sold, and the new company asked me to go back. I said I would, but only part time, they asked me to go full time, but I declined. Sure, I could be earning more money, but I do have six hour working days and three-day weekends and to me, that’s better than more money.

    Hmmm, just got an idea for a blog post… 😀

    1. That’s such a great mindset! I’m sorry to hear about your redundancy but I’m glad that this new situation is better for you and good on you for standing your ground. Thank you so much for reading 😊

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